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Lesson 22

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Lesson 22

A glass envelope

? 1.dream v.做梦 n.梦 dream


of 梦想 (dreamer n. 不切实际的人) ? 2.throw v.扔;抛 ? throw;threw;thrown ? 3.regularly adv. 定期地;有 规律地 ? regular adj. 定期的;有规律 的;合格的;整齐的;普通的 n. 常客

Lesson 22

Gap filling
Mydaughter , Jane, never dreamed of receiving a letter from a girl of her own age in Holland. Last year, we were travelling across the channel and Jane put a piece of paper with her name and address on it into a bottle. She threw the bottle into the sea . She never thought of it again, but ten months later, she received a letter from a girl in Holland. Both girls write to each other regularly now. However , they have decided to use the post-office. Letters will cost a litt1e more, but they will certainly travel faster.

1.Why did Jane never dreamed of receiving a letter from a girl ? Because she didn't expect anyone to find the bottle. 2.How can Jane and the Holland girl communicate? They use the post office to communicate now.

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