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Ⅰ. 1. B. 副词 loudly 修饰动词speak

2. C. the same as “相似”,固定用法

3. A. 前一空格是习惯用法“be interested in”,后一空格interesting表示某物有趣

4. A. encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人去做某事

5. C. 宾语从句前后时态需一致,从句要用陈述句语序

6. C. if有“如果”和“是否“两种意思,而“whether”表“是否“之意。

7. C. 针对多长时间提问用how long

8. C. it 作形式主语

9. A. make sb. do sth. 使(让)某人做某事

10. B. 选择疑问句中,两者之间的选择用比较级,三者或三者以上用最高级

11. C. tell/ ask sb.(not) to do sth. 动词不定式作宾补

12. B. 把“what she did”看作整体,sth. make sb.+ adj. 使得某人……

13. A. 此句用被动语态,而且是过去时态

14. A. 此题表示不必要为他担心

15. B. 题意表示开更快一点,含有比较级

16. B. 前一句是what 引导的感叹句,答语的意思是据说一会儿天气将更好,用worse

17. A. 你最好穿上你的雨衣,强调动作,wear、in 是强调状态,dress后不能直接跟服装

18. A. 选形容词orange 修饰名词 blouses

19. A. 词组搭配,从某处借来某物用 borrow … from …

20. C. 此题考察宾词从句的关联词

Ⅱ. 1. D 指飞到哪,由下文it flies out of window 可知

2. B 从上文First 可知

3. A things 复数可知

4. A 爬在碗、饮料或茶杯都不在考虑

5. B 第一段it stands on some dirty things 可知

6.C 在……上

7.C 指携带病菌

8.D 从……中学习…… learn from …

9.C 与主语的对应

10.D 到达

Ⅲ. (A) 1. C 由“for it was the most interesting building in the village.”可知

2. A 由“He decided to drive the visitors away.”可知

3. A 由此句可知“Mr. David was sure that the visitors would stop coming, but he was

wrong. More and more visitors came ……”

4. C 由此句可知but he was wrong. More and more visitors came ……”

5. D 由此句可知“He liked it and hoped to live a quiet life in it.”

(B) 1. T 由第一段第三句可知

2. T 由第二段可知

3. T 由全文可知

4. T 由“?Yes, that is mine.? called out the happy man.”可知

5. F 他最后有三把斧子,不是二把

(C)1. No, they weren?t. 2. The birthday cake.


3. At half past seven. 4. Some flowers. 5. Yes, they did.

Ⅳ. A) 1. satisfied 2. bill 3. seconds 4. helpful 5. director

B) 1. because of 2. fit in 3. keep healthy 4. proud 5. experience

Ⅴ. 1. not to 2. When did; come 3. does he 4. takes; to go 5. good the idea

Ⅵ. (A) 1~5 E C D A F (B)1~5 D B E A C

Ⅶ. 1. called 2. shopping 3. after 4. newspapers 5. telling

6. started 7. celebrate 8. parents 9. together 10.why

Ⅷ. My plan for the winter holiday

The winter holiday is coming .I will have lots of time to do the things that I like to do .I am so excited! I?m planning to visit some interesting places, such as Mount Tai and the beautiful beach city Dalian .Maybe I will study there for one or two weeks. I?m sure it will be great fun. I will also practice the violin to improve my skill. Of course, I won?t forget to finish my homework. I think I will have a wonderful summer holiday.


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