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Unit 8 When is your birthday?
Section B (2a-3b)

Activities in school.

soccer game

art festival

basketball game

school trip

Read the passage and circle the activities.

Dates September 21st October 12th and15 th

Activities a school trip soccer game volleyball game School Day art festival

October 22nd
Novemver 3rd

November 30th
December 3rd

English party
December 3rd

What does "busy" mean in the last sentence?

True or false?
The school trip is on the afternoon of Sepember 21st.
The students have two games on Octber 12th.

The students' parents can come to the school on the school trip day.
The art festival is on November 3rd. The students have an English party on November 3rd. The students will have many activities this term.

A: Do you have many school activities at school? B: Yes, we do. A: What activity do you like? B: I like ...... A: Why do you like it? B: Because it’s interesting. A: When is it? B: It’s…

Notes on the text. beginning



Homework: 1. 常规(听读+阅读) 2. 抄写P46-47单词,3英1汉,并听写。 3. 背诵并默写P47 2b. 4. 仿2b写短文,从本单元学过的活动中选 择5-6个安排在一学期的不同时间,简单陈 述理由。

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