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Unit 12 词组

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Unit 12 What did you do last


1. go to the cinema

2. go boating

3. camp by the lake

4. go camping

5. go to the beach

6. play badminton

7. last weekend

8. visit my grandma

9. study for the English test

10. feed some cows

11. work as a guide at the Natural History Museum

12. a butterfly house with 200 kinds of butterflies

13. living habits

14. have a good weekend

have good time/have fun

15. kind of=a little=a bit有点儿

16. (all)kinds of 各种各样

17. a kind of 一种

18. stay up late

19. on Saturday

20. on Sunday morning

21. play with sb 和某人一起

22. play with sth 玩……

23. lose his keys

24. run away

25. shout at 冲某人大声喊叫


26. fly a kite

27. swim in a swimming pool

28. finish doing sth

29. high school

30. two weeks ago

31. as a special gift

32. in India

33. take a long bus ride to a the countryside lake in

34. put up our tents

35. make a fire to keep us warm and cook food on

36. on the first night

37. look out of

38. so...that...

39. shout to 对某人大声叫喊


40. wake sb up

41. get a (terrible) surprise

42. jump up and down

43. see an interesting talk show

44. start to do / doing sth

45. see sb do / doing sth


1. What did you do last weekend? We helped my mother cook dinner.

2. Who did she go with?

She went with her classmates.

3. Who visited her grandma?

Becky did.

4. That’s why it’s important to learn a second language.(又一门语言) 注:a+序数词 意思是“又一、再一”

5. What an interesting job they have!

6. We learned how to call the fire station and what to do when there is a fire.

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