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Module 9 Heroes Unit 2

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New Standard English 8(B) Module 9 Heroes Unit 2


本模块以你心目中的英雄为话题,重点介绍 了白求恩大夫的有关事迹,学生通过听、说、读、 写等环节可以全面了解这位名人所作的贡献。本


谈自己心目中最棒的歌星、球星等,或说说自己 将来希望成为什么样的人。

1. 学生已经在前面的Module中,学习了条件状语从
句和时间状语从句的用法,在本模块中,学生将继续 学习原因、目的、和结果状语从句。有了前三个模块 的基础,本模块的知识应该不难掌握。 2. 模块的话题是“我心目中的英雄”,也是学生比 较感兴趣的,但该话题涉及的人各行各业,所以应该 要求学生利用多种途径了解自己的偶像,做好充分的


三、教学目标:Teaching Aims and Demands
Language Knowledge:
1. Key vocabulary: army, Canada, Canadian, medical, treat, treatment, Dr , front, injured, war, First World War, invent, tool, local, operate, operation 2. Key phrases:

give one’s life to, so that , look after,take care of, i both……and

spite of, in the end, stop to do sth. ,stop doing sth 3.Grammar: Adverbial clause of cause, purpose and result

关名人的生平事迹。 2.能运用所学的知识对人物进行介绍。


4. (1) 能熟练运用状语从句。
(2) 能够仿照范文,对自己心目中的英 雄进行简单的介绍。


2.通过本模块中的各种活动,培养学生的团结 合作精神。

1.理解并掌握本模块的有关词汇和词组。 2.掌握目的、原因、和结果的状语从句,并能熟 练运用。 3.能对人物进行简单介绍。

What do you know about Yang Liwei?
He trained for five years so that he could land safely in the end. What do you think of him? He is a brave man. He is a


What does he do?

He is a singer. He is my hero.

What is he doing? He is giving a concert.

operate Perform an operation



treat the injured soldier

give one’s life to


medical tools

Anti—Japanese war stay with local people

Adverbial clause of cause:

There were few doctors, so he had to
work very hard.

Cause: Result:

because so

Purpose: so that

Read the passage again, answer the questions.

(1) Where does Norman Bethune come from? (2) Is

he one of china’s most famous heroes ? (3) When was he born ? (4) Did he go to the front to look after injured soldiers in the First World War? (5) When did he become a doctor?

True or False.

(1) Norman Bethune is one of china’s most famous heroes . ( ) (2) He wasn’t Canadian. ( ) (3) He gave his life to helping the Japanese people .( ) (4) Norman Bethune was born in 1890. ( ) (5) He become a doctor in 1926. ( ) (6) He went to the front to look after injured soldiers in the anti-Japanese war. ( ) (7) He invented new treatments to help soldiers (8) He came to china in 1938. ( )

(9) He worked very hard. ( ) (10)He opened hospitals to train doctors and nurses. ( ) (11) When he was tired ,he stopped to have a rest. ( ) (12) Once he performed operations for 59 hours without stopping. ( ) (13) In the end he died because he was tired .( (14) He cut his hand during an operation .( ) (15) He is remembered in both Canada and ch

Discussion and task
In groups of four , discuss and choose a hero. Writing about a hero.


1.Retell the story.

2. Search some information about
Dr Norman Bethune .

3.Writing: Look at the facts about Yuan
Longping and write a passage about him.

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