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8A unit one Grammar

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Unit 1


? Cheapest is the dearest. 便宜没好货。 Better late than never.
迟到总比不来好。 Easier said than done. 说来容易做起来难。

? The car is

fast . ? The train is faster than the car . ? The plane is the fastest of the three . fast – faster - fastest

Comparatives and superlatives 形容词有三种形式: 原级,比较级和最高 级, 表示形容词说明的性质在程度上的 不同。
形容词的比较级用于两个人或事物的 比较, 最高级用于三个或三个以上人或 事物的比较。形容词的比较级和最高 级是在形容词的原级形式的基础上变 化的,分为规则变化和不规则变化。

? Zhu Shunjie is _________. tall taller than ? Liu Xiang is __________ __________ Zhu. ? Yao Ming is __________ __________ Liu Xiang. taller than So Yao Ming is ________ ________ in the NBA. the tallest tall – taller - tallest

Yixiu Wang is __________. clever



Yixiu is __________ __________ Wang. cleverer than Einstein is __________ __________ Yixiu. cleverer than So Einstein is _________ _________ of all. the cleverest
clever – cleverer - cleverest




最高级 词尾+est

单音节形容词 词尾+er tall small

taller smaller

tallest smallest

形容词原级 比较级 以不发音的e结 + r 尾的形容词 nicer nice fine finer 以辅音字母+y 把y改成i 结尾的形容词 + er pretty prettier easy easier

+ st nicest nicest

把y改成i + est prettiest easiest

重读闭音节, 结尾只有一个 辅音字母 slim big 多音节形容词 beautiful



双写最后一个 双写最后一个 辅音字母 + er 辅音字母 + est


slimmer bigger 前面+more more beautiful more important

slimmest biggest 前面 +most most beautiful most important

特殊形容词 比较级 原级 good better bad worse little less much/many old far more older/elder farther/ further 最高级 best worst least most oldest/eldest farthest/ furthest

straight strighter straighter wet wetter wettest
useful much more useful most useful few





interesting more interesting heavy heavier heaviest little

most interesting less least funniest

large larger largest
beautiful big more beautiful biggest

funny funnier

most beautiful ill worse worst



more widely most widely

thirstier 1. Tom wants a glass of water, but I want two. I’m ______________ than him. (thirsty)
2. Which girl is____________, Millie, Kate or Mary? (tall) the tallest

important 3. Unit 3 is very ______________, Unit 4 is much more important ______________________. (important) more 4. There are _____________ students in Class 3 than in Class 4. (many) the happiest 5. She is ____________________ of us three. (happy) the slimmest 6. Ann is ___________________ girl in our class, .

interesting 7. I think E

nglish is as _______________ as maths. ( interesting ) dangerous 8. Hiking is not as _____________ as diving. ( dangerous ) more delicious 9. I think pizza is much _____________________ ( delicious ) than bread.

?as?+ adj. + ?as?的用法 as... as 意为“和……一样”,表示同级的 比较。其基本结构为:as+ adj. +as

She is as slim as I am. Amy is as tall as Peter. This film is as interesting as that one.

?as?+ adj. + ?as?的用法 as + adj. +as的否定式为not as/so +adj. +as。 This dictionary is not as useful as you think. Amy is not as tall as Peter.

as (adj./adv.) as sb. can/ possible

? 这本书与那一本一样有趣。 This book is as interesting as that one. (否定) This book isn’t as interesting as that one.(同义句) more ______ _______ That book is ______ interesting than this one. more boring than This book is ______ _______ ________ that one. less interesting than This book is ______ _______ ________ that one.

Look at the table on page 15 and complete the conversations with “(not) as … as” Millie: I don?t think swimming is _______________ hiking . as interesting as Sandy : You?re right, but I think swimming is ______________cycling. as interesting as Daniel: Oh, no, I think swimming is ____________________cycling. not as interesting as Simon : I think cycling is _______________ camping and skiing. as interesting as

Millie : Skiing is dangerous. It?s ______________ diving. as dangerous as Sandy : Yes, skiing is dangerous, but it is _________________ diving. not as dangerous as Daniel: Well, I think skiing is ______________ cycling. However, skiing as dangerous as and cycling are _________________ not as dangerous as diving. Simon: I don?t think any of these outdoor activities are dangerous if we?re careful.

Summary: than 比较级 1.两者作比较时用______,常与____连用。 最高级 2. 三者或三者以上作比较时用______,

in 或 of 常有 __________引导的范围。

1….比较级 + than… ( , A or B )

2. …the+ 最高级+…(…,A , B or C ) (…of+可数名词的复数) (…in +集体名词)
3. ..very/ too / so / quite + 原级…

4. …as + 原级 + as … …not as + 原级 + as.. 5. …much/ even + 比较级

the +比较级 of the two
the smarter ? He is _________ (smart) of the twins. the more famous
? Which is _________ (famous) of the two cities?

