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Animals in danger… what am I ?
? I am orange and black, and my fur is very beautiful.

tige r

? I am the tiger’s cousin. And the animals call me King.


? I am brown or black and I live in the forest. I like eating honey very much.


? I am the biggest animal in the sea!



? I am long and thin. And I have no leg.


? I am big and I have very long nose.
That’s right! I am an elephant. And these are my long tusks.

? I can walk a long way without drinking. Do you know where I live?

Yes, I am a camel. And I live in the desert.

Listen to the dialogue and answer the 2 Qs:
? Which animals are they talking about?
Pandas, tigers, lions, elephants and bears.

? Which animals are in danger?
All of them are in danger.

Listen and watch
? Where have Lingling and Sally visited?

The zoo.
? What were they discussing?

Animals in dangers.

2nd listening
? I ___ so excited ___see_____________. was to the pandas … at last to the Wolong Panda Reserve ? It wasinteresting__learn about____________. __ to all those animals in danger ? It ’sad __think about _________________. _ s whales or elephants for their meat. ? It just ___ right __kill__________________. isn to ’t to ? Absolutely, but it ’ hard __ stop _________. _ the killing. s ? Their water_____ good __ drink. isn to

? Has Sally ever seen the pandas before? No, she hasn’t. ? Why do some people kill whales or elephants? They kill them for their meat. ? What happens when the villages and farms grow bigger? Many animals have no place to live on. ? Who has made the water dirty? Humans.

Which animals are in danger? What did you draw?

Watch the videos carefully and try to find out some causes.

Give some advice to save the animal you drew. Tell your classmates your plan. We should/ shouldn’t … We must/ mustn’t… Try to/ Try not to … Don’t … Never …

Module 9

Animals in danger Unit 2
The government is working hard to save the panda.

1 How many pandas are there in the world ?

There are about 1000.
2 What do pandas eat?


3. Who has made a new plan to help pandas? The government.

4. What animals in danger do we need to save? Pandas, tigers, whales, turtles And elephants

1.One of …之一 She is one of my good friends. 2 live on 以……为生 =feed on Cats live on fish. =Cats feed on fish. 3 the area of ……的地区 The atea of bamboo is becoming smaller and smaller. ? less and less 越来越少 The water is getting less and less.

5 enough food 足够的食物 有些动物在冬天没有足够的食物. Some animals can find enough food to eat in winter. enough +n 足够的... = n+ enough 6 tall enough 够高 quickly enough 够快 adj / adv +enough 他做得够好的. He did it well enough.

6 the symbol for ...的标志 笑是开心的标志. Smiling is the symbol for happy. 7 need +n 需要... +to do sth 需要做... 我要点

水. I need some water. 我要做作业. I need to do my homework.

2 1





1 Why do pandas have less and less land to live?
There are many different reasons , eg.people are using the land.

2 What do pandas need to eat ?
They need to eat bamboo.

3 How is the government trying to save the pandas?

4 Why do you think there is still a long way to help the pandas?

The government has made a new plan to help pandas .They are making bigger reserve and helping pandas go back to live in the nature.

Because pandas don’t have many babies and baby pandas often die;they mainly live on bamboo but the area of bamboo is becoming smaller etc.

5 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
baby bamboo die natural research serious symble

Most zoos protect animals and do (1)_______ into the way animals live, what they eat, and what they do .The panda is in(2)__________ danger because very few (3)_________ baby serious die pandas are born outside the zoos.Many of them (4) ______ natural when they’re born in their (5)__________ home-the forest and the mountains .Zoos can make surre they have bamboo enough (6)__________ to eat .For the whole world, the symbol panda has become a (7)__________ of China as well as fpr our government’s work to protect animals in danger.




bamboo killing

save protect

学英语是不容易的. It’s hard to learn English. 我们要保护动物. We need to protect the animals. 有些不带to 的不定式 make sb do sth. 还有...? See/hear sb do sth

1 I have a lot of work _____________ B A do B to do C doing

B 2 The teacher asked the boy _____ on time .
A coming B to come C to come to C answered

A 3 It’s easy ____ the questions .
A to answer A to learn A to live in
4 She wants _______ English well.


