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八年级英语(下)第1-5单元 检测题 (6)

班级_____ 姓名_______________ 学号________ 等级_______



1. In five years, Sally will_______________ a doctor.

2. —You could write him a letter. —Sorry, I don’t like _________________ letters.

3. The boy was walking down the street __________ a UFO landed on Center Street.

4. The girl said she wasn’t mad ____________ me any more.

5. —What will ________ if they watch a video at the party? —Some students will be bored.

B. 用所给词的正确形式填空。

6. I think there will be ___________ (few) cars and more buses in ten years.

7. These clothes are very cheap. They are ______________ (expensive).

8. While the alien was ___________ (visit) the museum, the boy called the TV station.

9. In English, I’m _____________ (good) at reading than listening.

10. For many young people, becoming a _____________ (profession) athlete might seem like a dream job.

C. 完成下列句子,使意思完整。

11. I went to Beijing last year and ________________(爱上了北京).

12. I ____________________(与…大吵了一架) my cousin yesterday.

13. While she ______________(正在通电话), Davy met another dog outside the station.

14. I ____________________(在…真的不好过) science last semester.

15. You’ll _________________(能够谋生) doing something you love.


( )16. Kids won’t go to school. They will study _____ home ______computers.

A. in, in B. at, on C. at , by D. at; from

( )17. People will live ____________ 200 years old in the future.

A. / B. be C. to be D. in

( )18. —Will there be fewer trees? —_______________.

A. Yes, there will. B. Yes, they will. C. No, there aren’t. D. No, they won’t.

( )19.The head of the movie companies predicted that no one would want to see actors ___.

A. to talk B. talked C. talks D. talk

( )20. He thought that computers would never be ________ most people.

A. used by B. used for C. useful by D. using for

( )21. Yang Liwei is a famous Chinese __________.

A. scientist B. computer programmer C. astronaut D. engineer

( )22. Some scientists think that it may take ______ years to make robots look like people, and

do the same things as us.

A. hundreds of B. two hundreds of C. two hundreds D. two hundred of

( )23. He ___________ know where her house is.

A. maybe B. may be C. may D. must be

( )24. He doesn’t have any money, ____________.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither

( )25. I think you should _______ some money _______ your friends.

A. borrow; for B. borrow; from C. lend; from D. borrow; to

( )26. My friend has the same haircut __________ I do.

A. as B. like C. seem D. looks like

( )27. Don’t run ________ shout ________ the party.

A. and; at B. or; in C. and; in D. or; at

( )28. If you bring snacks to the party, the teachers will ___________.

A. take it away B. take them away C. take away it D. take away them

( )29. I’m going to ________ time with my grandparents this vacation.

A. spend B. take C. cost D. pay

( )30. Don’t __________ others when they are in trouble.

A. laugh at B. smile at C. laugh to D. smile to

( )31.If you play sports ______a living, your job will sometimes be very dangerous.

A. for B. at C. by D. of

( )32. Poor families don’t often have money _________ education.

A. at B. by C. of D. for

( )33. I think it would start a _________ habit if you copy my homework.

A. good B. bad C. well D. wonderful

( )34. I finished my __________ exams last week.

A. end of year B. end-of-year C. year-of-end D. year-end

( )35. Not all events in history are as ________ as this.

A. most terrible B. more terrible C. the most terrible D. terrible


. She works in a big hospital. gets up at five in the morning. She often has at 6∶50.that she goes to the by bus. She cleans her office when begin work at 8∶00. They are very busy all day. She home at 5∶00. Then she does for her family. After supper she books. Sometimes she watches TV or talks with her parents.

( )36.A. teacher B. worker C. doctor D. driver

( )37.A. He B. She C. Her family D. They

( )38.A. breakfast B. lunch C. a meal D. supper

( )39.A. Before B. On C. For D. After

( )40.A. park B. hospital C. factory D. shop

( )41.A. there B. to there C. over there D. here

( )42.A. She B. Work-mates C. Her work-mate D. They

( )43.A. stays B. goes C. leaves D. walks

( )44.A. shopping B. washing C. cooking D. cleaning

( )45.A. reads B. sees C. looks at D. watches



My name is Alan. I live in Beijing. Now I am sitting at the window. I often sit here. I can look at the street. In Beijing the buses are blue. A bus is coming now.

There is a bus stop in front of our house. A lot of people are waiting for the bus. Look. An old woman is coming. She often misses the bus, because she never runs. Today she is lucky. The bus driver is waiting for her.

( )46.I often sit ________ .

A. at the door B. behind the window

C. at my window D. near the table

( )47.There is a bus stop ________ .

A. under our house B. near our house

C. in front of our house D. far away from my house

( )48.________ are waiting for the bus.

A. A few people B. A lot of people C. Old woman D. Young people

( )49.The old woman often misses the bus because she ________ .

A. never runs B. doesn’t come C. can’t come D. runs quickly

( )50.The buses in Beijing are ____________.

A. too big B. too small C. black D. blue


One day Mr. Brown sees a young woman in the street with children. He is very surprised because all the children are wearing the same clothes. White caps, blue coats and yellow trousers. “Are all these children yours?” he asks the woman.

“Yes, they are.” she answers.

“Do you always dress them in the same clothes ?” asks Mr. Brown.

“Yes, ” answers the mother. “When we have four children, we dress them in the same clothes because we don’t want to lose any of them. It is easy to see our children among other children because they are all wearing the same clothes. And now we have ten, we dress them like this because When there are other children among ours, it is easy to see them because their clothes are different.

( )51. How many people does Mr. Brown see in the street one day? He sees ____in all.

A. ten B. eleven C. four D. ten children

( )52. Why is he surprised? Because ________.

A. all the children are boys B. all the children are in the same clothes

C. all the children are lovely D. all the children are wearing the same trousers

( )53.Why does the woman dress her children in the same clothes? Because _________.

A. she has so many children

B. she loves her children

C. she doesn't want to take her children home

D. she wants to see her children easily among others

( )54. What kinds of clothes are the children wearing when Mr. Brown sees them?

A. White caps, blue coats and yellow trousers.

B. Blue caps, yellow coats and white trousers.

C. Yellow caps, white coats and blue trousers.

D. White caps, yellow coats and blue trousers.

55. “We don't want to take other children home by mistake.”这句话的汉语意思是:



57. Parents are always ____________________________ other children.

58. People often remember the news of important events _______________________.

59. I don’t want to _________________________ my best friend.

60. _________________ I was watching TV, my mother was cooking supper.



单词提示:Mother's Day, Lily, get up, in the morning, to buy, happy



一、A 1. be 2. writing 3. when 4. at 5. happen

B. 6. fewer 7. inexpensive 8. visiting 9. better 10. professional

C.11. fell in love with it 12. had a big fight with 13. was talking on the phone

14. had a really hard time with 15.be able to make a living

二、 16-20 BCADA 21-25 CACCB 26-30 ADBAA 31-35 ADBBD

三 36—40 CBADB 41—45 ADBCA

四、46—50 CCBAD 51-54 BBDA 55.我们不想错把其他孩子带回家。

五、56. teaching 57. comparing their kids with 58. in history 59. argue with 60. While

七、 ( One possible version. )

Today is Sunday, May 13. It's Mother's Day. Lily got up at 6:35 in the morning. After breakfast, she went to a flower shop to buy some flowers for her mother. She gave the beautiful flowers to her mother. Her mother was very happy.

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