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江苏省2012-2013学年七年级英语上学期期末考试试题(无答案) 牛津版

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江苏省海门市2012-2013学年七年级英语上学期期末考试试题(无答案) 牛



一、 听力测试(共20小题,每小题1分;满分20分)

(A) 找出与所听句子相符的图画,将其序号填入左边的括号内。(听2遍) ( ) 1. How does the woman go to the City Hall? A. B. C.

( ) 2. What is Lily doing? A. B. C.

( ) 3. What is Sharon doing? A. B. C. ( ) 4. Which sign are they talking about? A. B. C.

( ) 5. What animal does the man like? ( ) 5. A. B. C.

B) 听录音, 找出合适的应答句。(听两遍)

6. A. That's very nice of you. B. See you. C. You're welcome.

7. A. Give you. B. No, you can't. C. Here you are.

8. A. It's April 10th. B. It's Sunday. C. It's four o'clock.

9. A. That's a good idea. B. I don't like. C. It's lovely weather.

10. A. Certainly. B. Me, too. C. I'm sorry.

C) 根据你所听到的对话和问题,选择正确答案。(听两遍)

11. A. She is a doctor. B. She is a teacher. C. She is a nurse.

12. A. By bike. B. On foot. C. By bus. 13. A. In the classroom. B. In the playground. C. In the library.


14. A. Simon's. B. Daniel's. C. My T-shirt.

15. A. Room 2004. B. Room 2008. C. Room 2006.

D) 根据听到的短文, 选择正确答案。(听两遍)

16. Tom's parents don't go to work on________.

A. Monday and Friday B. Saturday and Sunday C. Sunday

17. At weekends, Tom________.

A. doesn't study at school B. listens to the radio C. watches TV

18.________goes fishing at weekends.

A. Tom B. Tom's father C. Tom's mother 19. Sometimes, on a fine day, they go for picnics ________.

A. on the beach (海滩) B. in the park C. in the countryside

20. —Does Tom usually watch TV at weekends? —________.

A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn't C. I'm not sure

二、单项选择。(每题一分,共20分) ( )21. Do you know how to your e-dog?

A. look at B. look after C. look up D. look over ( )22. —What is your mother? —__________.

A. She is my mother B. She is a policemanC. She is a nurse D. She is Susan

( )23. —______ you ______ a computer? —Yes, I ______.

A. Are, have, am B. Do, have, am C. Do, have, do D. Does, have, does

( )24. My sister is good ______ volleyball.

A. in playing B. play C. at play D. at playing

( )25. I get up ________ 6:30 ________ every morning.

A. at; on B. on; in C. at; / D.on;on ( )26. —Where’s Mary? —She’s ________ the classroom.

A.in front of B. between C. in middle of D.under

( )27.________ climb the hill.

A. Not B. Don’t C. Not do D.Doesn’t

( )28. This is my work ________Monday _____ Friday.

A. for, to B. from, to C. at, on D. from, on ( )29. My old grandmother enjoys ________ down the street.

A. walking B. to walk C. walk D. walks

( )30. —How _____ does she do her homework every day? —Two hours.

A. old B. long C. many D. / ( )31. There is an art room ___ the first floor.

A. in B. at C. on D.for

( )32. I like _________. Would you like __________ with me this afternoon?

A. swimming; swimming B. to swim; swimming

C. swimming; to swim D. to swim; swim

( )33. — ______ are the students? —They are on the playground.

A. What B. Where C. How D. How many

( )34. Thank you very much for _________us so well.

A.teach B.teaches C.teaching D.to teach

( )35. Peter and I _________ in Room 807.

A. am B. is C. are D./

( )36. 9. —You look very beautiful. — _________.

A. That’s right B. No, I don’t look beautiful


C. That’s all right D. Thanks

( )37. —___________? —He is Andy’s father.

A. How is he B. Where is he C. Who is he D. What is he

( )38. —Hi, Lily and Kate, are you classmates? —Yes, ________.

A. we are B. we’re C. I am D.I is

( )39. Su Hai goes for a walk in the park_______Sunday morning.

A. at B.on C.in D. \

( )40. Is Lucy __________?

A. an English B. America C. American D.Englishman 三、完形填空。(每题一分,共10分)

( )41. A.am ( )42. A.a ( )43. A.small ( )44. A.are ( )45. A.have ( )46. A.class ( )47. A.on ( )48. A.buildings ( )49. A.He ( )50.A.thin 四、阅读理解。(每题1分,共10分)



B.an B.big B.is B.has B.classs B.in B.Building B.she B.slim C.are C.the C.beautiful C.aren’t C.there’s C.classes C.between

C.the building C.She C.happy

This is Liu Fei’s room. It’s a small but nice room. On the wall, there are two maps. One is a map of China, the other is of the world. There’s a desk in front of the window and on the desk there is a clock. Near the clock there is a glass. There’s some water in it. And there are two pencils, one pen and some books on the desk too. There is a chair on the floor and under the chair there’s a ball. Liu Fei often studies in his room and he likes his room very much..