比较级+ and +比较级 (越来越)
他变得越来越胖了 He is becoming fatter and fatter.

the second/third/fourth…+最高级 表示“第几……”
tallest eg. Millie is the third _________(tall) in her class. eg. Changjiang is shorter than Huanghe, but longer than the other rivers in China. the second longest =Changjiang is ______ _______ ________ river in China.

The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.
? The +比较级….., the+比较级… (越…就越…) ? 越多越好 The more , the better. ? 你吃甜食越

多就越胖。 The more sweet food you eat, the fatter you will be. ? 你越经常练习说英语,你的英语口语就越好 Themore often __________________________, ________you practise speaking English the better _____your spoken English____________. will be

1. Simon is __________ (tall) than Kitty. taller 2. Peter is ___________ (tall) of the six the tallest students. 3. Sandy is heavier ________(heavy) thanMillie. 4. Peter is the heaviest (heavy) of the six __________ students. 5. Millie is __________(slow) swimmer the slowest of the six students.

6. Amy is _________ (fast) swimmer of the fastest the six students. 7. Millie?s drawing is _________________ more beautiful than (beautiful) Simon?s. 8. Sandy?s drawing is ________________ the most beautiful (beautiful) in the drawing competition. 9. Millie?s English is ______(good) than better Amy?s. Millie?s English is __________ the best (good).

Group work
? Make up a dialogue in a small group, using the comparatives and superlatives of adjectives:

? Model:
… … A: My book is interesting. B: But I think mine is more interesting than yours. C: Oh, you see, my book is the most interesting of all.

(You can add anything you like if necessary)

as (adj./adv.) as sb. can/ possible
? ? ? ? ? 尽可能… 请尽可能把字写清楚 Please write as clealy as you can/ possible. ( fast, soon) as fast as you can Please walk _________________.You will be late again! ? Please return the book to me as soon as you can ________________________________.

◆ much , even , still , a little, a lot, far… much more beautiful 1.Our city is ______________(漂亮的多)than it was ten years ago. a little larger 2.Japan is ___________(大一点点) than Germany. 3. You look even stronger now.

+ 比较级

4. The trip is far more enjoyable than the last one.

? ? ? ? ? ? 他是我们班最高的学生。 He is the tallest students in our class. He is taller than any other student in our class. He is taller than the other students … He is taller than anybody else in our class. other city Shanghai is bigger than any _________ in China. city ? Shanghai is bigger than any _________ in Japan. boy ? She is taller than any _______ (男孩) in the class.

one of the 最高级+n.(复数.)
the greatest ? Edison was one of ____________(great) science in the world. the most important ? One of ____________________(important) is language ____(be) is English.

Choose the correct answer
1.Ann?s house is ten miles away from the school and nobody else in her class lives ______. 2.far B. farther C. farthest D. the furthest 2. Susan is always the best in different exams in our class because she is a ________ girl. A. helpful B. polite C. proud D. hard-working

3. -Whom would you like to be your assistant, Jack or David? — If I had to choose, David would be _______ choice. A.good B. better B.C. the better D. t

he best 4. —Would you like to go and see a film? —Sure, the TV programmes are too __________. surprising B. interesting C. exciting D. boring

5. — Is your toothache getting better? — No, it?s _____. A. bad B. serious C. worse D. the worst 6. —What do you think of his speech? —Oh, wonderful. But he sounded really ______ when he first started speaking. aloud B. worried C. nervous D. quiet

7. —Dick, is Nick your twin brother? — Yes, and I?m thirty minutes ____ than him. A. fatter B. taller C. heavier D. older 8. —Do you know the final of men?s single will be played between Wang Liqin and Ma Lin? —Yes. I felt ____ when I heard the ___news. A. exciting, excited B. excited, exciting C. exciting, exciting D. excited, excited

本节课易遗忘知识回 顾
? ? ? ? Adj. + n. Linking v. + adj. 两者之间用比较级,三者或三者以上比较用最高级。 比较级后面经常+than+比较对象。 最高级前面经常要加the。一般会有一个比较范围,数 量经常用of、集体名词经常用in连接。 ? 主要的不规则变化的词: much / many – more – most good / well – better – best little – less – least bad / badly / ill – worse - worst

副词的比较级和最高级的构成和形容 词的比较级和最高级的构成基本相同.e.g. fast-faster-fastest slowly- more slowly –most slowly
形容记的最高级前要用定冠词the,副 词的最高级前可用可不用定冠词the. Mount Qomolangma is the highest in the world.

Jim jumped (the) highest of the all.

My father is busier than my mother.

He looks worse today than yesterday.

This story is the most interesting of all.

February is the shortest month in a year.

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