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Go for it Unit 3 This is my sister.

? Words mother 妈妈;母亲(mom,mum,mommy) father 爸爸 (dad,daddy) sister 姐;妹 brother 兄;弟 friend 朋友 grandmother 祖母;外祖母(grandma) grandfather 祖父;外祖父(grandpa) grandparent 祖父/母;外祖父/母 parent 父亲或母亲

? Writing
1a. Find these people in the picture. 1. mother_____ c 2. father_____ i 3. parents_____ h 4. brothers_____ b 5. grandmother_____ g 6. grandfather_____ e 7. friend_____ a 8. grandparents_____ d 9. sister_____ f

Listen and look at the picture Circle the people the boy talks about. (看图听录音,圈出 男孩谈到的人物)

This is Dave’s family.
This is Dave. These are his brothers. That is his sister. Those are his grandparets. Those are his parents.

2a Listen and circle the words you hear. (P14) mother father sister brother

grandmother grandfather friend


2b Listen and match the names with the people in the picture.

1. Dave ____ a 3. Mary ____ b

g 2. Lin Hai ____ 4. Jim ____ e

Dave: This is my mother. Mom, this is Lin Hai.

Lin Hai: Nice to meet you!
Mom: Nice to meet you, Lin Hai! Dave: And these are my grandparents. Grandparents: Hi , Lin Hai. Lin Hai: Hello!

Dave: And this is my sister, Mary
and this is my brother, Jim.

Translation : This is my mother. 1 这是我的妈妈.___________________________________ 2 3 4 That is his grandfather. 那是他的外祖父.__________________________________ These are her sisters. 这些是她的姐妹们.______________________________ Those are his grandfathers. 那些是他的祖父母._______________________________

1 关于家庭成员和朋友的单词。

2 用来介绍家人和朋友,确认人物句子: 单数:This is …./That is.… 复数:These are..../ Those are....

1 复习这节课所教单词,准备明天听写。 ? 2 背诵P85上的1b,2a的听力原文。 ? 3 复习怎样用英语来介绍家人和朋友,每 位同学都画一张自己全家福,并在旁边写出 介绍你家人的句子。

My family song

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