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新目标七年级(上)Unit 4单元复习检测试卷



3.it(复数形式)________ 2.these(反义词)________ 4.that(复数形式)________

5.photo(复数形式)________ 6.picture(复数形式)________

7.cousin(复数形式)________ 8.friend(复数形式)________ Ⅱ.根据句意及首字母写出单词

11.My father’s mother is my g ________.

12.My father’s father is my g ________.

13.My father’s sisters are my a ________.

14.My father’s brothers are my u ________.

15.My uncle’s children are my c ________.

16.My parents’d ________ is my sister.

17.I am a boy. I’m my parents’ ________.

18.This is my f ________ photo. These are my parents and this is me.

19.T ________ for your help(帮助)!

20.We like English very m ________.


( )27.Is he your friend? Yes, ________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.he is D.he isn’t ( )28.Is this your father? No, ________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.he is D.he isn’t

( )29.Is that your ________ ?

A.a picture B.picture C.pictures D.nice pictures

- 1 -

( )30.Are ________ Kate’s ________?

A.this, book B.that,book C.these,books D.those,book

( )31.Is Guo Peng your brother? ________.

A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn’t C.Yes, she is D.No,he isn’t

( )32.Thanks ________ your last letter.

A.of B.from C.for D.to

( )33.Anna is not my sister. ________ my cousin.

A.He B.He’s C.She D.She’s ( )34.Is ________ your aunt? What’s ________ name?

A.he,his B.she,her C.he,her D.she,his

( )35.What are those? ________.

A.They are apple trees B.They are apples trees

C.Those are apple trees D.Those are apples trees


36.This is Gina.

37.That is his brother.

38.He is my good friend.

39.These are nice pictures.

40.Those are school things.


41.Excuse me! ________ this your eraser?

42.What ________ those? ________ they birds?

43.This ________ his ruler. Where ________ my ruler?

44.I ________ in Class Three. ________ you in Class Three,too?

45.________ these her English books?

46.Those ________ their apples. Where ________ his apples?

47.She ________ eleven. How old ________ that boy?

48.He ________ my friend. ________ your friend a boy or a girl?

49.________ those maps? No,they ________ not. They ________ pictures.

50.These ________ your bananas. Here you ________.


5l.his, here, is, photo, family, (.)

52.your, the, for, of, thanks, photo, family, (.)

53.your, is, brother, Paul, (?)

54.are, not, these, grandparents, his, (.)

- 2 -



Look at this. What’s this in English, do you know? Ah, it’s a photo. Who’s that in the photo? It’s Li Yan. Li Yan is my good friend. She is a beautiful girl. Who’s that? The boy in black? It’s Jim. He is an English boy. He is very cool. He is my friend, too. We are all in the same school. I like Jim and Li Yan.


( )86.What is t his? It’s ________.



A.a school B.a friend C.a photo D.an English )87.Li Yan is ________. A.a good boy B.a cool boy C.a beautiful girl D.an English girl )88.What color is Jim in? ________. A.Red B.Yellow C.Orange D.Black 89.Who’s English? ________. A.I B.Jim C.Li Yan D.Jim and Li 90.Who are in the same school? ________. A.Jim and Li Yan B.Jim and I C.Li Yan and I D.Jim, Li Yah and I - 3 - ) )

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