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( )1. People will live ____________ 200 years old in the future.

A. / B. be C. to be D. in

( )2.The head of the movie companies predicted that no one would want to see actors ____________.

A. to talk B. talked C. talks D. talk

( )3. He thought that computers would never be ____________ most people.

A. used by B. used for C. useful by D. using for

( )4. He ___________ know where her house is.

A. maybe B. may be C. may D. must be

( )5. I think you should _______ some money _______ your friends.

A. borrow; for B. borrow; from C. lend; from D. borrow; to

( )6. I‘m going to ________ time with my grandparents this vacation.

A. spend B. take C. cost D. pay

( )7. Don‘t __________ others when they are in trouble.

A. laugh at B. smile at C. laugh to D. smile to

( )8. Not all events in history are as ________ as this.

A. terribler B. more terrible C. the most terrible D. terrible

( )9. -How long has your mother been collecting stamps?

-________ I was five.

A. For B. Since C. At D. As

( )10. Why not _____ boating with us in the park?

A. to go B. going C. go D. goes

( )11. Nanchang is a city with many places of interest. _______ tourists come here every year.

A. Thousand of B. Thousand C. Thousands D. Thousands of

( )12. — Excuse me, how much did the new car _______?— Eight thousand dollars.

A. take B. get C. cost D. spend

( )13. — What are you doing here?

— Looking for a _______ for my mother. It‘s Mother‘s Day tomorrow.

A. mouse B. present C. foreigner D. capital

( )14. If you _______hard. You _______able to understand any culture..

A. will study ; will be B. study; be C. studies ; will be D. study ; will be

( )15. ____ you are, ____ mistakes you will make in the exam.

A. The more careful; the fewer B. The more careful; the less

C. The more carefully; the fewer D. The more carefully; the less

( )16. Li Ming can speak English _____a native speaker of English, for he was born in Canada.

A. as good as B. so well as C. as well as D. as better as

( ) 17. –Can I borrow your dictionary? –Sorry, I _______it to my brother.

A. have borrowed B. have lent C. lent D. borrowed

( ) 18. –Can I speak to Ann? –Sorry, she isn‘t in. She _______the library.

A. went to B. has gone to C. has been to D. have gone to

( ) 19. --Would you please move your bike? It‘s in the way.


A. Sorry, I‘ll do it right away. B. Not at all. C. It doesn‘t matter. D. You are welcome.

( ) 20. --Could you please _______here? –Sorry, I will put out my cigarette.

A. not smoking B. not smoke C. smoke D. not to smoking

二 用所给词的适当形式填空


1. He failed _______ (pass) the math test again.

2. Did you see her________(walk) in the street when you passed there?.

3. I had an _______(argue) with my best friend yesterday.

4. Helen _______(think) her dream would come true.

5. He is _______ (surprise) to see his mother outside the classroom.

6. I ________ (call) you up last night but you weren‘t in.

7. Many _________ (predict) didn‘t come true.

8. Everyone hopes the ________ (pollute) in the world will be less.

9. This skirt ________ (fit) her well.

10. Children need ________ (organize) activities, but they also need to play.


Coke(可乐drinks in the world. A lot of people enjoy believe that it‘s not a good drink for health. There is lots of in the coke. Having much sugar is for people. And it also has some caffeine(咖啡因)in it. The caffeine can get people into the habit(习惯)of drinking more coke when they feel . If they don‘t drink coke they bad. And thing is some people can‘t work or study drinking several cups of coke every day. More and more people want to cut down the coke they drink and ask help from the doctors. If you like drinking coke very much, I think you must have the Coke Habit. In fact drinking more fruit and vegetable juice is for you.