( )51. Liu Fei’s room is __________.

A. big and nice B. small but nice C. big but bad D. small and bad

( )52. There is some __________ in the glass.

A. milk B. water C. tea D. orange

( )53. There are some books __________ .

A. on the chair B. on the desk C. on the floor D. on the wall

( )54. What can you see on the wall of the room?


A. Two maps. B. A clock. C. A chair D. A window

( )55. Where is the pen?

A. On the floor. B. In the desk. C. Under the chair. D. On the desk.


Grandfather Can Hear Me

John likes chocolates very much, but his mother doesn’t give him. They’re bad for his teeth, she thinks. John has a very nice grandfather. The old man loves John very much and sometimes he buys John some chocolates. Then his mother let him eat them. Because she wants to make the old man happy.

One Sunday evening before his seventh birthday, he shouts, “Please, God(上帝), let them give me a big box of chocolates for my birthday.” His mother says,“God can’t hear you. Don't shout (叫喊)! ”“I know,” says the clever boy with a smile. “But my grandfather is in the next room. And he can.”

( )56.John's mother doesn't give him chocolates because_______.

A.John doesn't like them. B. They are bad for his teeth.

C. His mother has no money. D. His mother doesn't love him.

( )57.Who sometimes buys some chocolates for John?

A. God B .His mother C. His grandfather D.His grandmother ( )58.When the old man buys chocolates for John, his mother usually _______.

A. let him eat them. B.don't let him eat them

C.makes the old man unhappy D.feels happy

( )59.John is _____. A.seventh years old. B .seven-years-old .C seven years old . D.17 years old.

( )60.John shouts loudly(大声地)for chocolates because ______.

A. He wants God to buy chocolates for him.

B.He wants his grandfather to buy chocolates for him.

C.He wants God to hear him.

D.He wants his mother to buy chocolates for him.



1. I want ________(buy) her a new book. What about you?

2. Look at ________(they). They look very happy.

3. It’s time ________(get) up.

4. Would you like ________(go) with me? . —Yes, I’d love to.

5. Lucy ________(have) a little cat. 6. She is a very good (swim) of the Swimming Club.

7. There ________ ( be ) a pair of shoes. 8. Do you like the coat (make)of cotton?

9. We spend a day ____________ (celebrate) Mid-Autumn Festival this year.


10. Hurry up !Mother __________ (wait)for us outside the school gate.


1.我希望他的梦想能变成现实。I hope his dream _________ _________.

2.周末你经常听音乐吗? Do you often listen to music ________ ________?

3.别的你还喜欢做什么?__________ _________ do you like to do?

4.让我带你来参观一下我们的学校吧! Let me ________ you _______ our school.

5.我们有时在学校大礼堂开会。We sometimes _________ _________ in the school hall.

6.你的爷爷现在在家吗?Is your grandfather ________ ________now?

7.下课后我喜欢和同学们一起玩。I like to play with my classmates ________ ________.

8.我们周日不上课。We don’t________ _______ on Sundays.

9.学生每天上午做早操。Students _________ morning ________ in the morning.

10.海南的冬天不下雪。It doesn’t snow ________ ________ in Hainan.


2.Kitty loves dancing. She ______________________ every Tuesday afternoon.

3.Sometimes children go to the new zoo to ________________.

4. Do you know the man _______________?

5. Sorry. I can’t __________you _________.Please say it again.

6.We are happy to be _____________.

7.It _________ them 2 hours to do homework every day.

8.When you ___________,look left and right first.

9.My father often goes fishing ___________________. 10._________________,please buy some fruit for me.


Hello, I’m Simon. I’m from England. I’m fourteen years old. I have two brothers. I don’t have any sisters.

I get up at six every morning. I get to school at 8.30. I like to go to school. My favourite subjects are Maths and Computer Studies. We have Maths every day.

At the weekend, I clean the house and do my homework. I like to play computer games. I play computer games in the evening. And I also like music.


1. Where does Simon come from? . ___________ 5

2.What time does Simon get up every day? 3. Does Simon have Maths every day? 4. What does he do at the weekend? 5. When does he play computer games? 九、书面表达。(10分)

假如你是一个叫李明的中学生,最近新交了一位叫 Paul的美国笔友。为了彼此更好地了解,现请你写信告诉他有关你的情况。请根据下例提示, 写一篇70词左右的短文。

提示: 1.我叫李明。我来自Qiming Middle School,现在7年级.




Dear Paul,

I’m very glad to have a pen friend like you. Now let me introduce myself.


Li Ming


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