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Unit 2 What should I do 我应该怎么办?

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Period 2 Listen and speak

Section A 2a---Grammar Focus


I. Teaching aims and demands :

Students learn to talk about problems and give advice.

II. Teaching key and difficult points:

A. Vocabulary

call sb. up, ticket, surprise, on the phone, What’s the matter?

B. Target language

You could go to his house.

You could give him a ticket to a ball game.

What should I /he/they do ?

III. Teaching methods: Audio-lingual methods and PPP

IV. Teaching aids: a tape recorder

V.Teaching procedure

Activity 1. Revision

Task1. Check the homework. Ask and answer.

Task2. Revise the vocabulary.

Activity 2. Listening and circling .

Task1.Read the instructions. Learn the key vocabulary.

Read and repeat the phrases.

Task2.You will hear a conversation between Nari and a friend.

Play the recording twice and students circle the word ,Nari’s friend uses to give advice.

Then check the answers.

Activity 3.Listening

Task 1. Read the instructions. Show students the example match. Task 2. Play the recording again and check the answers.

Activity 4.Groupwork

Task 1.Read the instructions for the activity.

Task 2.Point to the example in the sample dialogue. Ask two students to read the conversation to class.

Task 3. Ask students to role play a conversation between Nari and his friend using these two sets of sentences.Then have the students work in pairs.

Task 4. Check the answers by calling on different pairs to say a conversation to the class.

Activity 5. Grammar Focus

Review the grammar box.ask the students to say the questions and the

responses. Explain that the word should is always used to ask for advice, but the words could, should, and shouldn’t are used to give advice. Could is a less serious word than should.

Pay attention to the questions and answers, ask and answer loudly. Homework

1. Review the conversation and the vocabulary.

2. Write your own conversations on giving advice.

After class reflection

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