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1.健康_______ [u] _______ adj. __________adv.

(1) be

(2) keep /stay

(3) be good good (4) be good /bad for (5) eat

1)If you want to be __________(health) than before,

you should eat ________(little) meat and exercise ________(much).

2)Tom is __________(health),because he hardly ever


3)They have pretty _______ (good) __________(eat)

_________(习惯),so they are very________(health) 4)We should learn _____ ______ _______(健康饮


2. keep 过去式_______(1)用作系动词,后加______

keep _______(健康) keep_________(安静) (2)keep _______(do) sth.

The boy kept ________(speak) in class. (3)keep sb. ________(do) sth.

The boss keeps them _______(wor) on weekends. 3. try _______(过去式)_______(单三)_______(现分)

try________(do) sth., try one’s best ________(do) Keep quiet! I’m________(try)_________(sleep). Jim always ______(try) his best _________(help) us ________(介词) English.

4. _________(不同的)_________(名词)________(反) _______ _________ ________与 ……不同 _______ _________ ________与 ……相同 他的生活方式与你的不同。

1)His ________ _______ _______ _______ ________. 2)His _______ ______ ______ _______ _____ ______. 3)We have some ________(different) in some ways. 4)They are twins, but they look_________(different). 5)There are no________(different) between the twins. 5.Tom has a _________(head),he needs_________(see) the doctor._______ _______ _________(此刻). 6.---What’s wrong with you ?

---I ______ _______ _______ (牙疼). ---You should see the d________.

7. ill adj.一般只用在形容词后作表语,它的近义词是______,可以用在名词前作定语。名词________,比较级_________,最高级__________

________(drink) hot tea with honey is good for your _________(ill) .

8.I don’t know what to do now, can you give me some


_________(建议) on this problem?

9. _________(加压力与) _________(形容词)

The parents ________ their child too much now ,so the children are always too ________ out.

10. ________ (平衡) ,__________ (形容词)

________(eat) a _________ (balance) diet is important for our _________ (healthy) .

11.Our body needs a _________(balance) _______(be) __________(health) .

12._______(生气的) _________(副词) be angry with sb. at sth

Mr Green got very ________ with his son, and shouted

to his son ____________(angry).

13.临时照看_______过去式________现在分词_______ 14.plan_______(do)

I plan ________(improve)my English this term. 15.go+doing短语

16.be famous _____sth. be famous _____sth. 17.leave for… 18.decide on sth 19.finish +________

.The movie star just finished ______(make) his last movie.


忘了做某事____________忘记做过某事__________ I’m sorry I forgot_______(post) your letter on my way home.

21.begin_____以…开始 反义词组___________ We began the match _______ a song yesterday。 22.整天

23.It ______ (花费)sb. some time _________(do)sth. 24.beat _____ ______ 其宾语为________ beat sb. in sth.

She is ______(good) than I _____(介词)tennis,but I ___________(赢了她)in yesterday’s match. win_______ _______ _______ ________ win的宾语为______反义词________

We ________(战胜) Class 2 and _________(赢得)the basketball match .

25.interest n. ________词组take an ______ in sth/doing.. Interested adj. be interested in sth./doing sth

I don’t have much ______ in _______(地理学),but I’m ________ in ________(化学).

What are your _______? Basketball and tennis.

26.use v. _______(adj.)_______(adj.)_______(adj.) _____ useful book

27.____ the end :at last ; finally

_____ the end of the street,there is a big supermarket. _____the end of the meeting,Mr Wang gave us a talk. 28.alive adj.反义词_______近义词_______ _____ _____ (活着的人)are lucky.

29.主语+动词+too+adj./adv.+for sb.+to do 主语+动词+adj./adv.+enough+for sb.+to do 主语+动词+so+adj./adv+that从句

1.This lesson is very difficult. I can’t understand it.(合并为一句).


serious___________ ___________ bad ______ _______ active_________ _________ little_______ _________ far ________ _________ new_________ _________ thin________ _________ angry________ ________ wild________ _________ much ________ _________ important__________ ________ althletic______ _____ II.完成句子

1.Ann is ____________(外向的)than Lucy. 2.--Are you good at __________(游泳)?

—Yes,but my brother is _______(good) than I. 3.Who is ________(安静的),Tara or Tina?

4.This bag is a little _________(重的)than that one.

5.My brother is very _________(瘦),but he is ________ (fat) than Tom.

6.You speak English as ________(好)as an American. 7. My son is ____________(擅长运动的)than he.

