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新目标九年级 Unit8 Ill help clean up the city parks Section A

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I’ll help clean up the city parks.
Section A

dirty park

We’ll help clean up the city park.

sick people

We would like to cheer them up.

homeless people

We could set up a food bank.
=establish 建立,创立,开办

We could give out food at the food bank.


We could give away food to the hungry people.

Volunteers in 2008 Beijing Olympics

Volunteers in the earthquake


Look at the bulletin board and read about ways you could help people.

What other ways we could help people? Just think and fill in the blanks.

Other ways we could help people
You could help plant trees to make your hometown beautiful.

You could help the old people cross the street. _______________________________________________
_______________________________________________ You could help the police catch the thieves.

You could help the old people clean up their houses. _______________________________________________ You _______________________________________________ poor people. could give the money to the charity and help the
_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________


Listen and complete the sentences.

1. A: I’d like to ______ outside. work up B: You could help clean _____ the city parks.
help 2. A: I’d like to ______ homeless people. out B: You could give _____ food at the food bank. up 3. A: I’d like to cheer _____ sick kids. visit B: You could ______ them in the hospital. 4. A: I’d like to help kids _______ their schoolwork. with

B: You could _________ in an after-school study volunteer


Listen and check(√ ) the things the students are going to do.


Listen again and fill in the blanks.

1. We need to _____ ____ _____ a plan. come up with put off 2. We can’t _____ _____ making a plan. Clean-up Day is only two weeks from now. write down 3. I’ll _____ ______ all our ideas. put up 4. We could _____ ______ signs. hand out 5. I’ll _____ _____ advertisements after school. call up 6. We could each ____ ____ ten people and ask them to come.

1.put up: 张贴 eg: The girl is putting up the signs . He’d like to put up posters for us. 2.call up :给……打电话 eg: I will ask him to call you up. Yesterday I called Lily up. 3.hand out : give out 分发 = eg: He is handing out the advertisement .

She’d like to hand out newspapers for us.

Phrasal verbs:
clear up cheer up
使兴奋;使高兴起来 分发;发放 推迟;拖延 建立;创立;开办 想出

give out
put off set up think up

=come up with

Grammar Focus
Phrasal verb
cheer up set up

He looks sad. Let’s cheer him up. We’re going to set up a food bank to help hungry people. We need to come up with some ideas.

Meaning of phrasal verb
make someone happier establish, start


ome up with

think up

3a Reading
The kinds of work the volunteers do:

1. work in the after-school care center,
2. helping young children to read; 3. work in an animal hospital; 4. sing for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up.

The reasons why they like their work:
1.“Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing what they love to do.” 2. has learned more about animals

3. has met some wonderful people at the hospital


Reading:answer the questions. Answer the questions.

1. How many people are mentioned in the passage?

2. How long does the volunteer work take? Several hours a week.

3. What does Lin Pei want to be when he leaves school? He wants to be a veterinarian.

4. What’s Zhu Ming’s volunteer work?
He sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up. 5. What do the three students plan to set up?

They plan to set up a student volunteer project at their school.

Find out the new words and phrases in the passage.

Being a volunteer is great!
Number 77 High School is home to three very special __________ young people: Li Huiping, Lin Pei, and volunteer Zhu Ming. These three students all _____________ their time to help other people. This volunteer work

several hours takes each of them ________ _______ a week, so it major commitment is a _______ _____________. Huiping loves to read, and she puts this love to good use by working in the ______________ _________ __________at her local after-school care center ____________ school. elementary

Here, she helps young children to read. Lin Pei loves ________, and plans to study to be a animals veterinarian ______________when he leaves school. He spends working every Saturday morning __________in an animal hospital. Zhu Ming wants to be a professional______. _________ singer He sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up _______ ______ _______. “Volunteering is great!” says Huiping. “_______ _________ do I feel good Not only about helping other people, ________I get to spend but time doing what I love to do.”

Lin Pei says he has learned more about animals. Zhu Ming says he has met some wonderful people at the hospital. The three students plan to _____ _____a student set up volunteer project at their school. “Don’t put it off,” says Huping. “Become a volunteer today!”

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