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7A Unit 6 复习

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7A Unit 6 复习










1. ___________ this street, and take the second turning (转弯) on the left.

2. He bought a lot of fruit, ___________ apples and peaches.

3. Which ___________ will you visit during the holiday?

4. From the town square, roads go ___________.

5. It was late ___________, and everything was quiet in the village.

6. Sightseeing ___________ visiting different places.

7. It's very dark. It's time to ___________, or I can't do my homework.

8. I have a new Shanghai ___________. If you go to Shanghai, you can read it.

9. I think this is a good idea. ___________ you?

10. His office is ___________ the city. There are a lot of high buildings there. IV.根据汉语提示补全句子,每空一词。


Alice is ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ centtre building just across light direction natural beauty bridge pond outside dumpling

___________ in our class.


If you like ___________, you ___________ ___________ this book.


This is a very beautiful house ___________ ___________ ___________.


Wuhan is ___________ the Yangtze River ___________ the Han River.


You can see many children playing basketball ___________ ___________



How many __________ __________ __________ have you visited in China so



A lot of shops__________ __________ __________ __________ Guangzhou

are closed during the Spring Festival.


Urumqi is __________ __________ __________ __________ China. It is a

beautiful place.


When we turn on a lamp in a dark room, everything in the room __________

__________ __________ at once.


Make a__________ __________ to introduce some interesting places to your



If I have enough money, I am going to__________ __________ __________



Dina will go to Europe __________ __________ __________ the exams.

13. ---- 露西,昨晚过得怎样?---- 玩得很开心。

---- Lucy, how was your last night?

---- Well, I _________ __________ __________ __________.


Please _______ __________ this road and you will find the library on your right.


When I went onto the stage, all lights__________ __________ __________ shoot at me.

Grammar - If clause


1. Ann (will go/go/goes) to Hong Kong if she (will pass/pass/passes) the exams.

2. If there (will be/are/is) a car accident, they (will call/call/calls) 110 for help at once.

3. If a UFO (will land/land/lands) in front of me, I (will go/go/goes) in to look for the alien (外星人).

4. I (will call/ call) you if my mum (will stay/stay / stays) at home.

5. Mr Liu (will let / let /lets) you know if he (will need/ need/ needs) help.

6. (Will / Do/ Does) he visit the Ocean Park if he (won't / don't/ doesn't) get tired?

7. Where (will/ do /does) they live if they (will miss/ miss/ misses) the bus? Ⅱ. 跟据提示完成句子。

8. Please stay at home if it ___________ (明天下雨).

9. If you don't water the flowers, they ___________ (死去).

10. If we have a party, it ___________ (在七点开始).

11. If he ___________(不来), I will go instead of him.

12. If you ___________ (不快跑), you'll be late for school.

13. I ___________ (去见你), if I'm free.


14. You can come with us. All of us are happy.


15. He works hard. He gets good marks.


16. You come late. You miss the train.


17. She doesn't dress up. They don't let her into the party.


18. I go there. The rain stops.



1. Where _____ he ____(see) the film if he ____(have) time?

2. If there ____(be) fewer trees, there _______( be) more pollution.

3. He _________(dress) more casually if he ___________( not work) on weekends.

4. If Marcia _____(live) alone, she _______( keep) a pet parrot.

5. Lana ________ buy) a new dress if the old one ___(be) out of style.



If I have time tomorrow, I __________ you.


You __________ if the teacher doesn't agree.


If __________, he can't come out.


The teacher will be angry if I __________.




( A. Get into B. Go along C. Go across D. Get to

( A. see a film B. see the sea

C. visit some interesting places D. do something good

( A. at noon B. in the evening C. after lunch D. in the morning

( A. front B. middle C. part D. back

( A. new and fashionable B. new and important

C. old and traditional D. natural and new

( ) 21. She is one of __________ in the club.

A. the younger singers B. the youngest singers

C. youngest singers D. the youngest singer

( ) 22. If it __________ fine tomorrow, we __________ to the park together.

A. is; go B. will be; go C. will be; will go D. is; will go

( ) 23. __________ a waste of time talking to her any more.

A. It's B. That's C. It D. What is

( ) 24. What __________ they do if they __________ the meeting?

A. do; will miss

C. will; miss B. will; misses D. will; will miss

( ) 25. ---- Jack, don't refer __________ it again, please.

---- Oh, I'm sorry, I will remember it.

A. in B. on C. to D. about

( ) 26. There are many animals in the zoo, __________ pandas, tigers and horses.

A. example B. so as C. and so on D. such as

( ) 27. ---- What are you going to do tomorrow?

----We'll go to the library tomorrow __________ it doesn't rain.

A. when B. if C. but

( ) 28. ---- Where is Yinchuan?

---- It's in the north __________ China.

A. to B. on C. of D. at D. because

( ) 29. I want to own a room on the higher floor, so I can __________ the city.

A. get a bird's-eye view of B. look for

C. look up D. look around

( ) 30. ---- What is your hobby?

---- I enjoy __________ English songs.

A. sings B. singing C. sang D. sing

Ⅵ. 用所给单词的适当形式完成句子。(共10小题,每小题1分)

1. We need to __________ (building) more schools for the poor children.

2. You did a __________ (beauty) job of cleaning up the kitchen.

3. There is no doubt that recycling helps save __________ (nature) resources.

4. In some poor ______ (area), children can't go to school.

5. Both China and India are the countries of __________ (Asia).

6. There are many places of _______ (interest) in Beijing.

7. She wants to be involved (参与) in every __________ (area) of your life.

8. I enjoy eating __________ (dumpling) during the Spring Festival.

9. Some people like to lie on the beach, but I prefer to go __________ (sightseeing).

10. It is dark outside. Lucy, please turn on all the __________ (light)!

11. In my hometown, we have a lot of ______ (tradition) food.

12. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery by ______ (ride) a cable car.

13. I like to enjoy the ______ (beautiful) of the mountains in Sichuan.

14. She wants to visit Hong Kong _______ (buy) some cheap but beautiful clothes.

15. He is one of the ______ (tall) boys in his class.

16. The girl wants _______ (try) different kinds of delicious food in Shanghai.


一.Listen to the English song and fill in the blanks.


When I said I'll never let you 2 .


When all 3 shadows almost killed your light,


I remember, you said "Don't leave me here 4 ."


But all that's 5 and dead and past, tonight; 但就在今晚,所有的一切、死亡的威胁都会过去 Just 6 your eyes, 闭上你的双眼吧 The 7 is going down. 日沉西山 You'll be alright, 你会安然无恙 No one can 8 you now. 此刻没人能再把你伤害 Come 9 light, 黎明就要来到 You and I'll be 10 and sound. 你我会安然无恙

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