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Tag Questions 反意疑问句

Grammar: 反意疑问句

当我们陈述了一个事实,而又不是很有把 握,就可以在陈述句后加一个简短问句, 称为反意疑问句。
例: 1. She is a student, isn’t she? 2. We speak Chinese, don’t we?

结构一: 前肯,+ 后否 eg. She is a student, isn’t she?

结构二: 前否,+ 后肯 eg. She isn’t a student, is she?

1. 判定(判断该用肯定还是否定); 2. 找动(找句子的助动词:be用be,动词原形do, 三单does,过去did,完成have,情态用情态); 3. 换代(将主语换为代词); was _____? ? Jack wasn’t playing soccer, ____ he ? Their parents have gone to London, ________ _____? haven’t they have I ? I have never been to the park, ____ __? ? You have a good friend, ______ _____? don’t you ? We had a meeting, ______ _____? didn’t we

1. be动词(is, are, was, were)的句型:
现在 主语+is (are)…, isn’t (aren’t) + 主语? 过去 主语+was (were)…,wasn’t (weren’t) + 主语? isn’t he 1 He is your uncle, ____________? are you 2 You are not students, ____________? 3 The students are going to have a picnic, aren’t they _____________? is she 4 Kate isn’t from the USA, ________? 5 He was German, ____________? wasn’t he 6 The Greens weren’t at home last night, were they ? ______

2. 一般动词(play, study, watch 等)句型:
现在 主语+play/plays…, don’t (doesn’t) + 主语? 过去 主语+played…, didn’t + 主语? doesn’t she 1 Your mother likes cooking ,_____________? doesn’t he 2 He has an apple, ______________? didn’t it 3 The plane took off an hour ago, _________? 4 He didn’t go to school late this morning, did he _______? didn’t she 5 Lucy studied pop music, ____________? don’t you 6 You have a good time, ______ _____?

3. 情态动词(can, will)的反意疑问句
主语+can/will …, can’t /won’t + 主语?

can’t he 1 Tom can swim very well, __________? 2 Your parents can’t swim, ____________? can they 3 All of your friends will come to your party, ___________? won’t they will they 4 They won’t come,_________?

4. 完成时的反意疑问句
主语+have/has+过去分词…, haven’t (hasn’t) + 主语? haven’t you 1 You have heard of him, ______________? hasn’t he 2 He has been to America, ______________? 3 Marry hasn’t lived in the countryside, has she ______________? have you 4 You haven’t been to Shanghai, __________? 5 They have never been to Hong Kong, have they ______________?

5. There be 句型的反意疑问句
There is/are/will be…, isn’t/aren’t/won’t there?

isn’t there 1 There is a pen on the chair, _________? 2 There are 60 students in our class, aren’t there _____________? 3 There was nothing in the fridge, was there ______? 4 There will be a paper factory near my won’t there home in about 2 years,__________?

6. 当陈述部分有never,seldom(很少), hardly(几乎 不),few,little,nothing(没有) 等否定意义的词时, 后面的反意疑问句则为肯定形式 1.They have never visited his home, ___ have ____ they ?

are ____? 2.There are few apples in the basket,___ there can he 3.He can hardly swim,____ _____? does it 4.It has no legs,_____ ______? 5.There is little water in the glass,____there _____? is 6.They seldom come late,_____ they do _____?

7. 祈使句的反意疑问句
祈使句, will you ?

will you 1 Don’t be late, _____ ______? will you 2 Have a rest, _____ ______? will you 3 Speak louder, ______ _____? will you 4 Don’t wait for me, _____ ____?

8. Let’s的反意疑问句shall we
? ? ? ?
shall we Let’s have a rest, _____________? (包括听话者) will you Let us have a rest, _____________? (不包括听话者)

everyone, everybody, someone, somebody, anybody, no one, nobody等时,疑问部分的主语用 they或he; Everybody knows the answer, do they ? 或 doesn’t he? ? everything, something, nothing, anything 时,疑问部 分用 it Everything here is good, isn’t it ? this, that时,疑问部分的主语用 it; This is your book, isn’t it ?

these,those时,疑问部分主语用 they These are your friends, aren’t they?

