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Unit 1 复习

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一、词形比较,选词填空: 1) much, many, more, most much 1.He has________ homework to do every day. many 2.There are________ magazines in the library. more 3.I have______money than Jack. most 4.He has the________points in the English test. 2) none, nothing, something, anything
None 1. How many cakes are there in the fridge? _____ anything 2. There isn’t________ in the box, it is empty. something 3. Can I have________ to drink, Mom? Of course. nothing 4. He has______ to do every day, he is very free.

3) music, musical 1.He often listens to________after class. music 2.She likes singing very much,She is a______ girl. musical 4) will, willing

1.We_______go on a school trip next month. will
2.The boy is_________ to help others, he is very willing helpful. 5.sing, song,singer
sings song 1.He likes the________“Sailors”, he often_______it singer before others. He wants to be a________when he grows up.

6) boring, bored 1.The film was very_________, we all felt_______. boring bored 7) cheer, cheerful 1.They are________ for their school team now. cheering 2.He is a_________boy, we all like him. cheerful 8) print, printer 1.He has a good________, it is made in the USA. printer 2.My teacher often_______his articles on the paper. prints 9) good, well, better, best 1.He is a _____boy, he is generous and helpful. good 2.He can play football very_____, he is good at it. well 3.Work harder, and you will get______ results. better best 4.Which do you like_______,cats, dogs or pigs?

10) bad, badly, worse,worst 1.The food is_____________, don’t eat it. bad 2.His team played very_____________in the final badly yesterday, in the end they lost the football match. 3.My father is very ill, today he feels even______. worse 4.The story is the_______of all. It is boring. worst 11) high,height height 1.This is a _______building, its_______is 60 high meters. 12) sport, sporty 1.He likes________,he looks very__________. sport sporty 13) camp,camping 1.I think__________is as interesting as cycling. I camping like to________ in the hill with you this weekend. camp

14) run, running, runner 1.He is a good_________, he likes_______very runner running much,he often________for three hours one day. runs 15) read, reading,reader 1.What are you_______________? English. reading 2.Our school has a________Week every year. Reading 3.They are all the_______of the books by Moyan. readers 16) comfortable, uncomfortable. comfortable 1.Spring is coming, we begin to feel__________. 2.The trip by coach was very boring, we all felt__ . uncomfortable 17) fat, thin fatter /thinner 1.Mike is_____than Tom, Tom is______than Mike. thinner / fatter 18) correct, correctly correct 1.Who can give us a_____________answer ? correctly 2.He answered all the questions_________at last.

19) smile, laugh, smiling 1.My teacher often wears a ________on his face. smile 2.Our English teacher often tells us funny jokes and makes us________ in class. laugh 3.She has big an

dsmiling ____eyes, she looks very pretty. 20) please, pleased, pleasant 1.Open the door,____________. please 2.I am very ______to talk to you about your school. pleased 3.It is a _________trip, we all felt excited. pleasant 21) climbing, climber 1.Look,the_________are _________that highest hill. climbers climbing 22) exciting, excited 1.This is an _______trip, they all felt very_______. excited exciting

23) handsome, good-looking, pretty, beautiful 1. Our garden is very________________. beautiful 2.He is ahandsome/good-looking people like him. ________young man, pretty/beautiful/ 3.The girl is vey_____________, we all like her. good-looking 4.Tom is_________ ,generous and helpful. good-looking/handsome 24) slim, slimmer 1.Lucy is as__________ as Lily. slim 2.She is______________ than I. slimmer 25) miss, Miss misses 1.______Li often ______her mother very much. Miss 26) happy, unhappy happy 1. Are you_________? No, I am sad. unhappy 2.His father looked very_________ because his son didn’t pass the exam.

27) worry, worried 1.When something________me, I often go to him. worries 2.She looked very____because her son didn’t come worried back. 28) popular, unpopular 1. He is a_____singer, people like listening to him to popular sing. unpopular 2.Things made in Japan are______in China now. 29) health, healthy, heathily 1.Smoking is bad for your___________. health 2.I think climbing is the__________activity of all. healthiest healthily 3.If we want to keep fit, we must eat________. 30) in the end, at the end of in the end 1.We won the basketball match___________. 2. We will have some exams ___________this month. at the end of

honest 1.He is an _________(诚实的)boy, he never tells a lie. secrets 2.We must keep____________(秘密)to ourselves. special 3.We have a__________(特别的)friend named Eddie. believe 4.I don’t____________(相信)what he says. magazines 5.We can read many books and________(杂志)from the school library. eyesight 6.She has poor________(视力)because of working on the computer too much at night. smarter /cleverer 7.Eddie thinks dogs are_________(聪明)than people. 8.He has a good ___________(感觉)of humour . sense 9.I will have two weeks_____________(休息). off advertisements 10.There are fewer________________(广告)today.

true 11.He is a _______(忠实的)friend, I like to share things with him. square 12.His brother has a round face but he has a__(方的)face. activities 13.Do you like these outdoor___________(活动)? solve 14.Lucy can help people_________(解决)the problems. social 15.He is a ________(社会)worker. future 16.What do you want to be in the_________(将来)? 17.China is________(闻名)for the Great Wall? famous 18.His father________(同意)with her to be a dancer finally. agreed 19.Don’t be________(紧张不安)before so many people. nervous 20. Can you giv

e me some useful_________(建议)? advice /suggestions 21.She often_______(面带)a smile on her face. wears 22.I have a friend_______(名叫)Tom. named / called



