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Unit 2 When do you use a computer?

Learning aims
1.Understand the passage and answer the questions. 2. Write a passage about what people do with computers.(用 途) 3.Learn more about the Present simple.

a manager of a company


talk to one’s customers

check email

send email to sb.



on the computer

go on the Internet




check the times of trains


make travel plans



buy tickets

listen to music

watch movies

on the Internet

看电影 在互联网上

Extensive reading
Read the whole passage silently and answer these questions.

1. Who can use the computer on Sundays?
Mike. 2. Where can Alice use a computer?
At school.

3. Do Mike and his father share a
No, they don’t.

Read paragraph 1 in detail and fill in the blanks.

There is a computer in Jack’s h______. ome Jack s______ the computer with his hares father. Every Friday night, Jack istens l_______ to music or w______ movies. atches His father is a c_______ manager and he ompany often goes on the I_______ to do many nternet things, such as checking the t________ imes of trains, making travel p_____ and lans buying tickets.

Read the 2nd paragraph and answer. 1. Where does Alice use the computer? She can only use it at school. 2. How does Alice keep in touch with(和…保持联系) her Australian friend? She can see her and talk to her on the Internet.


There is no computer in my home.



search for information do homework check her email see her Australian friend and talk to her on the Internet

Listen and fill in the blanks.
We have a computer at _____. home My parents don’t _____ it. I can use send use it on ________. I _______ Sundays email ______ to my friends and play computer ______. But games __________I play a lot of games sometimes like and my mother doesn’t _____ it.


1. I s_____ my computer with my sister. hare

2. She likes to watch football matches every Friday n_________. ight 3. My father talks to his c__________ on the ustomers computer. 4. He can play c________ games on Sundays. omputer

B 1.The boy _______ gets up early but ________ gets up late.
A.sometimes; sometimes C. often; usually B. often; sometimes

D 2. My friend and I often listen to music _______ the Internet.
A.for B. at C. in D. on

D 3. What about _______ an email to Jack?
A. send B. to send C. sends D. sending

Can you think out other things we can do with computers?
想一想,我们还 可以用电脑做些


buy things online

play computer games

do one’s homework on the computer

chat on the Internet

download music and films

The Internet should be viewed as a two-edged sword(双刃剑), because it presents us with both conveniences(方便) and troubles(麻烦).

在我家有一台电脑。我爸爸 经常上网制定旅行计划、买 车票和

听音乐。我经常在网 上搜索信息和做作业,但我 不玩电脑游戏。

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