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专题二 词汇

Name: Class: Number:


1. T____for your CD.

2. My favorite c____ is red.

3. I want two b____of rice.

4. My father and mother are my p____.

5. Eleven and nineteen is t____.

6. Tom is thirteen.He is a m____school student.

7. He s____he likes his school.

8. E____me,is this your pencil?

9. Tom has a computer. He often sends(发) e____to his friend.

10. My brother likes his m____planes very much.

11. My u____son is my cousin.

12. National Day is on O____1st.

13. What’s the time? Sorry,I don’t have a w____.

14. Can you play v____? No,I can play soccer.

15. I watch TV with my parents a____dinner.


1.I ____(not need) a dictionary.

2. ____Bill ____(have) a computer?

3.Let’s watch ____(they) on TV.

4.Mark is Mrs Green’s ____(three) son.

5.I can’t ____(find)my book.

6.Where ____(be) your clothes?

7.This ping-pong ball is ____(I)

8.Thanik you for helping ____.(I)

9.I have some ____(tomato) for lunch.

10.He plays soccer with ____(we).

11.Mike wants ____ (come) here next week.

12.Bob’s brother likes ____(watch)TV.

13.I like art because it’s____(interest).

14.How much ____(be) your shoes?

15.My birthday is June____(nine).


1.They are in the ____(相同的) school.

2.He ____(只)eats ice-cream for lunch.

3.He____(总是)asks me some ____(问题)。

4.Do you like ____(沙拉)?

5.I want to buy some ____(面包)。

6.His ____(习惯)are good.

7.Her mother is too ____(胖)。

8.The ____(矮的)boy is Bob’s uncle.

9.How much are your sister’s ____(裤子)?

10.Ithink your ____(毛衣) is big.

11.I like December- the ____(第十二) month.

12.Let’s go to Guangzhou in ____(八月).

13.I like ____(地理)because I like trip.

14.When do you ____(完成)your lesson?

15.They have a party on ____(星期三) evening.

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