1.喝/吃的东西 something to drink /eat 2.更多一些食物 some more food 3.没有别的东西 nothing else 4.使得我高兴 make me happy 5.保密 keep a secret /secrets 6.分享我的快乐 share my joy 7.某事有问题 have problems with sth. 8.一样苗条 as slim as 9.我最好的朋友之一 one of my best friends 10.愿意做某事 be willing / ready to do sth

1.和某人分享… share…with… 2.任何时间 any time 3.帮助某人做某事 help sb.do / with sth 4.让位给需要的人 give a seat to someone in need 5.想成为一位歌手 want to be a singer 6.周游世界 travel around the world 7.长大成人 grow up 8.有很差的视力 have poor eyesight 9.因为… because of… 10.操作电脑太多 work on the computer too much 12.一样令人兴奋 as exciting as… 13.比…更危险 more dangerous than…

1.使他看起来很聪明 make him look smart 2.有好的幽默感 have a good sense of humour 3.感到无聊 feel bored 4.讲笑话 tell funny jokes 5.使我大笑 make me laugh 6.撞翻… knock…off… 7.走过 go / walk past… 8.想起… think ( thought) of… 9.说其他人的坏话 say a bad word / bad words about others 10.一样危险 as dangerous as… 11.住在隔壁 live next door 12.最困难的… the most difficult…

1.一样有趣 as interesting as… 2.倾听人们的难题 listen to people’s problems 3.帮助人们解决难题 help people solve problems 4.与某人交朋友 make friends with sb. 5.一位社会工作者 a social worker 6.左边的男孩 the boy on the left 7.搬到北京 move to Beijing 8.知道做什么 know what to do 9.知道怎么样做某事 know how to do sth. 10.给某人一些建议 give sb. some advice 11…和…两者都 both…and… 12.某人脸上面带微笑 wear a smile on one’s face


? ?

1.背记生词和短语 2.完成相关练习


一、形容词的用法: 形容词用于描述人或物的特点/性。 用法(一)放在名词前做定语:如:round glasses, short hair, a lazy cat 用法(二)放在连系动词后做表语。(连系动词: be, look, feel, smell, taste, sound) 如:1.Amy is funny and cheerful.

2.He looks sporty.
3.I felt bored. 4.It tastes tasty. 5.The music sounds wonderful.

1.形容词有三个等级:原级/形、比较级(+er)、最高级(the…+est) 2.比较级用于两者间的比较,句型:…形容词的比较级+ (than)… 如:1. She is shorter than I am. 2. My book is more interesting than his book. 3.最高级用于三者或以上比较,句型:…the +形容词的最高级 + of all / in +地点名词 (比较范围短语)。 如:1. He is the tallest b

oy in my class. of all. 2. This is the most expensive printer

5.原级比较句型: 1) as…as… ….与…一样…. 如:She is as slim as I am. 2) 否定形式:not as/so…as… …与…不一样/不如… 如:1. Amy is not as tall as Peter.( = Amy is shorter than Peter. = Peter is taller than Amy.) 2. Hiking is not as interesting as climbing = Hiking is less interesting than climbing.

6.特殊的几点: 1)the +比较级… , the +比较级… 译为:…越… ,…越… 如:The busier the old man is, the happier he is . The bigger the teddy bear is ,the more expensive it is. 2) 比较级叠用现象:比较级+比较级 译为:越来越… 如:1) The boy is becoming taller and taller. 2) The girl is becoming more and more beautiful. 3) 修饰比较级的词:even / much /a little +比较级(better) 4)比较级与最高级的互换 如:He is the tallest boy in my class. = He is taller than any other boy in my class. =He is taller than the other boys in my class. 5) not as…as…与比较级的互换。 如: 1. Amy is not as tall as Peter.(=Amy is shorter than Peter.=Peter is taller than Amy.) 2. Hiking is not as interesting as climbing =Hiking is less interesting than climbing.

三、语言点: 1. something/anything/nothing +形容词+to do sth. (不定代词) 如:I have something important to tell you. There is nothing interesting to see in today’s newspapers 2. some more food 更多一些事物 , 数字+more +名词复数, (再多…) , 如:ten more students 再多十个学生 ,twenty more books再多20本书 3. one of the +最高级+名词复数 ,最…..之一。 如:one of the best students , one of the biggest cities. 4. because + 句子 ,because of + 短语 译为:因为… . 这两个 短语可以互换改为同义句。如: They didn’t go to the park because it rained heavily. = They didn’t go to the park because of the heavy rain. 5. make sb.+ do sth. 使得某人做某事 make sb./ sth.+形容词

如: 1. Her mother often makes her play the piano on Sundays. 2. He can tell funny jokes and often makes us happy. 6. A: What is he like ? B: He is friendly and helpful. 7.have problems with sth. 对某事有问题 如:I have problems with my English. 8. by oneself = alone (靠)自己,独自,单独 for onself 亲自,为自己 如:I learned English by myself ten years ago. She finished the hard work by herself. Go and see for oneself . Can you cook meals for yourselves ,children ? 9.both…and… …和….两者都…/ 既…又 (用于连接两者人或物) 如:1. Both you and I will go to the library together. 2. He is both my best friend and my neighbour.

10) 用于修饰比较级的词:much, even, a little等 如: much better, even worse , a little bigger.


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