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注:请将答案填在答题卷上! 一、单项选择(20分)

1、— —, I heard the news.

A、When, while B、While, While C, While, when D、While, \ 2、—Why did you argued your best friends?

—She said my clothes were out style.

A、to, of, in B、with, of, in C、with, of, of D、with, of, so 3、At last, I who broken the window after I asked many students.

A、find B、found C、found out D、looked for 4、—Don’ anything. —Sorry , I

A、talking, will B、say, would C、saying, won’t D、to say, can

5、I will see you .

A、every day B、everyday C、one day D、a day 6、I’m of the tigers.

A、scary, scared B、scared, scary C、scared, scared D、scary, scared

7、When I got there, a girl Lucy the police. A、was calling, called B、called, called C、called, was calling D、calling, called 8、This English book is so easy for you to read because there are new words in it. A、little B、few C、a few D、fewer 9、She reads the instruction to find out how the computer. A、use

B、to use C、using


10、—May I your English dictionary.

—Sorry, I it at home. I will it tomorrow.

A、lend, left, take B、borrow, left, bring C、borrow, left,take D、borrow, leave, bring 11、None of the shoes in the shop fit me well. They are too big to small.

A、both… and B、neither…nor C、either… or D、not only…but also 12、— Look! Here comes the bus.

— No Hurry, Don’t get on it it has stopped.

A、until B、after C、since D、when 13、She looked when she heard the news.

A、surprised, surprising B、surprised, surprise C、surprising, surprised D、surprised surprised 14、It was not very cold it was snowing.

A、and B、though C、but D、however 15、The news for the students so exciting.

A、is B、are C、were D、must

16、He found very difficult to learn math . A、that, well B、it, well C、that

D、it, good. 17、It’Don’t it.

A、closed, open

B、close, open

C、closed, opened

D、closed, opened 18、 him last week.

A、took place to B、happened on C、happed to D、happened to 19、Don’t believe the advertisement. That kind of camera is it says. A、as good as B、not as good as C、as well as

D、not as better as 20、You’d better stay at hone in weather.

A、such a B、such C、so a



Three men came to London for a holiday. They came to a large hotel and took a room there. 21 room was on the fiftieth floor.

In the evening the three men went to a cinema and came 22 very late.

“I’m sorry,” said the assistant of the hotel, “Our lifts (电梯) are not 23 tonight. If you don’t want to walk up to your room. We shall make up a bed for you the hall(大厅).”

“No, no,” Tom, one of the three 25 , said, “No, thank you We do not want to sleep in the hall. We shall walk up to our room.”

Then he turned to his 26 friends and said, “It is not easy to walk up to the fiftieth floor, but I know how to make it to the room. I shall tell you some jokes (笑话), then you, Andy, sing us some songs, then you, Peter, us some interesting stories. “All right, that’s a good idea.” the friends both agreed.

They began to walk up to their room Tom told many jokes. Andy 30 some songs. 31 they came to the thirty eighth floor. They were tired and wanted to have a rest.

“Well,” said Tom. “Now it’s your turn, Peter. After all those jokes we 32 and songs we listened to. Tell us a long and interesting story with a sad ending.”

“All right,” said Peter, “I shall tell you a story. It is not long, 33 it is 34 sad: We 35 the key to our room in the hall.” 21. A. Where B. Their C. His D. They’re 22. A. home B. from C. back D. to 23. A. work B. working C. works D. to working 24. A. in B. on C. at D. by 25. A. women B. man C. men D. assistants 26. A. second B. first C. one D. two 27. A. difficult B. easier C. easily D. more difficult 28. A. floor B. way C. hall D. lifts 29. A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell 30. A. sings

B. sang

C. singing

D. sing

31. A. In no time B. At first C. A moment ago D. At last 32. A. heard B. heard of C. heard about D. heard from 33. A. and B. or C. but D. that 34. A. real

B. true C. really D. truly 35. A. leave

B. are leaving

C. put

D. left

三、阅读理解(40分) A


A Frenchman traveled to London. But he didn‘t know much English. One day, he went to a restaurant for dinner. He sat at a table beside the window. While he was eating his dinner he heard someone shouting “Look out !” So he looked out of the window to see what was happening . Just then a basin (盆) of water poured (倾倒) on his head. He was very surprised and angry. While he was thinking out it he heard another “Look out !” Again he put out his head out of the window and got another basin of water . He was really angry. The waiter beside him said , “You can’t be Englishman . In England, ‘ Look out’ means ‘ Be careful.”

What a shame!

36. A Frenchman traveled to London because he knew much English. 37. One day he went to a restaurant to see an old friend.

38. While he was eating dinner , the waiter shouted , “look out !” 39. He mistook “look out” for “look out of the window.” 40. In fact, “look out” means “be careful” in this passage.


In the 13th century, the famous Italian traveler, Marco Polo, traveled a long way to China. During his stay in China, he saw many wonderful things. One of the things he discovered was that the Chinese used paper money. In western countries, people did not use paper money until the 15th century. However, people in China began to use paper money in the 7th century.

A Chinese man called Cai Lun invented(发明) paper almost 2000 years ago. He made it from wood. He took the wood from trees and made it into paper. He then put these pieces of paper together and made them into a book.

Now paper still comes from trees. We use a lot of paper every day. If we keep on wasting so much paper, there will not be any trees left on the earth. If there are no trees, there will be no paper. Every day, people throw away about 2800 tons (吨) of paper in our city. It takes 17 trees to make one ton of paper. This means that we are cutting nearly 48 000 trees every day. Since it takes more than 10 years for a tree to grow, we must start using less paper now. If we don’t, we will not have enough time to grow more trees to take the place of those we use for paper.

