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班级 姓名 得分:

一、词组翻译 (10分)

1. 几乎从不 2. 帮忙做家务

3. friend 形容词 4. 最新鲜的食物

5. 发挥重要作用 6. 有相同特征

7. 各种各样的 8. 一个有教育意义的故事

9. 代替,替换10. 肥皂剧

二、单项选择题 (20分)

( ) 1. There is junk food here, and it is terrible.

A. too much, too much B. much too, much too

C. too much, much too D. much too, much too

( ) 2. We couldn’t see the road clearly the heavy snow.

A. because B. because of C. so D. though

( ) 3. We stopped and because we were tired and thirsty.

A. working, to drink B. to work, drinking

C. to work, to drink D. working, drinking

( ) 4. —do you go to school by bike? —Only four times a week.

A. How many times B. How often C. How long D. How soon

( ) 5. Lisa is than her sister.

A. more smarter B. much smarter C. more smart D. very smarter

( ) 6. She often practices English by to the foreigners.

A. speaking, talking B. to speak, to talk

C. speaking, to talk D. to speak, talking

( ) 7.He is different his brother, but he is similar his father.

A. from, from B. to, to C. from, to D. to, from

( ) 8.We don’t need a lot of friends they are good.

A. as many as B. as much as C. as long as D. as more as

( ) 9.He often jokes and makes us A. talks, laugh B. tells, laugh C. talks, to laugh D. tells, to laugh

( ) 10.Thanks me!

A. for tell B. to tell C. to telling D. for telling

( ) 11. — is it from your home? —10 minutes by bus.

A. How far B. How long C. How often D. How soon

( ) 12. It’s interesting other people their talent.

A. to watch, to show B. to watch, show

C. watch, to show D. watch, show

( ) 13. Parents usually a role in their kids.

A. play, helping B. make, helping

C. play, help D. make, help

( ) 14. Students should study hard to make their dreams .


A. come out B. come up C. come true D. come on

( ) 15. I can’t stand the noisy music, let him it.

A. hearing, stop B. to hear, stop

C. hearing, to stop D. to hear, to stop

( ) 16.—Would you mind Mickey Mouse? —No, I enjoy it.

A. watching, watching B. to watch, to watch

C. watching, to watch D. to watch, watching

( ) 17. Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon sound.

A. and B. of C. with D. in

( ) 18.—Who can sing the most beautifully? — A. It’s up for B. That’s up to you

C. It decides for you D. It decides to you

( ) 19. If I have ,I can do .

A. enough time, enough well B. enough time, well enough

C. time enough, enough well D. time enough, well enough

( it rained heavy, we went on visiting.

A. Though, but B. But, though C. Though, \ D. Because, \

三、完形填空 (10分)

I had a trip to Aruba on my vacation. We the Holiday Hotel in Aruba at about 1:30 am. We were pretty glad it was our first trip to Aruba. The flight (飞行) was fine and the bus ride from the was great. We stayed at the Holiday Hotel. We saw the rooms one one because we wanted to have a room to the sea (海洋). I would say that the beach was but the weather was awful every day. the Holiday Hotel, it was okay with us. The room was clean, the waiters were friendly and the food was good. I the food of the hotel restaurant. One night we had at the Moomba Restaurant. It is on the third floor. The food there was really good. The Moomba was a good place to to go there again.

( ) 21. A. left B. arrived at C. walked D. thought of

( ) 22. A. because B. when C. before D. if

( ) 23. A. hotel B. beach C. airport D. home

( ) 24. A. to B. at C. with D. by

( ) 25. A. see B. visit C. talk about D. look for

( ) 26. A. bad B. beautiful C. crowded D. delicious

( ) 27. A. About B. On C. To D. Of

( ) 28. A. hated B. disliked C. made D. liked

( ) 29. A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. meals

( ) 30. A. play B. eat C. walk D. cook

四、阅读理解 (30分)


Li Lei, Beijing


I found the summer vacation was not so interesting as I imagined(想象). It was very hot, so I had to spend most of the time staying at home, watching TV, listening to the radio and playing with my dog. Sometimes, I went to visit my relatives(亲戚).

Gina, New York

I went to the countryside with my family and stayed there for about two weeks. The air there was nice and clean. Every day, we fed the chickens, milked the cows, played with the dogs and went fishing. We enjoyed ourselves very much. We watched to go there again.

Alice, London

My summer vacation was great. I went to Switzerland(瑞士) with my friends and stayed there for a week. It wasn’t very hot there. We went to climb the Alps(阿尔卑斯山). We felt very tired but excited. We also saw some beautiful lakes, went boating and took many photos.

( ) 31. Li Lei did NOT during the summer vacation.

A. watch TV B. go fishing C. play with his dog

( ) 32. Where did Gina spend the summer vacation?

