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九年级Chapter 9 复习

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九年级Chapter 9 复习


gardening nature survive desert excitement

unfairly work

commonly truly actually family

closely arrangement gentleman discovery content ceremony

advantage account description stand

be filled with grow up

be put in prison

try one’s best to do sth.= try as hard as one can come true latest give up

fall in love with in the middle of as...as up to in order to in nature

be treated unfairly look through

I. A. Change the forms of the words

1. imaginary (动词 2.nature (形容词) 3. survive (幸存者)(形容词) 5.fairly (反义词)6.work (动词)7. rare(副词8.despite (同义词) 9.cultivator (动词)10. closely (形容词)11. arrangement(动词)(动词) 13.advantage (反义词)14. description (动词)15. Take place (同义词

B. 用括号里所给单词的适当形式填空。

be filled with

1. (rice) usually is planted in the south.

in the middle of

2. The world is (fill) with love, so everyone feels warm.

be known as

3. I like the books (write) by Luxun very much.


4. What will your brother be when he (grow) up?

be ready to 5. She enjoys (see) a frightening film.

look through at the latest 6. The mother defends his son as (hard) as she can.

the number of…… 7.You can see birds with amazing colours in (natural).

take place a detailed description 9. "We won the match!" The girl shouted with (excite)

give out 10. People like to make friends with him because he never treats other

care for ( unfair).

be covered with… 11. The book was (true) amazing and the girl could not put it down.

13. _________ (actual), the little boy had passed the math examination and he felt very excited. 14. The two old friends haven't met each other for a long time, so when they met yesterday, they held each other's hands _________ (close).

15. Byron is a famous writer, and there are many detailed _________ (describe) about his works.

16. “Ladies and _________ (gentleman)”, she started her speech with the words. 17. He purposely tried to _________ (cultivate) good relations with his boss. 18. Linda does her homework as _________ (care) as her sister.

19. New _________ (discover) are being made in the world every day.

20. There are many _________ (advantage) in going abroad to study English. IV. 根据汉语提示,完成下列英语句子。 1. 大自然的美景经常使人感到惊奇。

The beautiful scenery _____ _____ is often surprising.


博恒得教育Book Handle Education 优秀从这里起航

2. 我们应该尽力帮助穷人。

We should _____ _____ _____ to help the poor people.

3. 他想当足球明星的愿望实现了。

His wish to become a football star _____ _____ _____.

4. 这个男孩太胖了,他重达120公斤。

Tire boy is too fat, and he weighs _____ _____ 120 kilograms.

5. 他准备好好装扮一下自己,以便给参加聚会的客人留下好印象。

He is going to dressing himself up _____ _____ _____ make a great impression on all the guests at the party.

6. 他因为偷东西被关进了监狱。

He was _____ _____ _____ because of stealing.

7. 他爱上一个如此漂亮的姑娘是自然的。

It is natural that he _____ _____ _____ _____ such a beautiful girl.

8. 在美国,黑人常常受到不公平的待遇。

In America, the black are often _____ _____.

9. 我哥哥长大以后想当一名科学家。

My brother wants to be a scientist when he

10. 真正黑颜色的花在自然界中很难找到。

It is very difficult to find black flowers in Grammar: 比较级最高级




( no water.

A. land covered by grass B. land covered by ice

C. land covered by sand D. land covered by soil

( A. became very weak B. lived after a terrible time 2

博恒得教育Book Handle Education 优秀从这里起航

C. died because of a terrible accident D. became very well

( A. Certainly B. In fact C. Surely D. By accident

( A. was full of B. was made of C. was made up of D. was made from

( A. was given up B. became exciting C. became real D. didn't come

ii. 选择填空 (共15小题,每小题1分)

从下面每小题的 A、B、C、D四个项中选出最佳选项。

( ) 6. ---- It is _________ nice present, isn't it?

---- Yes, presents can sometimes create _________ to us!

A. a; exciting B. the; excitement

C. a; excitement D. the; exciting

( ) 7. ---- I want to know if he _________ tomorrow.

---- _________ the rain, he will come as usual.

A. comes; Despite B. will come; Despite

C. comes; Although D. will come; Although

( ) 8. ---- _________ going hiking next week?

---- It sounds wonderful, but I am afraid I can't. I have made other ________ .

A. What about; arrangements B. How about; attempts

C. Let's; attempts D. Shall we; arrangements

( ) 9. ---- Look! There are four people standing on the _________ and giving


---- Yes, they are the _________ of the party.

A. stage; policemen B. stands; actors

C. stage; guests of honour D. stands; guest of honour

( ) 10. ---- I don't know _________ Peter will pass the math exam or not.

---- I think he cannot, because he doesn't study _________ hard _________


A. that; as; as B. whether; as; as

C. which; less; than D. what; less; than

( ) 11. ---- Which _________ does the peony (牡丹) belong to?

---- I have no idea. You can look for some _________ information about it

on the Internet.

A. family; distant B. family; detailed

C. class; distant D. class; detailed

( ) 12. ---- Mr Smith was disappointed, because he was fired (解雇)_________.

---- Yes, I think he tried as _________ as he can. He did well.

A. fairly; hard B. unfairly; hard

C. fairly; hardly D. unfairly; hardly

( ) 13. ---- What do you _________ the basketball match?

---- Wonderful. Our players have played _________ of the three teams.

A. think up; worst B. think of; worst

C. think of; best D. think up; best


博恒得教育Book Handle Education 优秀从这里起航

( ) 14. ---- Who was the winner of the long jump?

----Jack. He jumped _________ than _________ in the class.

A. longer; the others B. higher; the other boys

C. faster; anyone else D. farther; any other boy

( ) 15. ---- When _________ the train arrive?

---- It will arrive at 8:00 on Sunday _________.

A. will; as late as B. will; at the latest

C. shall; the latest D. shall; be late

( ) 16. ---- Mike, you failed the exam again. You shouldn't _________ me


---- Don't worry, Mum. I will _________ to study.

A. let; down; try my best B. make; disappoint; try better

C. make; disappoint; do better D. make; sad; trying my best

( ) 17. ---- What _________ in Shenzhen yesterday?

----There was a serious car accident. You can read the _________ newspaper.

A. happened; last B. took place; latest

C. happening; latest D. taken place; later

( ) 18. ---- They planned to _________ this kind of western plant.

---- Good idea! This plant was not _________ found in China.

A. create; commonly B. invent; surprisingly

C. discover; suddenly D. cultivate; commonly

( ) 19. ---- Do you know Lu Xun?

---- Sure, _________ people know him because of his famous _________.

A. The number of; books B. A number of; works

C. few; storybook D. Much; work

( ) 20. ---- Did Sam behave _________ than other volunteers in the ceremony? ---- Yes, he was great. He behaved _________ in all of them.

A. more politely; most politely B. more polite; most polite

C. less polite; least polite D. less politely; least politely


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