So how can we save paper? We can use both sides of every pieces of paper, especially when we are making notes. We can choose drinks in bottles instead of those in paper packets. We can also use cotton(棉的) handkerchiefs (手帕) and not paper ones. When we go shopping, we can save it and reuse it


Everyone can help to save paper. If we all think carefully, we can help protect trees. But we should do it now, before it is too late.

41. When he was in China, Marco Polo _______.

A.discovered Cai Lun invented paper B.learned to make paper C.saw many wonderful things

D.read a lot of books 42. People in western countries first used paper money in the ____ century.

A. 17 th B. 15 th C. 13 th D. 7 th 43. About ____ tons of paper are throw away every hour in our city. A. 170

B. 120

C. 2800

D. 48 000

44. Which of the following is NOT the way of saving paper? A.To use both sides of every piece of paper. B.To use the paper bags from shops more than once. C.To use cotton handkerchiefs instead of paper ones. D.To grow more trees.

45. Which of the following is NOT true?

A.If we keep on wasting paper, we will have no paper to use.

B.The Chinese used the paper money much earlier than the people in western countries. C.About 48 000 trees can be use to make 2800 tons of paper. D.It is never too late to plant trees of paper.



46. I’m easy to have a cold because of the changeable(多变的) weather. If I’m ill, I have to take medicine. I hate eating it and I’m unhappy.

47. I argued with my best friend yesterday. I’m angry and disappointed. Should we go on to be friends with each other of end the friendship?

48. I love painting, but my parents let me join the guitar club. I try my best to practice the guitar, but I can’t play it well. I want to study painting.

49. I can’t remember English words. My problem is: If I learn a word today, I’ll forget it tomorrow. I’m

very upset because I have a bad memory.

50. I’m getting fatter and fatter. I’m so fat that I have to rest after a few walks. How can I lost my


A. If you are really interested in painting, you should tell your parents about it. You can tell them you

will make much progress in painting because “Interest is the best teacher.”

B. I think you should eat less meat, more fruit and vegetables. And you should do exercise every day. It can help you lose weight and make you healthy.

C. I think you should have a talk with your friend. If you are right, you should let your friend know why

he is wrong. If you’re wrong, you should say sorry to your friend. Don’t end the friendship between you two.

D. Why not try your best to take more exercise? It’s good for your health. If you are strong enough, the illness will be away from you.

E. A good way to remember English words is to read English stories every day. If you do, you’ll remember English words well.

D Football

The game is played by two teams. There must be eleven players in each team.

The field(足球场) must be about 100m long and 73m wide. There are two goals, 7.32m long and 2.44m high. To score (得分) a goal, a player must put the ball into the other team’s goal. They may use their feet, heads or other parts of the body, but they must not touch the ball with their hands. One player in each team, the goal keeper, may use his hands.


This is played on court (场地) 18m long and 9m wide. The net is 2.44m high for men and 2.24m high for women. There are two teams and there are usually six players in each team.

The players try to make the ball hit the ground on the other side of the net. They may use their hands, fists or arms, but they must not catch the ball or hold it while playing.


The court must be 26m long and 14m wide. There cam be ten players in a team but not more than five players in each team may play at a time . The players must not change until the REFEREE allows(允许) them to leave the court.

To score a point a player must throw the ball into the other team’s basket.

Players may throw the ball, but they must not carry it. A player must not touch another player.

After 20 minutes play there must be a rest period(阶段)for ten minutes. Then there is another period of 20 minutes before the game ends. Now it’s changed to four short periods. 阅读短文,选择最佳答案。 51. How big is a football field?

A. 7.32m long and 2.44m high B. 73m wide and 100m long C. 107.32m long and 75.44m wide. D.100 wide and 73 long 52. The volleyball players can only while playing.

A. catch the ball B. hold the ball C. use their hands, fists or arms D. use their hands

53. There aren’t more than players at in the court when they play basketball.

A. five B. ten C. twenty D. eleven 54. What’s the Chinese for REFEREE in the passage ?

A. 队长 B.教练 C. 裁判 D. 观众 55. Which of the following sentences is Not True?

A .In a football match, only one person can use his hands. B. The volleyball net is 2.44m high for men.

C. The basketball team will score when they throw the ball into other team’s basket.

D. In a basketball match, about ten minutes is a period now. 四、补全对话(5分)

A:Do you think it’s interesting to predict the future? B:Yeah. (56)______What’s your idea?

A:Well, I think there will be at least one car in every family. B:Really? OK. (57)_______.

A:I also predict that people will have more free time. B:(58)________.

A:Because there will be more robots that will do most of the work. So people will have more holidays.

B:I hope so. I like going on vacation. (59)________ A:You do? That will be good for the earth. B:But I think the cities will become more crowded because more people will come to cities.

A:(60)_______But we will still face it.

B:You are right. Hope our future will be better and better. 五、根据首字母或汉语意思完成句子。(5分)

61、The clothes on the wall are the same as my (friends) 62、63、It’what the life will be like. 64、I need enough time (relax) myself because I am so tired. 65、Most of us think it’experience for us.

The first stamp was born in England in 1840. Today, almost every country has its stamps. We can find that stamps have very beautiful on them. It may be the head of a great leader, a famous scientist or a place. Each picture on the stamps has its . It sometimes us a story. People agree that stamp collecting is the quickest way to learn a country. Today, more and more people are crazy about stamp collecting. They take it as a are children, there are even lessons on stamp collecting in school. 七、书面表达(10分)

Jim 感到学习压力很大,周末妈妈又带他去上美术课,然而他又想学音乐,为此他经常和妈妈吵架,他感到很无助和疲倦。请你针对Jim的问题给他写一封信并给他一些建议。 Dear Jim,


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