宾语从句中,以主句为准, 但如果主语是第一人称I 或者We且
谓语动词是think, believe, guess, suppose 时, 以从句为准. 1. 2. 3. 4. didn’t you You told them Tom wouldn`t come,_________? He never said he was a good student, __________? did he I think you are right, ______________ ? aren’t you I don’t believe he studies harder, does he ?

反义疑问句的回答用yes,no 。 注意:当陈述部分是否定形式时, 回答要根据事实。
They don’t work hard, do they? Yes, they do.

No, they don’t.


1. 你父母会游泳,是吗?

can’t they Your parents can swim, ____________?

2. 他们从来没有到过香港,是吗? have never been to They __________________ Hong Kong, ______ they? have 3. 你明天不上课,对吗? no You have ____ class tomorrow, ___ you? do

4. 你听流行音乐,是吗? don’t You listen to pop music, ______ you? 5. 它当然是传统音乐,对吗? isn’t it It’s certainly very traditional, _____? 6. 你喜欢古典音乐,是吗? don’t you You like classical music, __________? 7.他住在维也纳,对吗? didn’t he He lived in Vienna, ___________?

8 You have never been to Beijing ,___________? have you 9 He didn’t say anything about your mistakes, did he __________? 10 Tom can swim very well, __________? can’t he 11 All of your friends will come to your party, ___________? won’t they 12 There is a pen on the chair,___________? isn’t there is there 13 There is nothing in the fridge,_____________? 14 There will be a paper factory near my home in won

’t there about 2 years,__________? will you 15 Open your books, ____________? will you 16 Don’t go across the road now, ___________? shall we 17 Let’s wait ,__________? 18 Let us have a rest, _____________? will you

Competition 1

Challenge yourself

100A 100B 100C

200A 200B 200C

300A 300B 300C

They usually have a walk after don’t they supper,____________?

won’t there There will be an exam soon,____________?

Bad luck! You lose 100 points.

Congratulations! You are very lucky, and you get 200 points.

There are few people in the street, B ________? A. aren’t there C. are they B. are there D. aren’t they

He was hardly twelve then,





1. Linda went to the zoo three times last year ,__________? didn’t she isn’t it 2.This is your sister,_______________?

isn’t he 1)Tom is a worker, isn’t Tom?(找错)_______ ? can’t you 2)You can swim, can not you?(找错)______ ? didn’t he 3)He had lunch, doesn’t he?(找错)________ ?

He has few friends in the school, does he ________?
They have never been to the USA, ___________? have they

Competition 2

Work in pairs.
Ask and answer.

结对活动 问答

100A 100B 100C

200A 200B 200C

300A 300B 300C

It is a cow, isn’t it ? Yes, it is.

Bad luck!
You lose 100 points.

They are pictures , aren’t they ?
Yes, they are.

Congratulations! You are very lucky, and you get 200 points.

You live in a small town , don’t you ?

Yes, I do.

Lingming makes lots of friends, doesn’t he ?

Yes, he does.

Beckham can ’t play football , can he ?

Yes, he can.

don’t you You like rock music, ______? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

does he He never speaks English, _______?
Yes, he does.

1. You like rock music, 2. They sing well, 3. He has written 10 new songs this year, 4. He wrote traditional music, 5. She was a musician, 6. We can practise after school, 7. You don’t like this song much, 8. They have never been to any concert, 9. This music isn’t very popular, 10. He has a lot of CDs,

Match the sentences with the question tags:
a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. have they? can’t we? didn’t he? do you? don’t they? don’t you? is it? hasn’t he? doesn’t he? wasn’t she?

don’t you -You like blues music,_________? can’t you -Yes, I do. You can play the guitar,_________? -No, I can’t. Actually, I’m a singer. …You didn’t come to my last concert, did you _______? -No, I was busy that day. Your next concert is on Saturday, isn’t it _______? -Yes, that’s right. You are coming, _________? aren’t you -Yes , of course.

Write the missing question tags (II):

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