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1.Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes. 2. ①allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 to arrive Eg. Our teacher don’t allow us ________ at school late. (arrive) ②sb. be (not) allowed to do sth.某人不被允许做某事 I___________ to study with my friends. (allow) am allowed ③allow doing sth. 允许做某事 The doctors don’t allow _______here. (smoke) smoking ④sb. should (not) be allowed to do sth. 某人(不) 应该被允许做某事 Teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Should teenagers be allowed to drive ?

3.choose their own clothes 选择他们自己的衣服 ①choose – chose –chosen 选择 She’s _______ a new bike by herself.(choose) chosen ②one’s own +n. 某人自己的… his own shop own v.拥有 He owns a shop.他拥有一家商店。 4.主动语态与被动语态:

英语动词有两种语态,即主动语态(The Active Voice)与被动语态(The Passive Voice)。主动语态 表示主语是动作的执行者;被动语态表示主语是动 作的承受者。 1.当我们不知道谁是动作的执行者, 2. 或者只需强调动作的承受者时,要用被动语态。

①被动语态基本结构: 动词过去分词的不规则变化需积累 主语+be + V.过去分词(done) + (by+动作的承受者…) be动词随时态和主语的单复数而变化

②含情态动词的被动语态:主语+情态动词+be+done 变否定句时,在情态动词后面加not,变一般疑问句 时,把情态动词提到主语之前

The old must __________to politely.(speak) be spoken

be finished Must this work_________ at once? (finish) ③一般现在时被动语态:主语+am/is/are +done English ________all over the world.(speak) is spoken


was built The bridge_________(build) last year.
⑤一般将来时被动语态:主语+will be done

This work will be finished in an hour.(finish) ____________
⑥现在完成时被动语态:主语+have/has been done

My lost watch has been found. 5.sixteen-year-olds 十六岁的青少年 6.have part-time jobs 有兼职工作 full-time 全职的 7. get one’s ears pierced 打耳洞 ①get/have/make +宾语(名词或代词)+done
被动关系 让/请(别人)做某事,使某事被做

Eg. I got my car repaired _______last Sunday .(修理) Mary had her hair ______(cut) yesterday. cut You should read aloud to make yourself ______ heard (hear). ②have/make +sb. do sth. 使某人做某事

My mother has me clean the room on Sunday.

③get sb. to do sth.使某人做某事 8.his driver’s license 他的驾照 9. 主语+ think +宾语从句变否定句,否定移到think 前

I think he is wrong, _______? isn’t he

若主语是I 或we ,变反意疑 问句时,随宾从的时态和 主语变

I think it’s +adj.+to do sth.可替换为 I think it +adj. + to do sth. 10.同意I agree.不同意 I disagree=I don’t agree. agree with sb.同意某人的意见或看法 agree to +

提议,办法,计划 I agree to the plan. agree to do sth. 同意做某事 11.enough+n. For sth. (not)adj./adv.+enough to do sth.(不)足够… 而(不)

12.at night 在晚上 on Friday night 在星期五晚上 on school nights在上学日的晚上 on the night of May first…在五月一日的晚上

13.cut one’s hair have/get one’s hair cut 理发 14. stop doing sth. 停止做某事 stop to do sth. 停下来去做(另一件)事 stop/keep/prevent sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 can't stop/help doing sth.禁不住做某事 e.g. It's time for class. Please stop talking. I'm too tired after a long walk. I want to stop to have a rest. You must stop her telling them the bad news .
你必须阻止她告诉他们那个坏消息 15.look clean看起来干净(adj.)

16.need用法 ①情态动词:need do sth. needn’t do sth. 多用于否定句或疑问句 needn’t=don’t have to ②行为动词: need sth.需要某物 need to do sth. (主语是人) 需要做某事 变否定:doesn’t/don’t/didn’t need to do sth. need doing sth.(主语是物)需要做某事 =need to be done The flowers need watering.花需要浇水了。= The flowers need to be watered.

17.They talk instead of doing homework. Miss Wang is ill today.So I will ask Mr Zhao instead. 18.They aren’t serious enough at that age. at the age of+基数词…在…岁时 19. so+助动词/系动词/情态动词+(另一)主语
“(另一主语)也是如此” I am a teacher,so is my sister.

