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Module 7 Computer
Unit 1 How do I write my homework on the computer?

New words


Computer is very useful.


We use the screen to watch movies .


We use the keyboard to type .


We use the printer to print .


We often use the mouse .

Listen and number the words as you hear them, and then label them. 3 1 keyboard □ mouse □ screen □ 2





switch on

Complete the sentences with the word and expression from the box.
connect turn on

1. First, ________ the screen to the connect computer. 2. Next, ________ the keyboard and the connect mouse to the computer. 3. Finally, ________ the computer. turn on

How do you write your homework on the computer?

There are five people in my family.







Now number the instructions as you hear them.
a) Write your homework.
b) Print your document. 2 5 1 3 4

c) Open a new document.
d) Save the document.

e) Put some paper in.

Answer the questions.
1. How do you open a new document?
_______________________________ Click the mouse on “new document”.

2. Where do you write your homework?
_______________________________ I write it in the new document.

3. How do you save the document? Click “save” and write a name ___________________________
for the document. _________________ 4. Where do you write its name? Write it in the box. ___________________________ 5. How do you print the document? Put the paper in there first and ___________________________ Then click “print”. __________________

Remember to use words like

first, next and finally when
you talk about a sequence of

activities. Notice where the
comma goes.

Complete the sentences with the words from the box.
finally learn paper print save

1. I want to _______ how to print a learn document. 2. ______ your document and write Save a name for it.

paper 3. Put some _______ in there to print
your document.

4. Click “_______” and “OK”. print
5. _______, turn the computer off. Finally

Find the words from the box in the conversation. Write the words they go with.






Open a new document 1. use __________________________ the mouse/ the keyboard 2. write __________________________ the homework/ a name for a __________________________ document 3. save __________________________ the document 4. print the document __________________________

Listen and repeat. how
finally home

first open



Ask and answer questions about computers. A: What’s this? B: It’s the keyboard. A: How do you write your homework on the computer?

Language points
1. connect … to … 把??连接到??上 Let?s connect this light to that one. 让我们把这盏灯连接到那盏上。

2. switch on sth = switch sth on: 接通,打开(开关、电视等) switch off sth = switch sth off: 关掉

请开灯。天太黑了。 Pl

ease switch on the light. It?s too dark. 他不能打开电视。 He can?t switch on the TV. He can?t switch the TV on. 当sth是宾格it/ them时,只能用switch it/them on. Please switch it/them on.

Read these sentences. How do you open a new document? Where do you write your homework? How do you save the document? Where do you write its name? What do you do next? How do you print it?




特殊疑问句 = 特殊疑问词(What, Where, When, Which, Who, How …) + 一般疑问句 1. How do you open a new document?

(How 怎样)
2. Where do you write your homework?

(Where 什么地方)
3. How do you save the document?

(How 怎样)

4. Where do you write its name?
(Where 什么地方)

5. What do you do next? (What 什么)
6. How do you print it? (When 什么时候) (How 怎样)

7. When do you get up every day?

8. Who is you English teacher?
(Who 谁)

1. We are 13 years old. How old are you? 2. This is a mouse. What is this? 3. They go to school by bike. How do they go to school? 4. Tony writes his name in the box. Where does Tony write his name? 5. I play computer games at home. What do you do at home?

A. 重要短语:

1. 把 …... 连接 …...
2. 打开电脑

connect … to … _______________

____________________________ switch on/ turn on the computer 3. 在电脑上 ________________ on the computer 4. 建立一个新文件 open a new document ___________________
5. 使用鼠标 ______________ use the mouse

6. 使用键盘
7. 点击新文件

________________ use the keyboard
_____________________ click the new document

8. 写下你的作业
9. 保存文件

___________________ write your homework _________________ save the document

10. 放一些纸到那里 11. 打印文件
12. 关上电脑 ______________________ put some paper in there ___________________ print the document ___________________ turn off the computer

B. 综合填空:
Hello, I?m Mike. I?m from America. I?m

a middle school s_______ (1) like you. I tudent
have a computer. I use it every day.

Because we do our homework on our
c_________ (2). Do you know how we omputers write our homework on the computer? It?s very easy. F____ (3), use the mouse, irst

pen c_____ (4) “new document” and o____ (5) lick a new document. N____ (6), you write ext
your homework in the new document.

se U___ (7) the keyboard, you click “s____ ave
(8)” and write a name for it in the box. T____ (9)click “save” again. F_____ (10), hen inally click “print” and “OK”.

Useful phrases
1. 在电脑上 on the computer 2. 建立一个新文件 open a new document 3. 使用鼠标 use the mouse 4. 点击新文件 click the new document 5. 写你的作业 write your homework 6. 保存文件 save the document 7. 打印文件 print the document


1. -What does ____Tom usually __ (do) at do the weekend? -He often _____(send) emails to his s

ends friends in the USA. play 2. Does his brother often ____ (play) ____ computer games?

3. His father doesn?t watch ____________(not watch) TV every evening and he often writes ______(write) novels on his computer. study 4. What subjects do you _____ (study) __ in the middle school? Don?t talk 5. _________(not talk) in class. Listen to the teacher carefully. goes 6. Tony often ____ (go) online at the weekends.

二、根据句意及首字母提示完成单词。 1. Let me do it a____. I?m sure it will be gain OK. 2. Please s_____ on the lights. I can?t see witch anything. 3. The p______ is to print the document. rinter 4. Where do you w___ the name? rite 5. You c___ “save” and write a name for lick it. 6. First, connect the s_____ to the creen computer.

三、根据汉语提示完成句子。 1. 我可以打开电视吗? May I turn on the TV now? ____ __ 2. 我们能把电脑和电话线连接起来。 We can ________ the computer __ connect to the telephone line. 3. 他总是第一个到学校。 He is always ____ first one to get the ____ to school.

1. First, connect the screen to the computer. 首先,连接屏幕和电脑。 connect “连接,把……联系起来”。 connect +名词/代词 +(with/to) The railway line connects Zhengzhou and Shanghai. 这条铁路线连接郑州和上海。 Please connect me with Beijing University. (打电话用语)请给我接北京大学。

Language points

2. Finally, turn on the computer. 最后,打开电脑。 turn on意思是“打开”。其反义词 为 turn off 关闭。 Turn on the recorder, please. 请打开录音机。 Be sure to turn off the light when you leave the office. 你离开办公室时务必把灯关掉。

3. Click the mouse on “new document”. 点击“新文件”。 这是一个祈使句。click on 的意思是 “用鼠标点击”。 To send the message, simply click on the ?send? button. 只要点击“发送”按钮,就可以发 送信息。

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