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People cut down many trees every year.
Many trees are cut down by people every year.

一般现在时: S(主语)+am/is /are +过去分词

一般现在时: S(主语)+am/is /are +过去分词



1.The river is polluted (by people )every year .

2.A lot of fish are killed (by waste water).

一般现在时: S(主语)+am/is /are +过去分词

4.A number of wild animals are eaten (by people)every year . 5.The environment is damaged badly (by humans)these days.(damage)

Stop polluting me!

People planted trees

on the hills.(主动) Trees were planted on the hills (by people).(被动)

S+was/were +过去分词

一般过去时: S+was/were +过去分词

The animals were looked after well by people many years ago. (look after)

一般过去时: S+was/were +过去分词

A bike was ridden The nature was by my grandfather protected very well to work at that by humans. time. (protect)

Our Earth, Our Home!

Three weeks ago, a bird was hurt…

What other things can be done to protect the environment ? 被动语态情态动词: S+ can/may/must/should + be+过去分词

Trees should/shouldn’t… Animals had better/had better not… Waste paper may/mustn’t…

New energy may…
A bike … 被动语态:S+ 情态动词+be+过去分词

Our Earth —Our Future — Just Save it ! 拯救地球就是拯救未来

The environment will be changed in the future.

被动语态一般将来时: S+ will+be+过去分词
(be going to)

the Plan of Our Class
The useful garbage in our school will____________ for money . The money be sold will be given ____________ to the poor areas. Some be taken photos about the environment will __________ on show and be_______ . will be made A poster about nature ___________ next month.

Only one Earth -------Care and Share ! 一齐关心,共同分享!

Can you have a try ?
We often see some people go cycling on the weekend.(变被动 语态) Some people are often seen to go cycling on the weekend . (See\ notice\ watch\ hear\ make )后跟 不加 to 的不定式,变为被动语态后加上 to )

sb. be heard /seen+to do

We can hear the birds sing in the trees. (变被动语态)
The birds can be heard to sing in the trees.

Give Earth A Chance !


Can you remember? 各种时态的被动语态构成
一般现在时:S+ am/is /are + done

一般过去时:S+ was/were + done
一般将来时:S+ will + be + done 情态动词:S+can/may/must/should+be+done 感 官 或 使 役 动 词 : S+be+seen/heard/noticed /made+to do

1. --I want to be a doctor .
B --Doctors _____ greatly in every part of the world .

A. need

B. are needed

C. are needing

D. will needn’t

A 2. Waster paper shouldn’t ______ everywhere .

It’s our duty to keep our city clean . A. be thrown B. throw

C. is thrown

D. are thrown

3.-- Susan ,why are you still here ? They ar

e all ready to start .
D ---I’m sorry , but I _____ when to meet .

A. don’t tell C. haven’t told

B. didn’t tell D. wasn’t told

C 4.Don’t worry .You ______ plenty of time to decide .

A. will give C. will be given

B. have given D. are giving

C 5.If I _____ five minutes , I’ll get everything ready . A. will give B. be given

C. am given

D. was given

A 6.The young man was often noticed _____ by the river . A. to draw C. draw B. to drawing D . drew

7.- How often


your school meeting B. is ; held D. did ; hold


- Once a year . A . does ; hold C. was ; hold

8. the,book ,was ,who, by, written ? 9. was ,new,computer,a,me, last, bought, for,week .

Care Our Environment
held The meeting we _______ (hold) last week was was called interesting .It __________ (call) “ Saving the earth” . Some speeches about pollution and waste were given (give) by some students . _________
are cut When trees __________ (砍) down,there is nothing to hold the soil on the hill .So if it rains ,the soil will __________ (wash ) down the be washed hills .

Water pollution ___________(cause) by is caused waste from factories and cities. In 1989, an oil ship hit a rock . More than 34,000 animals ____________(kill) by the oil. 4800-kilometer were killed

oceans_____________ (污染). were polluted
be made In many countries , laws must ___________ (make) to stop pollution . That is not enough .

Our mother earth should _________ (关心) be cared forever .

人类是地球的主人,作为一名环保志愿者 (volunteer),你想发出以下倡议: 1.保护环境就是保护我们自己。 2.野生动物… 3.森林… 4.用水…用纸…垃圾… 5. 交通方式…

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