A. At home B. In the countryside. C. In Switzerland.

( ) 33. Alice spent her summer vacation with .

A. her friends B her family C. her relatives

( ) 34. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Li Lei didn’t enjoy his vacation. B It was not very hot in the countryside.

C. Gina went boating during her vacation.

( ) 35. What is the passage mainly about?

A. Activities you can do on vacation. B. Trips to different countries.

C. Three people’s summer vacations.


Mr Smith gave his wife money every Friday evening. His wife always spent it all the next Wednesday, so that for the next three days she had no money to spend at all. One day Mr Smith asked her," But how did you spend all that money?" She answered, "I don't know . "So one Friday evening, Mr Smith gave her money together with an exercise book and a pencil. He said to his wife ,"Please write down how you spend the money . "Next Tuesday, his wife had no money again. Mr Smith took the exercise book to see how she had spent it. "I have done what you told me ,"she said gladly. She had written "Friday, I got 18 pounds from Mr Smith. "on the first page, and on the second page, she wrote ,"Tuesday, I have spent it all. "

( ) 36. Mrs Smith always spent all the money ____.

A. the next day B. in four days C. in a week D. on next Wednesday

( ) 37. Mr Smith gave his wife an exercise book and a pencil and asked her____

A. to do homework B. to have a look

C. to write down how she spent the money D. to draw a picture on it

( ) 38. Mrs Smith was ____ to do what Mr Smith asked her to .

A. happy B. sad C. sorry D. excited

( A. once B. twice C. three times D. four times

( ) 40. The story tells us that Mrs Smith was not very ____.


A. glad B. tall C. careful D. good



There are many kinds of movies in the world. For example: comedies, thrillers, documentaries, romances, action movies… People love movies. Comedies make people laugh because they are funny. Thrillers make people frightened (受惊吓的) and cry because they are scary. Documentaries bring people knowledge because they are instructive (有教育性的). People like romances because they are romantic (浪漫的). People also like action movies a lot because they are exciting. Different people like different kinds of movies. Girls always like romances. Boys like action movies and thrillers. But all girls and boys like comedies.


( ) 1. How many kinds of movies do you know from the passage?

A. Five. B. Six. C. Seven. D. Eight.

( ) 2. What kind of movies make people cry and frightened?

A. Action movies. B. Documentaries. C. Comedies. D. Thrillers.

( ) 3. What kind of movies are instructive?

A. Action movies. B. Documentaries. C. Comedies. D. Romances.

( ) 4. Why do people like action movies?

A. Because they are exciting. B. Because they are instructive.

C. Because they are romantic. D. Because they are interesting.

( ) 5. What kind of movies do boys like according to the passage?

A. Action movies and thrillers. B. Documentaries and action movies.

C. Thrillers and romances. D. Comedies, action movies and thrillers.

五、任务型阅读 (10分)

Parents, doctors and teachers want to know how to help children keep healthy. Here are five rules to keep healthy.

Eat different food

If you eat different food, you can get the nutrients(营养) your body needs. You have to eat two kinds of fruits and three kinds of vegetables a day.

Drink water often

When you’re really thirsty(口渴的), water is the No.1 choice(选择). How much do kids need? If you are older than 12 years old, drink 3 cups a day.

Listen to your body

When you’re eating, notice(注意) how your body feels. Sometimes, people eat too much because they don’t notice when they need to stop eating. Eating too much can make you feel uncomfortable(不舒服).

Limit(限制) screen time

What’s screen time? It’s the time you spend watching TV or using the computer. Try to spend at most two hours a day on the screen.

Be active(积极的)

What activities do you like best? Find ways to be active every day. You can write down lots of things to do, and then you can do them when your parents say it’s time to stop watching TV or 4

选词填空 2. It’s for students to finish homework on time.

3. Please listen to the teacher in class.

4. The supermarket has the fruit.

5. I think soap operas are . I don’t mind them.

6. Let’s have a about the sports meeting.

7. Would you mind the door?

II、用所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1. Did you decide (visit) your grandparents?

2. There are many (different) between them.

3. I can’t stand (hear) the bad news.

4. Lucy and Lily are the 5. This shirt isn’t as (good) as that one.

6. He is the 7. The news (be) so terrible that we all can’t stand.

8. I really enjoyed 9. It is good to relax by (friendly)service in your town?


1. Mary is eighteen years old. (同义句)

Mary is girl.


do you go to dance?

3. She is taller than any other student in her class. (同义句)

She is student in her class.


4. What do you think of the movie? (同义句)




提示,写一篇英文短文。 参考单词:junk food,get up early,go to bed,stay up late,less than

two hours。

提示:1. 多吃水果和蔬菜,不吃垃圾食品。

2. 早睡早起,不熬夜。

3. 每天锻炼

4. 每天看电视不超过两小时。

I think healthy habits are very important to us. We should


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