If she goes to the zoo,so will I . Neither/nor +助动词/系动词/情态动词+(另一)主语

I have never been to England, neither has Tom.

So+(同一)主语+助动词/系动词/情态动词 的确如此;确实是啊;(用于肯定对方的观点) -Lily has made great progress .-So she has. -It’s very cold today.- So it is. -Lily has made great progress in the last two years. –So she has,so have you. 20.by 10:00 pm 21.What rules do you have at home? 22.until―直到”用于肯定句常与延续性动词连用 not…until―直到…才”,常与短暂动词连用,主
将从现,主过从过I didn’t know the news until he told me.

Section B 1.get to class late 上课迟到 be late for class 2.到达某地:reach +地点 get to+地点 arrive at +小地点 若后面跟地点副词,如:here ,

in+大地点 there,home等,三个词前不加介词
arrive是不及物动词,可以单独使用 When did you arrive? 3.finish a test early finish doing sth. early-earlier-earliest late-later -latest 4.worry that+从句 “担心…‖ worry about sb./sth. 5.take the test参加考试 pass the test 通过考试

fail the test 考试不及格 fail to do sth. 不能(没有)做某事 He failed to come yesterday. 6.be strict with sb. 对某人要求严格 be strict in sth.对某事要求严格 Our teachers are strict _____us____ their work. with in 7.the other day前几天,用于一般过去时 I ____ my good friend the

other day.(meet) met 8.would like to do sth.=want to do sth.=feel like doing sth.想要做某事

9.be good for+n./代词/v.-ing 对…有益 be good at=do well in 擅长 be good to …对… 好(和善) He is good to all of us . 10.keep用法: keep+adj. keep quiet keep sth.+adj. keep the door closed/open keep doing sth.不停(反复) 做某事 keep on doing sth. 继续做某事,一直做某事 keep sb. doing sth.让某人一直做某事I’m sorry to
keep you waiting. keep sb. from doing sth.阻止某人做某事

11.both…and… … 和…都,既…又…作主语为复数
谓语动词就近原则: neither… nor…既不…也不…,两者都不 eg. He likes neither tea nor coffee.

either… or…或者...或者...,不是...就是.. not only …but also…不但...而且... are Both Lily and Lucy ______from America.(be) Neither dad nor mum ______at home.(be) is likes Either Jim or Tim _______ math.(like) Not only you but also I _______(be) a student. am

12.get /be noisy 吵闹

13.learn a lot from each other 互相学到很多 learn (sth.)…from sb.向某人学习... 14.have an opportunity/a chance to do sth. 有机会干某事 of doing sth. Eg. I had an opportunity to go abroad last year. 15. volunteer v. 自愿做sth; volunteer to do sth. ;
n. 志愿者

to work Many people volunteer ______ on the farms on weekends. (work)

16. be a good experience for sb.

experience v. 经历;体验 n.经历(可数);经验(不可数) Mr Li is a teacher of much experience. 刘老师是一个经验丰富的老师。 He has many interesting experiences. 他有许多有趣的经历。 17. What school rules do you think should be changed? 主语 插入语 谓语
do you think 作插入语,跟在疑问词后,think后用陈述句语序 (主语+谓语),若疑问词是主语,think后语序不变

即:疑问词+do you think+主语+谓语+… 疑问词(主语)+do you think+ 谓语+…. What do you think her name is? 18.which pair of jeans to buy买哪条牛仔裤
pair修饰的名词作主语时,谓语动词要与pair 的单 复数保持一致 This pair of shoes looks nice.

19.sth. look good on sb.某物穿在某人身上看起来好看 20.at least 至少 21. eight hours’ sleep n. I didn’t sleep last night, so I am sleepy in class today. fall asleep 入睡 fall-fell-fallen

22.sing—sang –sung

24.take time to do sth.花费时间做某事
25.primary school小学 26.Have Friday afternoons off 周五下午放假 have/take +时间段+off 放假…. 27.reply to =answer

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