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Welcome to the unit

go shopping= do some/ the shopping去购物

I don’t have any money.= I have no money.我没钱。

Here is my wallet 这儿是我的钱包

come with me = fellow me和我一起来

need you to carry all the bags 需要你提所有的包(need sb to do sth 需要某人做某事)

a clothes/flower/gift/shoe/sports shop一家服装/花/礼品/鞋/体育用品店

two toy shops/ two toys两个玩具店/ 两个玩具

ask sb for help 向某人寻求帮助

buy Simon a present= buy a present for Simon给西蒙买一个礼物

buy sb. sth. =buy sth. for sb. 给某人买礼物

Do you have any ideas? 你有一些主意吗?

I'm not sure. 我不能肯定

be interested in sth/ doing sth对某事/做某事感兴趣

You're welcome.= That's OK.= That's all right.=Not at all. 不用谢。


Can I help you ?=What can I do for you ?你需要什么?= What are you looking for ?

just/wait a minute=wait for a short time稍等

take a look(at) = have a look(at) 看一看(……)

How much do they cost?= How much are they? 它们多少钱?

last year's cards去年的卡片 different/all kinds of不同种类的/各种各样的

They match her pink coat.= They go well with her pink coat. 它们和她的粉红外套很相配

match sth (very well )= go well with sth与……搭配

I'll take them我要买下它们

Here's your change. 这儿是你的找零。

Amy has enough money the hair clips. 埃米有足够的钱买发卡(enough 放于名词之前) Jim isn't old enough to go to school. 吉姆年龄不够大不能去上学(enough 放于形容词之后) buy some presents different from Amy's/yours. 买些和埃米/你买的不一样的礼物

The presents cost Amy 19 yuan 这些礼物花费Amy 19元

The presents I want to buy for them are 23 yuan. 我想给他们买的礼物共计23元

Grammar and Integrated skills

Do you have any money? 你有钱吗?

I don't have any money?= I have no money. 我没有钱

There are not any=are no cakes in the bag. 包里没有蛋糕

Would you like some tea ? = what about some tea ? (征求意见的疑问句中用some )

Can I have some oranges ?(征求意见的疑问句中用some )

need some paper cups 需要一些纸杯子

exercise books 练习本

pocket money 零花钱

most of the children=most children大多数孩子

the children in poor areas在贫困地区的孩子们

need books most最需要书

They can learn a lot=much from books. 他们可以从书中学到很多 (learn from each other互相学习) walk a long way to school步行很长一段路到学校

use my pocket money to buy them these things 用零花钱给他们买这些东西

a pair of shoes一双鞋

What's your size?= What size(shoes) do you wear? = what are your feet ?你穿多大号(鞋)?Size 40 try on try it/ them on (代词放中间)试穿 ? 这付眼镜很好看,我可以试一下吗? sth fits sb very well 某物非常适合某人

another pair 另外一双/付/条

The trousers are too long Can I try another pair? 这裤子太长了。我可不可以试一试另一条? Study skills and Task

at a bus stop在公共停车站

five floors of shops五层的商店

on the top floor在顶楼

There are foods from different areas. 有来自不同区域的食物

watch films= see films看电影

a good place to meet friends 会见朋友的好地方

花费种种 这本书多少钱?

I spend 10 yuan on the book.= I spend 10 yuan (in) buying the book

= I pay 10 yuan for the book.= The book costs me 10 yuan. 我花十元钱买了这本书 The book is five yuan.= The book costs five yuan.= The price of the book is five yuan. 这本书五元钱 物(主语)+cost+人+钱

物论贵贱,价格论高低 sth---expensive /dear / cheap price--- high / low


1.there be结构来表达“某地有某物或某人,have表示某人“拥有”

there be结构中,动词be的形式与后面的名词一致。后面的名词如果是可数名词单数或不可数名词,动词be用is;后面的名词如果是可数名词复数,动词be用are.

注意:当there be 后面有两个或两个以上名词时,动词be要与离它最近的名词一致。如: There is a girl and two boys under the tree. 树下有一个女孩和两个男孩。

There are two boys and a girl under the tree. 树下有两个男孩和一个女孩。


Can you pass some sugar to me ?你能递些糖给我吗?

Would you like some drink ?你想喝点饮料吗?

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