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I am a teacher. You are student. He is a student, too. We / You / They are students. (2)人称代词宾格作宾语,表示动作行为的对象。如:

Give it to me. Let’s go (let’s =let us)




形容词性物主代词( my / your / his / her / its / our / their )+名词。如:

her book my teacher his bike


Is this your book?

No,,it isn’t, it’s hers(her book) This pen is mine.


人称代词与物主代词用法的练习题 一、填表


1.Let _____ (I) help ____ (you). 2.Let _____ (we) go. 3.(I) _____ are students. 4.I can't find _____ (they). 5.Give ____ (he) the book. 三、选择

1.________are in the same class.

A.Her and me B.She and l C.Me and her D.l and she 2.Please call ___ at 256-5896 A me B my C I D mine 3.-Do you like these computers?

-No,I don't like_______. A it B them C they 5.Our tercher think_______are right. A.We B.us C it D she 6.______go to the party.

A.He,I and you B.I, you and he C.You,I and he D.You,he and I 四、用括号中的适当形式填空: (1)Are these ________(you)pencils? Yes, they are ________(our). (2)—Whose is this pencil? 五、代词练习:

A. 写出各个代词的对应项。

—It’s ________(I).

(3)I love ________(they)very much. (4)She is________(I)classmate.


B. 用代词的适当形式填空。 1. Miss Gao teaches ____ 5. Look at ____ mouth. (I ) English at school. (we)

6. They are ____ parents. (he) 2. I need a new schoolbag, so 7.Your school is newer(更新) ___ mother buys one for ___. (I)

than(比) ___ . (she)

3. This is not my dictionary. 8. ____ classroom is bright(明This is _____ (she)

亮).(I )

4. This book is not ____(he) 六、英语代词语法练习:

1.Is this————— dictionary?

a. you b. yours c. your d. hers 2.It’s a bird(鸟).————name is Happy. a. It’s b. It c. Its d. His

3.Is that ____ pencil case? a. he b.him c. his d. he’s 4.please give the key to____. a. his b. he c. him d. mine 六、根据提示填空。

1. Where are 我的____ shoes? 2. Are those 你的_____shoes? 3. 他___ looks at 她____.

4. Can you come and play with 我____?

5. ___ 我can help 他____with 他的____ English. 6. Do you like 她___?

7. 我们的____ teacher asks 我们8. Why do you let 他们___sit there quiet?

9. whose(谁的) car is this? It’s 她的 ____. 她的___car is new. 10. This car is for you, it’s ____你的 now. 七、练习:


9. He is ___ father . (Bob) 10. Thank you for helping ___(I )

11.This isn’t ___pen. ___ is over there. (she)

12.___ school is far away from (远离) ___ home. (he)

1. This is not _____ desk. My desk is over there.

2. -Can you spell _____ name, Harry? -Sorry.

3. Tom and Jack are brothers. This is _____ room.

4. We are in the same class. _____ classroom is very nice.

5. Mrs Green is my teacher. I’m _____ student.

6. That’s a cat. _____ name is Mimi.

7. Tom is in the room. This is _____ pencil-box.

8. Sam and Peter, look at _____ hands(手). They are so dirty.

9. -Mike, is this _____ picture? -Yes, it is.

10. -Can we put(放) _____ shorts here? -Yes, you can.

11. Mom, they are _____ classmates Rose(女) and _____brother David.

12. Jack, where are _____ socks?


(1)Are these _____(you)pencils?

Yes, they are _____(our).

(2)—Whose is this pencil?

—It’s _____(I).

(3)I love _____(they)very much.


1、These are pens and _____ are pencils. (that, this, those)

3、Which of ____ shirts are Tom's ( These, this, that)

4、This desk is mine, _____is hers. ( those, this, that)

6、____ (He, Her, His ) name is Jack. . ____(She, He, His) is a worker.

7、_____(I,My,Mine)aunt is a nurse. _____(She, He. Her) works very hard.

8、Please give______(me, I, mine ) the book.

9、The books aren't ( my, mine, I ). Maybe ____ (They , It, Its )are ____(her, hers, your)

10、Let ______(I, me, mine) tell _______(her, she, hers ) how to do it.

12、Don't tell _______ (he, him, his ) the answer. _____ (I,Me,Us )believe that _____ (he, him, his ) can work out the problem

14、The lady under the tree is _______(mine, my, me) aunt. _______(She, Her, Herself) often sings English songs with _______( her, hers, she ) husband.

15、A friend of _____( me, my, mine) came to help ___ (I, me, mine) with ___(mine, my, I ) homework yesterday afternoon. —No, they aren’t _____(their). They are ___(we). (4)She is_____(I)classmate. (5)Miss Li often looks after(照顾)_____(she)brother. (6)—Are these _____(they)bags ?


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