B answering

B learning B live in

C learned C to live

5 The animals have less place ________. A

1 学数学是很有趣的. To learn maths is very interesting. = It’s interesting to learn maths. 2 杀动物是不对的. To kill animals is not right. =It’s not right to kill animals . 3 保护动物是我们的责任. To protect animals is our duty. =It’s our duty to protect animals .

不定式作宾语 1她想问一些问题. wants to ask some questions. She _______________________________

2我希望去参观长城. I hope to visit the Great Wall. _____________________________ 3 别忘了按时回家. Don’tforget to go home on time . _____________________________ 4 我们开始上课吧! Let’s begin to have _________________ our lesson.

1 婴儿主要靠牛奶生活. live on /feed on Babies mainly___________________ milk. 2 越来越少干净的水了. less and less There is __________________water now. 3 政府制定一个帮助熊猫的新计划. has made a new plan The government_____________________ to help padans. 4 还要走很长的路呢. a long

way to walk There is still ________________________. 5 科学家在努力研究熊猫怎样生活. are working hard to study Scientists __________________________ how the pandas live .

It is / was + adj. (for sb.) to do sth. Sb. + be + adj. to do sth. Sb. need to do sth.

Activity 1 Write sentences.
1. It is nice to see her.

2. It’s bad to say that.
3. I’m sad to find out about the panda.

4. He is happy to see pandas.
5. We are surprised to learn that.

6. I am sad not to know about the panda.

P77 Ex4 feed kill make see show stop tell are working ________ a better life for the 1. They to make
to show 2. He is making a poster_________ people about animals in danger. to feed 3. People will grow bamboo in the forests __________ panda. to stop 4. A plan _________ peoplekill to killing pandas in now ready. to see 5. They want people not _________ pandas. 6. Lingling’s school had a trip ___________ panda.

P77 Ex5. Match the two parts of the sentences
1.We have helped some pandas but there is still a long way…

a.…to see. b.…to eat. c. …to

2.They visited one reserve but there are still a lot of reserves… 3.The panda was happy. There was a lot of bamboo…
4.The student had a few books about panda… 5.There was one animal…

d.…to go. e.…to plant.

6.There were only a few trees

Put the words in the correct place in each sentence. e.g: I’m happy you again. (to see) I’m happy to see you again.

1. There were a lot of animals in danger (to read about) There were a lot of animals in danger to read about. 2. it’s surprising about the panda (to find out) It’s surprising to find out about the panda. 3. they made the reserves pandas (to help) They made the reserves to help pandas. 4. they wrote letters people about the tiger (to tell) They wrote letters to tell people about the tiger. 5. the government is making plans to other animals (to help) The government is making plans to help other animals. 6. it’s sad so many animals have gone (to think) It’s sad to think so many animals have gone.

1. in danger 处于危险中的 2. bamboo 竹子

3. nature reserve 自然保护区
4. killing 捕杀,猎杀 stop the killing

Around the World Animals in danger
blue whale 蓝鲸
wild Bactrian camel 野生双峰驼

Asian elephant 亚洲象

blue whale 蓝鲸

Name home food

blue whale

lives in oceans around the world
smallest animals

Quantity / Number

only(仅有) 1,300
Many people kill them.

wild Bactrian camel 野生双峰驼
Name wild Bactrian camel lives in Northwest China and Mongolia (蒙古) perhaps (可能) 950

Quantity / Number Character (特征)

a large camel & the only species(种类) with two humps (驼峰)

Asian elephant 亚洲象


Asian elephant live in India, also in other countries as well (也) might be 35,000

Quantity / Number

relationship with people many elephants work for people 和人类的关系

《五星级》Module 9 Revision (复习) Module 9 Review (

预习) Module 10

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