8.My car is __________(good)than _______(她的).It’s ______ _______(nice) of all.

9.Now, he eats ________(many)vegetables and _______ (little) meat, so he is much _______(health)than before. 10.Shanghai is a_______(big)city than Beijing,it’s______ ________ (big) city in China.

11.John is ________(serious)ill, ________(然而),he still worked hard.

12.This sentence _________(意思是)it’s right.

13. What’s your________ ______(最喜欢的节目)? 14. It’s i________(重要的) to have a healthy lifestyle. 15. He has a f_______, he needs to drink more water. 16. He b________(相信)he can finish it himself. 17.______the _______(吃药) three times a day. 18.我们昨天在雨中宿营了。听起来真有趣。 --We went ________ ______ the rain yesterday.


--That _________ fun..


______ my next _____ ______,I want to see my uncle. 20.他想和朋友一起开车兜风。

He’s like _______ ______ ______ a _________

21.He stopped _____(踢) football ______ ______(因为)his sore back

22.Every year many _________(参观者)come here. 23.Anyone who takes part in the contest can get a _________(奖品)。

24.At the e_____of the day ,we cleaned the classroom..

25.She often h______with her friends on Sunays. 26.I didn’t watch TV last night.Could you tell me which NBA team f________ ________ (最后)? 27.How many ____________(女教师)are there in your

school ?

28.You are ____________(幸运) to win the first

prize in the speech contest. 29.No one _____________(去游泳)yesterday because

the weather was so terrible.

30.It is raining hard outside now.Please take

__________(雨衣) or_________(雨伞) with you when you go out .

31.He tried it _______________(反复),he worked

it out in the end.

32.What do you want to do ___________(将来)? 33.Read___________(说明)carefully before you

take the medcine.

34.I`m hungry.Could you give

me__________________(五片面包)Mum? II.根据首字母和聚义完成单词

1.Yaoming is a t__________ basketball player.

2. Our team is strong enough to win the c_________ next week.

3. He is a kind and l________ man.

4. He can play many p__________ of music.

5.YangWei is a famous g__________, he won some g_______ m_______.

6.The boy had a cold,and he s_________ badly.

7.He is an u__________ man, he always does something different.

8.Tiger Woods started g________ when he was very young .

9.This is a book of world ________(记录).

10.I’m listening to the __________(国家的)news. 11.Mary comes from Brazil, she is a B_________.

12.Mei Lanfang first p________ Beijing Opera when he was ten.

13.My sister was born ______(介词)October 11,1986. 14.Our teacher is very k_______ to us, we all like her. 15.DengYaping is an o________ table tennis player. I.用所给词的适当形式填空

1.The weather was terrible. It rained _______(hard). People could _________(hard) go out. 2 He thought about________(go) to Spain ..

3.It’s important for us __________(exercise) every day. 4. I’m feeling much ________(well) now. 5. ________ (drink) milk to be healthy.

6. ________(eat) healthy food is good for us.

8. The movie star just finished ______(make) his last movie.

7.It’s difficult _________(finish) the work today. 9. Everybody _______(want) to be rich..

10.I don’t feel very well,I have a lot of _________(head). 11. Most people like to eat _________ ( sandwich ) . They’re really delicious.

12. They had fun __________( camp ) on the mountains . 13. Next you need __________ (put ) everything into a blender.

14. There is _______ ( something ) on TV tonight. Let’s go to Jay’s concert.

15. Listen, she __________ (hiccup) again.

16. You are never too young __________ ( start ) doing things.

17. Chopin is a great __________ ( piano ) in the world. 18. What __________ you __________ now over there? 19. —How __________ ( be ) your weekend? —It was fantastic.

20. Last night I __________ (study ) math for my exam. 21. These kid are very___________(love) .

22. Xiamen is a good place __________ (have ) fun. 23. 1.Taking a boat must be a lot (much) fun than taking a bus .

1.Liu Mei was ill and ______(lie)in bed the whole day.

2.We had a lot of fun _________(sing) English songs. II.句型转换


What’s ______ ______ ________ _______? What’s _______ ________ _______?

2. Jim is 1.2meters,Tom is 1.2meters too.(同意句) Jim is _______ ________ _______ Tom.


3. He decided to buy s new car.(同意句)

He decided _____ _____ a new car.

4.He hopes that he can have a nice weekend.(同意句) He ______ ______ _____ a nice weekend. 5. He does his homework everyday. (否定句) He ________ _______ his homework ever day. 6.Sarah went home after the rain stopped.(同意句)

Sarah _______ _______ home _______ the rain stopped.

