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新目标九年级英语 Unit 10 Section A(1a-2c)

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Unit 10
By the time I got outside, the bus had

already left.

Section A(1a-2c)

Words & Expressions

by the time

get 的过去分词

go off


(闹钟) 闹响

What do you usually do in the morning before school?

brush my teeth

take a shower

have a breakfast

go to school



The clock rang at seven. I woke up at seven ten.

When I woke up, the clock had already rung. .(ring-rang-rung)

I got up at seven twenty.

My brother got into the bathroom at seven.

By the time\When I got up, my brother had already gotten (getgot-gotten) into the bathroom.

I got outside at eight.

The bus left at five to eight.

By the time I got outside,

the bus had already left.

wait for a long time

By the time I arrived there, my friend had waited for me for a long time.

be over

By the time I got there, the concert had been over.

What happened to the teacher?

By the time she…,…had already ….

Tina’s morning

1b Listening
1.By the time I got up early, my brother_____ already _______in had gotten the shower.

2.By the time I got outside, the bus _____ already_____. had left 3. When I got to school, I realized I ____ left my had _____ backpack at home.

Guess what happened to poor Tina later.猜一猜Tina之 后发生了社么倒霉的事。 I think when she got school, she realized she had left keys at home. had left the had taken the wrong bus backpack on the bus had left the money at


had left her homework at home. had started teaching.


Number the pictures 1-4 in the correct order.




2b Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms. Then listen again and check your answers.

got home 1. When I ________ (get home), I _______ (realize) I ________ (leave) my realized had left keys in the backpack. got 2. By the time I ____ (get) back to school, the bell _________ (ring). had rung 3. By the time I ______ (walk) into walked class, the teacher had started (start) __________ teaching already.

By the time she got up, her By the time \when gone into +一般过 brother had already 去时态,主句用过去完成时态 the bathroom

主要是表示在过去某个时间, By the time she went outside, 或是动作之前已经发生或完成 the bus had already left. 的动作. When she got to school, she 也就是过去的过去.
realized, she had left her backpack at home.

Grammar Focus (P77)
1. Past perfect Tense 过去完成时 构成:had+过去分词

2. 过去完成时可以表示过去某一时刻
或某一动作之前完成的动作或呈现 的状态。也就是说发生在“过去的 过去”。

1.When my mum________ ,she B realized she had left her bag on the bus. A. got on a bus B. got home C. got along D. got in the way C 2. I _____him when I was a student. A. knew B. know C. had known D. has known.

woke 1.I ______up late this morning? (醒来) overslept 2.Have you ever _________? (睡过头) 3. After I got

to the cinema, the film had ______already. (开始) started had finished 4.He __________(完成) his homework before I came here. had learned 5.By the end of last year, she_______ (学)to swim for 3 years.

C 1. The film _______ for ten minutes when I got to the cinema. A. has been on B. had started C. had been on D. had begun 2. Lai Changxing ____ Canada with his family D before the policemen began to catch him. A. had been to B. has gone to C. would go to D. had arrived in A 3. We ______ ten English films by the end of last term. A. had seen B. has watched C. have seen D. had read

4. The TV play _______ for ten minutes when I turned C on the TV. A. had begun B. has been on C. had been on D. had started] 5. By the time I reached home, my mother _____ C supper ready. A. was cooking B. got C. had cooked D. had got 6. I didn’t go to see the film last night because I _______ it. C A. have seen B. saw C. had seen D. would see B 7. He told me that he ______ never ______ such a good film before. A. have, seen B. had, seen C. was, seen D. would, seen

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