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speak up & checkout

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integrated skills

Answer the following questions
? Where is the exhibition held? It is held in Sunshine Town Exhibition Centre. ? How long is it held there?
It is held from 12th to 20th March.

? When does it open and close every day? ? What’s the price of tickets?
It opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 4.30 p.m.

? What special gift can people get if they go there on 12th March?
They can receive a free copy of ‘Robot’ magazine.

The price of tickets is ¥ 10 for people over 12.

12岁以下儿童免费 be free for children under 12 the robot made in Japan 日本产的机器人 be satisfied /happy /pleased with… 对……满意 be designed to do the housework 被设计来做家务 in clear language 用清晰的语言 read a book in five minutes 五分钟之内读一本书 every three years 每三年 have a good memory 有好的记忆 as soon as possible 尽快…… on the first day of the exhibition 在展览的第一天 go wrong/get sth. wrong 出错 get a magazine for free/ 得到一本免费的杂志get a free magazine

Speak up

Group discussion: 1:which robot does Daniel like?
The robot made in Japan

2:why does Daniel like the robot made in Japan?
It can do many kinds of housework

3: what housework can the robot do? Such as sweeping….ironing….cooking…. 4.How long can it work?

1.日本制造的那台机器人 the robot made in Japan 2.什么类型的家务活 What kinds of housework 3.一天工作24小时(2) Work 24 hours every day =work the whole day

Main task



Danel buy a


In order to have more spare time.

2.Is he satisfied with its size?
No, he isn’t.

3.How long did the batteries last? how long did he expect ?
One week /
No. It isn’t.

at least 2 months
It is lazy.

4.Is the robot hard-working? 5.How long did Daniel expect his robot to last?
At least 20 years.

P35-36 1.期待某人干某事

expect sb. to do sth.

be satisfied with

be not at all satisfied with.. be not satisfied with…at all

Medium Size

一个中号机器人 a medium-sized robot

4.。。。的数量 the amount of….. 5.需要被检查2 need to be checked =need checking 6.彻底罢工 Stop working completely 7.拿回我的钱 have/get my money back 8.那个机器人需要的检查 the checking that this robot needs


1.Why does the robot shop reply to Daniel?
Daniel wrote a complaint letter to the robot shop.

2.What did the shop decide to do ? Send him a new robot

3.What does Daniel need to do to start the robot?

Put the batteries into the robot

4.If Daniel doesn’t like the new robot what can he do ?

He can have/get his money back.

把电池放到它里面 put the batteries into it 启动机器人 试一试机器人 在任何时候

start the robot

give the robot a try
at any time

想让…做… 把我叫醒

reply to this e-mail
would like … to do… wake me up


信 look forward to hearing from you 把我的钱取回

get / have my money back

7.给某人一次尝试/一次机会 give sb. a try/ a chance 8.欢迎你 You are welcome 欢迎来大丰 Welcome to DF 9.机器人商店的回信 the shop’s reply 回复某人 reply to sb. 回复这封信 reply to this letter

1. Amy improved her way of study. _______ she has made great progress.(09南通) A. As a result B. As usual C. In other words D. In all 2. In order _______the world a friendly place, one must show a friendly face. (07 四川) A. makes B. making C. to make D. make 3. The performance ______nearly three hours, but few people left the theatre early. (09 苏州) A. covered B. reached C. played D. lasted

○ ○

4. --I’d like to know _______ . --At 6:30. (09 苏州) A. when does your mother usually cook breakfast B. how your mother usually cooks breakfast C. when your mother usually cooks breakfast D. how does your mother usually cook breakfast.

5. No one can be sure _______in a million years . A. what man looks like B. what will man look like C. man will look like what D. what man will look like

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