( )1.A. more popular B. most popular

C. popular D. the most popular

( )2.A. drink B. drinking C. to drink D. drinks

( )3.A. salt B. pepper C. sugar D. juice

( )4.A. good B. well C. tired D. bad

( )5.A. hungry B. fine C. thirsty D. excited

( )6.A. will feel B. are feeling C. felt D. feel

( )7.A. bad B. worse C. the worst D. the worse

( )8.A. not B. without C. with D. after

( )9.A. to B. for C. on D. at

( )10.A. good B. well C. best D. better



Modern life is impossible without traveling. The fastest way if traveling is by air. With a modern airliner you can travel in one day to places while it took a month or more to get to a hundred years ago.

Traveling by train is slower than by air, but it has its advantages. You can see the country you are traveling through. Modern trains have comfortable seats and dining cars. make even the longest journey enjoyable.

Some people prefer to travel be sea when possible. There are large liners and river boats. You can visit many other countries and different places. Traveling by sea is a very pleasant way to spend a holiday.

Many people like to travel by car. You can make your own timetable. You can travel three or four hundred miles or only fifty or one hundred moles a day, just as you like. You can stop wherever you wish—where there is something interesting to see, at a good restaurant where you can enjoy a good meal, or at a hotel to spend the night. That is why traveling by car is popular for pleasure trips, while people usually take a train or a plane when they are traveling on business.

( ) 1. From the passage we know the fastest way of traveling is __________.


A. by car B. by train C. by air D. by sea

( ) 2. If we travel by car, we can ___________.

A. make the longest journey enjoyable

B. make our own timetable

C. travel to a very far place in several minutes

D. travel only fifty or one hundred miles a day

( ) 3. The underlined word ―They‖ in the passage refers to (指…而言) ________.

A. modern trains in the country B. the travelers on the modern trains

C. comfortable seats and dining cars D. the slower ways of traveling

( ) 4. When people travel on business, they usually take_______.

A. a train or plane B. a boat or a train C. a plane or car D. a car or a boat

( )5. How many ways of traveling are mentioned in the passage?

A. Five B. Six C. Three D. Four


Many young people can use the computer, but few of them know how to look after them. Remember the following when you use the computer.

A. Keep your computer in a cool, dry room. Too much or too little heat is bad for computers. Damp is also bad for them. Most computers work best at a temperature of 5-30 degrees centigrade(摄氏度).

B. Do not let people smoke cigarettes near your computer. Smoke of all kinds is very bad for many parts of a computer and can cause many problems.

C. Do not eat or drink when you are near your computer. Pieces of food and a little water in the keyboard can also cause many problems.

D. Make sure that the keyboard and the screen are the correct height for you. If they are not correct, you?ll get backache. Make sure the screen is the correct distance from your eyes.

E. If you wear glasses, make sure these glasses are correct for using with the computer. Some people use a different pair of glasses when they use a computer.

F. Keep your screen clean and do not have it too bright. A dirty screen can hurt your eyes. A very bright screen can also be bad for your eyes. If you can afford one, buy a computer screen. It will be better for you than using the screen of a TV set.

( )6. From this passage , we know ________.

A. more and more people can control computers as well as take care of them.

B. fewer and fewer people pay any attention to the protection of the computers nowadays.

C. most young people can control computers well,but they pay little attention to keeping

them well.

D. most computer lovers like eating their food while playing computer games.

( )7. Computer, just like some people, may prefer(更喜欢) ________.

A. autumn to(比起)summer and winter B. winter to summer and autumn

C. summer to winter and autumn D. both summer and winter

( )8. Putting the keyboard and screen too high means you ________.

A. have to straighten your back long every time

B. have to lower your head while using the computer C. don‘t have to look at your keyboard(键盘) while typing D. don‘t have to look at your screen while typing

( )9. Some people use a different pair of glasses when they use a computer because they want to


A. protect the computer B. protect their eyes

C. make them look cool D. show off his glasses

( )10. Which is NOT true according to the passage? A. If the height of the screen isn‘t correct, you‘ll get backache.

B. Smoking is bad for a computer and is one of the cause of many problems.

C. You must wear a different pair of glasses when you use a computer.

D. You should use a computer screen instead of a TV screen.


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