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Module 11 Population
Unit 2 It was a quiet country village

? Task 1: Free talk ? Why do people move to cities?

look for jobs

make money

live a better life

? People move to cities from the countryside, because they want to …..

What are the problems of cities?




not enough room crime 犯罪

? From the photo, we can know that too much population will lead to (导致) traffic problems _______________(交通问题)_.
? From this photo, we can know that too much population will bring more rime c_____.(犯罪)

? Task 3: read new words: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? crime n. 犯罪 flat n. 公寓 law n.法律 rubbish n.垃圾 suburb n.城郊住宅区 tax n. 税 vision n. 景象,幻影 add v. 增加 add to 向.. 增加 fault n. 错误 police n. 警察 cure v. 治疗,治愈

? ?

? ? ? ? ?

4分钟时间阅读文章, 主题匹配 Read the passage again and find out the best summary of four parts. A. The changes on Parkville over the last 50 years. B. Your town probably has the same problems as Arnwick. C. Parkville was a quiet country village 50 years ago. D. The things the city need for the people who live there. C 1. Paragraph 1: ___ A 2. Paragraph 2- 4:____ 3. Paragraph 5: ____ D B 4. Paragraph 6: ____

? task 2: read and find out the answers. ? 城市化进程给人们带来了什么? ? Read and find out the questions: ? 1. What was Parkville 50 years ago? ? 2. Why were people began to move to Parkville from countryside? ? 3. What did the city government do?

? 4. What can you see from Jo’s school life?
? 5. What does Arnwick need now?

? 1. What was Parkville 50 years ago? ? It was a quiet village on the edge of town, with some fields and the hills in the distance. ? 2. Why were people began to move to Arnwick from countryside? ? Because they want to find jobs and have a better life. ? 3. What did the city government do? ? It built flats around the edge of the city. ? 4. What can you see from Jo’s school life? ? An increasing population adds to the traffic and pollution. ? 5. What does Arnwick need now? ? It need larger hospitals and more doctors, better public transport and fewer private cars, clean water and no rubbish in the street, more laws and more police and more taxes to pay for everything.

? Choose the best answer. ? 1. The writer wants to ____. ? A. show the disadvantages of how cities have grown over the years ? B. show that life in the city can be enjoyable ? C. describe the dangers of city life ? D. explain what cities need to give the people who live there
? 2. Parkville became a suburb of Arnwick because ____. ? A. no one wanted to live in a village ? B. people wanted better places to live ? C. Arnwick grew larger ? D. B.people feel safer in large cities

? 3. "But it's not her fault" means Jo ____. ? A. doesn't intend to add to the traffic and pollution ? B. is unhap

py about adding to the problems ? C. doesn't choose to go to a school so far away ? D. feels bad about the traffic and pollution
? 4. The writer has written a story probably because ____. ? A. he's not interested in facts ? B. it's more interesting ? C. it's too dangerous to talk about a real city ? D. it's clearer than if he describes a real city

? 1. There are 3 rooms in this house. ? 这个房子有3个房间。 ? There is no room for us in the train. ? = There is no space for us in the train. ? 火车上已经没地方了。 Language points: room room n. 房间(可数名词) room n. 空间(不可数名词)= space 例题: 1.没有足够的地方放置全部书。 There is not enough room for ____________________________ all the books. A 2. We can find any _____ in these ______. A. room; rooms B. rooms, room

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

2. You can add two to one, you can get three. 如果你把二加一, 有会得到3。 Heavy snow adds to our problems. 大雪增加了我们的问题。 知识归纳: add add A to B 把A加到B上 add to sth. 增加,加强 例题: A 1. Reading books _____ our knowledge(知识). A. adds to B. improve C. add up to 2. 这个故事增加了我的品位。 This story __________ my taste. adds to

? 3. It’s difficult for me to sing an English song. ? 对我来说唱首英语歌很困难。 ? 知识归纳: ? It is + adj. + (for sb.) + to do sth. 做..怎么样 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 例题: 1. 保持健康是很重要的。 ______________________ keep healthy. It is important to 2. 为奥运训练很累。 It is tiring to train ______________________ for the Olympics. 3. It is ______ to watch Spiderman. B A. excited B. exciting C. surprise

? 4. The government should protect people from crime. ? 政府要保护人民不收犯罪活动的侵害。 ? 知识归纳: protect ? protect sb. from sth./doing sth. 保护..不受.. ? ? ? ? ? 知识归纳: B 1. It is our duty(责任)_____ our environment. A. protect B. to protect C. protecting 2. 我带着墨镜以保护眼睛不受阳光的损害。 I wear dark glasses to protect the eyes from the ____________________ sun.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Important phrases: 7. 倒闭 close down 1. 在..的中部 8. 向..增加 in the centre of add…to.. 2. 在那时 9. 管理城市 at that time run a city 3. 在镇边 10. 保护..不受 one the edge of the town protect sb. from sth./doing 4. 在远处 sth. in the distance 11. 支付 5. 离..很近 pay for sth. close to ?12. 足够的空间 6. 过更好的生活 ?enough room have a better life ?13. 决定做某事 ?decide to do sth.

? Summary:

住房 more flats 医疗 hospital 治安 laws and police no room

have a better life

suburb 交通 public transport 食物 clean water and no rubbish 税收

protect people from crime

more taxes

? Task 5: Summary ? People want to liv

e a better life, so they uburb go to the s_____ to find jobs . They build many f_____, so there is no s_____ for lats pace small houses. They need hospital to cure ublic disease(治病). They need a better p____ transport. They need clean water and no r_____ in the street. They need policemen oom rime and l____ to protect them from c______. aws axes As a result, they need more t_______ to pay for everything.

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