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完成下列句子 1、中国的人口是多少? __________________of China? What’s the population 2、香港比上海热。 Hong Kong ___________Shanghai. is hotter than 3、上海比香港繁忙吗? Is busier than __ Shanghai __________ Hong Kong? 4、上海不比香港新。 Shanghai isn’t newer than Hong Kong. _____________

Make sentences with the comparison.
Hong Kong 7 million people Hong Kong is big. Shenzhen 10 million people Shenzhen is bigger than Hong Kong.

Hong Kong about 150 years old Hong Kong is old.

Shanghai 700 years old Shanghai is older than Hong Kong.

Where is it? It’s England.

Which country is it?
Britain England

England is a region of Britain.



What is it famous for? It’s famous for Big Ben.

What is the capital of England? It is London.

north n. 北;北方 adj. 在北方的;朝北的

e.g. Japan lies to the north of Philippines.

Is your home town in North China?

south n. 南;南方 adj. 在南方的;朝南的 e.g. She works on the south coast. 她在南方沿海地区工作。 North is the opposite direction to the south. 北是南的反方向。 west n. 西,西方; adj. 在西方的;朝西的 e.g. This country opens out to the west. 这个国家对西方国家开放。

university n. 大学

e.g. What is your major in university? 在大学你主修什么科目? island n. 岛,岛屿 e.g. There are some banana trees on that island over there. 那边小岛上有几棵香蕉树。

countryside n. 农村地区;乡下 e.g. The young people from the countryside are honest. 这些乡下来的年轻人都很老实。 area n. 地区;区域 e.g. Earthquakes occur frequently in this area. 这一地区经常发生地震。

mountain n. 山;山丘 e.g. The mountain is 3500 meters high. 这座山有3500米高。 low adj. 矮的;低的 e.g. The office is in a low building. 办公室设在一幢低矮的房子里。

especially adv. 尤其 e.g. I love reading, especially novel. 我喜欢阅读,尤其是小说。

在表示“特意地”“尤其”时, especially指某事超乎一般的重要,不寻 常,强调“超过其他”,而毫无“目的 性”可言。例如:

I like maple tree, especially in autumn. 我喜欢枫树,尤其是秋天的枫树。 specially则表示为了某一特定目的而 “特意”“专门”采用某一方式做某事。 例如:

The meeting is specially arranged for 安排 you. 这次会见是特意为你安排的。

umbrella n. 雨伞
e.g. I left my umbrella on the car. 我把雨伞落在车里了。

Words and expressions
北;北方 n. 在北方的;朝北的 adj. 南;南方n. 在南方的;朝南的 adj.

north south

/sauθ/ /west/

西;西方n. 在西方的;朝西的 adj.
故乡 尤其 adv.

home town
/ i'spe??li /


be famous for


/ ju:nI'v?:s?ti/ 大学 n. ' /'aIl?nd/ 岛

;岛屿 n. /'ε?ri?/ 地区;区域 n. /l?u/ 矮的;低的 adj. 山;山岳 n. /'mauntIn/ /'k?ntri saId/ 农村地区;乡下 n. ' /?m'brel?/ 雨伞 n.

university island area low mountain countryside umbrella

N(north) 北方 W(west)西方 东方 E(east)

南方 S(south)

Work in pairs. Where are these cities in China?

Beijing Guangzhou Nanjing Urumqi Dalian Chengdu Hong Kong

Beijing is in the north of China. Guangzhou is in the south of China. Nanjing is in the east of China. Urumqi is in the west of China. Dalian is in the northeast of China. Chengdu is in the southwest of China. Hong Kong is in the southeast of China.

east north south west

— Where is Manchester? — It is in the north of Manchester England.
— Where is London? — It is in the south of



east north south west — Where is Cambridge? — It is in the east of England. — Where is Bristol? — It is in the west of

Cambridge Bristol


east north south west
1. Cambridge is in the east of England. 2. London is in the south of England. 3. Bristol is in the west of England. 4. Manchester is in the north of England.

Manchester Cambridge Bristol


Do you know these places?

Cambridge University
Cambridge University is a famous university.

Cambridge University is near the River Cam.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is above the River Thames. Tower Bridge is in London.

Big Ben

London is famous for Big Ben.

Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is in London.

1. Where is Cambridge? It is in the east of England.

2. What’s the capital of England?

1. Tower Bridge and the River Thames 2. Cambridge University and the River Cam

1 a._______

b._______ 2

What’s the main idea of each part?

B Part 1 (para_1_)_____ A Part 2(para_2_) _____ C Part 3(paras_3-4_) _____

A.Introduction about London. B. Introduction about Cambridge C. Introduction about England.

1. What’s its population of Cambridge? It is about 120,000. 2. What’s Cambridge famous for? Cambridge University. 3. How old is London? It’s about 2,000 years old. 4. What’s the weather like in England? It is never very hot in summer or very cold in winter.

Population Famous places

Cambridge In the east of England

London In the south of England

120,000 University, old buildings and churches
River Cam


About 7.5 million Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge River Thames

? 1. What is Cambridge famous for? It’s famous for (Cambridge )University. ? 2. 翻译:第二段:It has a population of about seven and a half million, so it’s bigger and busier than Cambridge. 它有大约7500000人口,因此它比剑桥更大更繁华. ? 3. 从文中找出下句的同义句: It is famous for Big It is known for Big Ben.___________________Ben. Low mountains beautiful lakes ? 4. ____________- and_______________ in the north of England. ? 5. When can you visit England? You can visit England any time of the year.

项选择 1. The table is __. C A. long 2 meters B. 2 meter long C. two meters long 2. China is famous ____ the Great Wall. B A. at B. for C. as __B_ 3. Britain is _____ island. A. a B. an C. / C 4. ___is the population of Foshan? A. How many B. How much C. What C 5. The population of this village ____ only nine hundred, it is very small。 A. are B. has C. is B 6. China is a great country, it _____1.3 billion people. A. are B. has C. is C 7. China is a great country ___ a long history. A. in B. From C. With

完成句子 1)Hong Kong is hot. Shanghai is hotter. (用比较 级把两个句子合并成一句) Shanghai _____________ Hong Kong. hotter than 2)The population of Shanghai is 13 million.( 就划 线部分提问) ______________________Shanghai ? What is the population of 3)大连约有三百五十万人口。 Dalian ______________________5.3 millionpeople. has a population of about

4)这条河长达五十公里。 kilometers long. This river is 50______________________. 5)香港位于中国的南部。 Hong Kong is ________________________China. in the south of

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