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unit4 SectionB 2b-Self check

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Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?

把下列单数名词迅速变为复数名词。 table watch chair knife tables watches chairs knives boy photo family box boys photos families boxes

一般情况 构成方法 读音 例词

加- s

清辅音后读 [s] 浊辅音和元 音后读[z]

maps bags friends buses, boxes, watches family→ families

以s, sh ,ch ,x等 结尾的词 以辅音字母 +y结尾的词


变y 为i再
读[iz] 加-es

2a Write the words you know for

the things in the picture.

bed quilt sofa desk chair key book notebook clock schoolbag drawer radio

Read the article quickly and answer the questions. 1. Are Kate’s books and tapes in the bookcase? Yes, they are. 2. Where are Kate’s keys? They’re in the schoolbag. 3. Is the clock under the desk? No, it isn’t. 4. Where are Gina’s books? They’re everywhere.

5. Whose model plane is it?
It’s Gina’s.


Read the passage and answer the questions:阅读短文并回答问题。 Is Kate tidy? Is Gina tidy?


Complete the chart about the things Kate and Gina have and where they are.
Kate Where Gina

Things books in the bookcase and tapes
keys clock



white model under the in the schoolbag plane desk
on the desk

My ideal(理想的) room

This is my ideal room. It’s very nice. The clock is on the wall. The books are in the bookcase. The plant is on the table. The football is under the chair. Oh, where is my cat? It is on the sofa.

3a Do you have these things? Where are they?
What a dictionary a schoolbag a pencil box a radio books pens tapes CDs Yes/No yes on my desk Where

in the … under the … on the … next to the … behind the … between …

Ⅰ. 将下列词组译成英语 under the desk 1. 在课桌下面 ______________
on the sofa 2. 在沙发上面 ____________

in the schoolbag 3. 在背包里 ______________
in the drawer 4. 在抽屉里 _____________ behind the chair 5. 在椅子背后 _______________ in the bedroom 6. 在卧室里 ______________ in the picture 7. 在图片里 _____________

8. 在墙面上 ____________ on the wall 9. 在梳妆台上 _____________ on the dresser on the floor 10. 在地板上 _____________
( B )1.Her baseball is _______ the floor. A.in B.on C.under D. behind ( B )2.There is a window ______ the wall. A.on B.in C.at D. under

3.一How do you __ “pen”? 一P-E-N. A.ask B.speak C.1isten D.spell 4.Please take the book ___ the classroom. A.to B.in C.on D.at 5.一Jim, please ____ my backpack here.一OK. A.take B.put C.bring D.give 6.I have a baseball. It’s __ the bookcase __ the desk. A.from… to B.between… to C.in… on D.between… and 7.My mother buys(买)me a new computer. It’s ___. A.behind the wall B.on the desk C.in the bookcase D.under the bed

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks.

keys 1. My ______ (钥匙) are on the table. Where 2. —_____

___(在哪里) is the baseball? —I don't know. under 3. My schoolbag is _______(在……下面) the dresser. bring 4. Please ________(带来) your dictionary to school tomorrow. between 5. The boy is _________ (在两者之间) Betty and Kate.

假设图片中是你的 房间, 请根据图片, 以My room为题, 描述一下你房间中 物品的位置。要求 语句通顺, 不少于 40词。

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