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一、定义: 是主从复合句的一种。宾语从句当中的从句在全句中

作 。

宾语从句三大要素: , , .


宾语从句必须用: .


1. 陈述句中,由从属连词 引导的宾语从句

2.在一般疑问句中,当一般疑问句充当宾语时,由________ 连接.


一般情况下,if 和whether可以互换,但以下3种 情况只能用whether:

1) 与or not连用:

Let me know whether you can come or not.

2) 在介词之后:

I worry about whether I hurt her feelings.

3) 在不定式之前:

He hasn’t decided whether to go by bus or by train.

3.由连接代词 。

及副词 引导的宾语从句





一、 选择题

( ) 1 The girls asked if they ____ some food and drink with them.

A. took B. take C. takes D. will take

( ) 2 Catherine said that she ___ to Guangzhou.

A. has never gone B. had never gone

( ) 3 The students want to know whether they___ dictation today.

A. had B. has . C. will have D. are

( ) 4 She asked Linda if___ go and get some.

A. could she B. she could C. she can D. she may

( ) 5 Linda said the moon___ round the earth.

A. travelled B. has travelled C. travells D. had travelled

( ) 6 Can you tell me___ you were born, Betty?

A. who B. what C. when D. that

( ) 7 I don't know ___ they have passed the exam.

A.what B. if C. when D. where

( ) 8 I hardly understand.___ he has told me.

A. that B. what C. which D. who

( ) 9 She didn't know___ back soon.

A. whether he would be B. if would he be C. he will be

( ) 10 I don't know _____ he still lives here after so many years.

A. whether B where C. what D.when

( ) 11.They don't know ______their parents are.

A that B what C why D which

( ) 12.Please tell me ______ last year.

A. where does your sister work B where did your sister work

C where your sister works D where your sister worked



1. I don't know _________ he will come tomorrow. _________ he comes,

I'll tell you.

A. if; Whether B. whether; Whether

C. if; That D. if; If

2. I don't know _________ the day after tomorrow.

A. when does he come B. how will he come

C. if he comes D. whether he'll come

3. Could you tell me _________ the nearest hospital is?

A. what B. how C. whether D. where

4. Could you tell me _________ the radio without(没有) any help?

A. how did he mend B. what did he mend

C. how he mended D. what he mended

5. I want to know _________.

A. whom is she looking after B. whom she is looking

C. whom is she looking D. whom she is looking after

6. Do you know where _________ now?

A. he lives B. does he live

C. he lived D. did he live

7. Do you know what time _________?

A. the train leave B. does the train leave

C. will the train leave D. the train leaves

8. I don't know _________. Can you tell me, please?

A. how the two players are old B. how old are the two players

C. the two players are how old D. how old the two players are

9. The small children don't know _________.

A. what is their stockings in B. what is in their stockings

C. where is their stockings in D. what in their stockings

10. I can't understand _________.

A. what does Christmas mean B. what Christmas does mean

C. what mean Christmas does D. what Christmas means


1.--- Could you tell us how long ______? --- About three days.

A. does the sports meeting last B. the sports meeting last

C. will the sports meeting last D. the sports meeting will last

2.I want to know______,

A. what is his name

C. that his name is B what's his name D. what his name is

3.Parents are taught to understand _____ important education is to their children’s future

A. that B. how C. such D. so

4.I wonder _______ they will come here with tomorrow.

A. whether B. when C. who D. how

5.-Could you tell me ______? -I'm not sure.

A. how many people have been out of hospital

B. when is Thanksgiving

C. which animal does he like best

D. what time will the dolphin show start

6. - Can I help you? - Yes. I'd like a ticket to Mount Emei. Can you tell me______ take to get there?

A. how soon will it

C. how long it will B. how soon it will D. how long will it

7..---Could you let me know ___________ yesterday? ---Because the traffic was heavy.

A. why did you come late B. why you came late

C. why do you come late D. why you come late

8.A computer can only do _________you have instructed it to do.

A. how B. after C. what D. when

9.The other day, my brother drove his car down the street at ___ I thought was a dangerous speed.

A. as B. which C. what D. that

10.I think Father would like to know ___I've been up to so far, so I decide to send him a quick note

A. which B. why C. what D. how

11.Do you know _________ Zunyi or not tomorrow?

A. whether are they leaving for B. whether they are leaving for

C. if they are leaving for D. if are they leaving for

12. The policewoman asked the little boy ______

A.where did he live B.where he lived

C.where he lives D.where does he lives

13. — Show me the map, please. I wonder ____________.

— Look, it's here, in the east of China, near Taiwan Province.

A. where is Diaoyu Island B. where Diaoyu Island is

C. what is Diaoyu Island like

14. -- Could you tell me_____ he came here?--He drove here himself.

A. how B. why C. when D. whether

15.—Can you tell me __ the prize, Tom?—Last year.

A. when you got B. when did you get

C. when will you get

D. when you will get

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