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I am tall and I have a long neck. _________ giraffe

I am the tiger’s cousin. _______ lion

I am long and thin. ________ snake

I am big and I have a very long nose. elephant _______

I am brown and I live in the forest. _____ bear

Unit 1 It allows people to get closer to them.

1.技能目标: 通过本节课的学习,写一篇介绍某种濒危 动物现状及如何保护濒危动物的的短文。 2.知识目标: (1)动词不定式在句中作宾补。 (2)哪些动词后可加动词不定式作宾补。 3.情感态度目标: (1)通过课文的学习,增强环境保护意识。 (2)提高保护动物,保护环境的自觉性。

1、教学重点:动词不定式 在句中作宾补以及有哪些动 词可加不定式作宾补。
2、教学难点:通过语句来 体会和理解,进而初步掌握 动词不定式作宾补。

1.为什么许多动物都处于濒危之中? 2.为了保护他们我们能够做什么呢? 3.在这篇保护濒危动物的对话中, 找出动词不定式作宾补的句子,以 及回忆之前我们学过的哪些单词有 这一用法?

Why many animals are in danger
1. Many animals don’t have a safe place to live because villages and farms are growing bigger and are taking away their land and forests. 2. Often there isn’t enough clean water.

What we can do to help
1. Raise some money at school. 2. Find out what else we can do to save as many animals as possible.

….because it allows people to get closer to them. 其中to get closer to them是动词不定式作宾 补。

allow ask

invite teach


1.The doctor advised him B a rest A.not have B. to have C.is having D.haves 2.Our teacher always tells us A hard Ato study B studys C.studying Dto studying 3.Mother asks me C computer games before fishing my homework. A.not play B.to play C.not to play D.to not play

4.Tell him B tomorrow,OK? A.come B.to come C.comes D.is coming 5.Last week our English teacher told us C more information about how to protect the environment. A.get B.got C.to get D.getting 6.All the teachers advise me Bharder. A.work B.to work C.worked D.working

allows danger enough in peace protect raise
Many wild animals, such as pandas, are in protect (1) _______. We need to (2) _______ them! danger Often there is not (3) ________ land or forests, enough so the animals do not have a safe place to live. allows The Wolong Panda Reserve (4) ______ people to get closer to the pandas. And the pandas live (5) ________ there. You can help (6) in peace ____ money to protect pandas and other wild raise animals.

编写一个关于保护濒危动物滇金丝猴 的对话。

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