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问路 1)Excuse me. Is there a bank near here? 2)Excuse me. Where is the nearest bank? 3)Excuse me.Can you tell me the way to the bank? 4)Is it far from here? 5)How far is it from here? 6)Which bus do I need to take? 7)How long will it take?

指路 1)Go along this street. 2)Take the second turning on the right. =Turn right at the second turning. 3)Go across the bridge. 4)It’s far from here. You’d better take a bus. 5)Take the escalator to the second floor. 6)It’s about twenty kilometers away.

委婉地提出请求 ---Could you tell me where I can get a dictionary? ---Of course. 礼仪和规则 ---What are people supposed to do in China when they meet for the first time? ---They are supposed to shake hands.

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