7.I believe he needs help. (否定句)

________________________________. 8.It rained all day.(同意句).

It rained ______ ______ ______.

.He did his homework yesterday.(一般疑问句) _____ he ______ his homework yesterday?

10. .I went to bed after I finished my homework last night.(同意句)

I _____ _____ to bed _____ I finished my homework last night.

11.A. I want to enter the Piano Competition .

B.I want to ______ _______ ______ the Piano Competition .

12、A. Christmas Day is on December 25th.

B. Christmas Day is on_____ _______ _______ _______.

13、A. She was late yesterday because she was ill. B. She was late yesterday ________ ________ her illness(病).

14、He had a party at home on weekend.(疑问) ____ he ___ a party at home on weekend? III.单选

1.The question is _____more difficult than that one. A. too B.quite C.very D.much 2.My school is_______ than yours.

A.much beautiful B.much more beautiful C.more much beautiful D.a little beautiful 3.Tom’s shoes are smaller than_____. A.my B.mine C. I D. me

4.They look different,____ they’re twins. A. because B.though C.but D.so

5.Which do you like _____,math,English or physics? A.well B.better C.best D.good 6.Do you want to do ______ today?

A. something new B. new something C.anything new D. new anything

A.Although, but B.But, although

C./, although D.Although, / --- He hopes _____ a doctor.

22. We shouldn’t eat _____ junk food. A. me to be B. I can be

A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many too B. me being D. I be

23. They held a sports meeting ______ the morning of 8.She will leave Beijing ___ Shanghai on Sunday ?

24.April 6. A. from B. to C. for D. away

A. in B. on C. at D. with ________ the day , all the actors visited the Hope Project

24. .She ____ us to come to her party. School.

A. hopes B. hope C. wish D. wishes A. In the end B. In the end of C. at the end of D.

25. ---Can I talk to you for a minute, Brian? ---Sure, I by the end of

have ______ time. 9Do you know the book ____Uncle John’s Cabin? A. a few B. few C. a little D. little A. call B. called C. calls D. calling 26. Don’t get out ______ the rain stops. 10.The boy was born _______ the 3rd of July,1989. A. until B. after C. since D. when

A. in B. on C, at D. of 27. The English newspaper is very easy for the students

11. Chengdu is famous ____ FuNan River. to read, because there are ______ new words in it.

A. little B. a little C. few D. a few A. for B. on C. to D. as

28. .What about ____ Japanese next year ? 12. He spends his free time ___ TV plays. A. studies B. studying C. study D. to study A. watched B. to watch C. watching D. watches 29.Jenny gave us _____ on how to learn English well. 13. -The apple is too big. A. some advices B. some advice -You can ______ first. C. an advice D. many advices . A. cut it up B. cut them up C. cut up them D. cut up it Doctors tell us that holidays are important. We 14. -______ yogurt do we need? should have a__36__from work for a week or two weeks -One cup. every year. If it is possible, they say, we A. How many B. How long should__37__our homes and go to another __38__ of the C. How much D. How far country. We should go away for __39__. Then, after the 15. After hard work, I felt tired ______ happy. holidays, we will be __40__and get ready A. and B. or C. but D. so for__41__again. 16. You are never ______ young ______ start doing But some people do not want to leave their homes things. to__42__in other places. They do not like a sudden A. so; that B. such; that change in their lives. They think their __43__are best of C. too; to D. to; too all. And some people can have a rest in__44__way. They 17. He wants to become an actor ______ the future. can go to visit their friends. They can have A. to B. on C. at D. in a__45__holidays together. 18. - do your grandparents come to see you? - 36. A. rest B. meeting C. time D. talk Twice a week. 37. A. stay B. leave C. go D. come A. How often B. How many times 38. A. cities B. towns C. villages D. parts C. When D. How 39. A. work B. study C. holidays D. cooking 19.He tries _____ English. And he practises ______ 40. A. better B. healthy C. bad D. best English every day. 41. A. work B. sports C. study D. play A.to learn, to speak B.learning, speaking 42. A. go B. come C. stay D. reach C.to learn, speaking D.learning, to speak 43. A. work B. homes C. room D. house 20.It makes ________ me. 44. A. one B. other C. another D. others A.no difference to B.no different to 45.A. better B. best C. well D. good C.no difference from D.not different from 21. __ it is rainy today, ____ he still works outside. 7. ---What does your father want you to do?


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