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九年级Chapter 8复习

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博恒得教育Book Handle Education 优秀从这里起航 九年级Chapter 8复习

单词过关:gift attempt universe distant platform perfectly work humour curiosity introduce theory genius fiction shortly applause purpose

词形变化:Change the forms of the words

1. fiction(反义词2.humour(形容词)

3.nod (现在、过去分词4.lead (过去式过去分词)

5.invitation (动词)6.curiosity(形容词)

7. easy(反义词)(同义)9.development(动词动词)11. theory (复数)12. fiction(形容词)13. genius(复数)14. pleasure(动词

15. perfectly(形容词16. funny(最高级用适当形式填空: He said (curious) was his only gift. He received many (invite) from universities. He had a driver (call) Hans. Einstein answers the professor's question (perfect). They planned to go on a trip to a (distance ) village. They changed place without (tell) other people. They (attempt) to finish the task before July. I think he is a (humour) teacher. This is a (wood) bowl. I will come back ( short). Here is a letter of (introduce). I (agreement) with what you said. These are (fiction) characters. He is the (produce) of the film " Spiderman III." We had better eat more (harm) vegetables. 短语: 1. Linda is one of the top students in our school. 2. Who can the truth of the accident? 4. The girl could write well at the age of six. She writing. 5. , the story was written by Tom, not Tim. 6. home, I met my teacher by chance. 7. The little girl is very smart. She many ancient Chinese poems

8. Mary works hard at school because she doesn’t want to 9. Peter does well in his lessons; his mom him.

10. Can you _____ the new project? We need you.

11. --- Lucy, will you _____ with us this weekend?

--- I'd love to, but I have to prepare for the next week's exam.

博恒得教育Book Handle Education 优秀从这里起航

12. Danny _____ a journalist for many years.





( A. speeches B. recordings C. tries D. conclusions

( at an early age.

A. different degrees B. bands

C. nice presents D. natural abilities

( some things.

A. before B. tomorrow C. soon D. a long time

( A. make ... sad B. make ... disappointed

C. make ... happy D. make ... cry

( A. were given ... as prize B. were praised for

C. were provided with D. were thanked for



( ) 6. ---- Jim and I have been friends since we were two years old.

---- No wonder he __________ you __________ his brother.

A. watches; as B. regards; like C. considers; for D. regards; as

( ) 7. ---- I can't decide __________ climb the Emei Mountain.

---- Any time is OK for me. You should make a __________ by yourself.

A. when to; time B. when to; decision

C. when; time D. when; decision

( ) 8. ---- What is the __________ for him to return to his own country?

---- He returned to his homeland with the __________ of serving the people


A. problem; aim B. problem; plan C. reason; purpose D. reason; care

( ) 9. ---- Jim, do you know what an __________ do?

---- I think he can do some __________ on the universe.

A. astronomer; research B. astronomer; message

C. astronomy; research D. astronomy; message

( ) 10. ---- Do you know who will get the first __________ in the competition? ---- Mandy. She is the __________ student in our class.

A. price; clever B. prize; cleverest

C. prize; clever D. price; cleverest

( ) 11. ---- Hello, Jack. __________ to my birthday party.

---- Thank you. First please allow me to __________ my friend Miss Wood

to you.

A. Welcomes; instruct B. Help; advise

C. Helps; give D. Welcome; introduce

( ) 12. ---- There will be a new film in Daming Cinema tonight.

---- No wonder there are __________ people at the __________ of the


博恒得教育Book Handle Education 优秀从这里起航

A. thousands of; entrance B. thousand of; entrance

C. thousands of; exit D. thousand of; exit

( ) 13. ---- What is the bag made __________?

---- A kind of __________. Probably cow skin (皮).

A. in; leather B. of; leather

C. from; silk D. into; silk

( ) 14. ---- I don't know __________ with the machine.

---- Don't worry. I will show you __________ it.

A. where to go; what to use B. when to do; why to use

C. what to do; how to use D. how to do; when to use

( ) 15. ---- The sweet __________ delicious and a lot of children like it. ---- Yes, do you know the __________ of it?

A. tastes; producer B. sounds; inventor

C. tastes; inventor D. sounds; producer

( ) 16. ---- You haven't written to Amy __________, have you?

---- Yes, but I am writing __________ her now.

A. already; in reply to B. yet; because of

C. yet; in reply to D. already; because of

( ) 17. ---- Why didn't you give a __________ to me when you had difficulties? ---- I did, but it couldn't __________.

A. note; get through B. call; get through

C. note; get up D. call; get up

( ) 18. ---- There will be a lecture about __________ protect yourself when the flood

is coming.

---- Yes. But I forget __________ it starts.

A. how to; what B. how to; when

C. what to; where D. what to; who

( ) 19. ---- There are a lot of trees on __________ side of the road.

---- Yes. Hundreds of trees __________ by us every year.

A. each; are planted B. each; was planted

C. all; plant D. neither; will be planted

( ) 20. ---- Could you drive me to the train station?

---- Yes, __________.

A. I will. B. I can't.

C. it is my pleasure D. I am afraid not.

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