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no more than不过,仅仅 sth. need doing某事/物需要被??

once more=once again再一次 neither of两者都不

some more 再来些 neither...nor既不??也不

two more apples=another two apples get nervous感到紧张不安

再要两个苹果 be/feel nervous about/at为??而忐忑不安 at (the) most至多,大不了 Never mind!=It doesn’t matter不必介意 move about/around到处走动 a piece of news一则消息

move away离开,搬走 news on the radio/TV收音机/电视新闻 move on继续向前移动 read a morning/an evening newspaper看晨/晚报 go to the movies=see a film去看电影 in the newspaper在报纸上

how much多少(修饰不可数名词), (报纸本身的内容若是写在报纸上用on) 什么价钱 next time下一次

so much如此多 the year after next后年

country music乡村音乐 next go=beside贴近,在旁边

pop music流行音乐 next door隔壁的,在隔壁

dance music舞曲 look nice (on sb.)(穿在某人身上)看起来好看 light music轻音乐 It’s nice of sb. to do sth.某人做某事好 (all)by myself我独自地 have a nice time玩得高兴

nice and clean很干净

all night (long)整夜

at night在夜里

be named after根据??命名 in the day 在白天

with the name of名叫?? stay up late at night熬夜

call one’s name点名 day and night日以继夜的

last/family name姓 good night晚安

first name名字 have a good night睡得好

full name全名 last night=yesterday evening昨晚 middle name中间名 on Sunday night在星期天夜里

given name名字 nine tenths十分之九

natural food天然食品 no more不再(强调数量和程度上,后接名词) It’s natural for sb. to do... no longer=not...any longer不再(通常放在动词后,强调时间) 对某人来说做??是当然的 no one=nobody没有人

by nature 天生,生性 No smoking/parking禁止吸烟/停车 in nature=on earth性质上 no air or water没有空气和水

(用于否定句、疑问句及含最高级 no mater不管,无论

的句子中,以加强语气,意思是“究竟”) no way没门

be near to=get/be close to接近?? nobody else没有其他人

be far from离??远 nobody interesting没有有趣的人 nearly the same几乎一样 nod to each other互相点头

It’s necessary for sb. to do sth.某人必须做?? give sb. a nod向某人点头

if necessary如果有必要的话 make (a) noise发出噪音

be neck and neck并驾齐驱,不分上下 noise pollution噪音污染

be in need of需要?? make a noise in the world名噪一时 There’s no need for sb. to do sth. at noon中午

某人没有必要做?? at high noon正午时


neither...nor既不??也不 keep off...不要挨着??

North China华北 offer to do提出要做

North America北美洲 offer sb. sth.=offer sth. to sb.向某提供某物 in the north of在??的北部(范围内) post office邮局

on the north of在??北面(接壤) police office警察局

to the north of在??以北(区域外) a doctor’s office诊所

not only...but also...不但??而且 how often多久一次

not at all别客气 as often as possible尽可能经常

not...at all根本不?? old times古时候

ask sb. not to do sth.叫某人别做某事 the old老年人

not...but不是??而是 old friend老朋友

not as/so...as与??不一样 young and old老老少少

leave a note留个纸条 on duty值日

take notes做笔记 on time准时

a thank-you note感谢信 on foot步行

in the notebook在笔记本上 on show/display展览

have nothing to do with...与??无关 once more再来一次

nothing much没有什么事 once or twice一两次

for nothing无报酬,免费地 once upon a time从前

nothing serious没什么严重的事 at once 立刻,马上

take notice of注意 once a week一周一次

notice sb. do/doing sth.注意到某人做/正在做某事 one...the other一个??另一个(用于二者之间) without notice没有通知 one...another一个??另一个(用于三者或者三者以上) in November在十一月 one by one依次地,一个个地

on November 1st在十一月一日 one after another一个接一个地

by now到现在为止 by oneself单独地,独自地

from now on从现在起 enjoy oneself玩得痛快

just now刚才 for oneself为自己,独自地,亲自地 right now=at once/right away立刻,马上 to oneself独自享用

now and then时而,不时 say to oneself自言自语

till/until now=up to now到现在为止 not only...but also...不仅??而且

now that既然 too...to...太??以至于不能??

a (large) number of许多,若干(+可数名词) in the open air在露天,在户外

the number of...??的总数 open up打开,开放

number one头号重要的 have an operation on...在??部分动手术 in order that目的是??,为了??

in order to为了(做某事)

keep good order保持良好次序

of course当然 out of order次序颠倒,不按顺序

of all在所有当中 order sb. to do sth.命令某人做某事 take off脱下,起飞 in order整齐

turn off关掉 other+n.(名词)另一些(泛指其他) tear off撕下 the other(s)另一个(些),其他(的) get off下车 each other互相,彼此

be off duty不当班 every other每隔一个的


on the other hand另一方面 play the piano弹钢琴 quite other完全不可的 pick out选出,选拔

one...another(不定数目中的) pick up拾起,路上搭便车

一个??另一个?? take/have a picnic=go for a picnic=go on a picnic去野餐 one...the other(两者中的)一个??另一个 a piece of一条/张/片/块 some...others(某一范围内的) the Young Pioneers少年先锋队 一些??另一些(但不是全部) Young Pioneer(s)少先队员

some...the others(某一范围内的) take the place of代替(职务,工作) 一些??其他的全部 take one’s place入座,代替 out of在??外,向??外,出于 take place发生,举行 come out出来 take out取出 out of sight看不见 all over浑身,全部,整个 over and over(again)反复,不断地,再三 over there在那边(指较远的地方) all over the world全世界 the Pacific Ocean太平洋 in pairs成双,成对的 a (new) pair of一双(新的),一副(新的) the Summer Palace颐和园 the Palace Museum故宫 the Palace of Culture文化宫 a piece of paper一张纸 beg one’s pardon请某人原谅,请再说一遍 take (an active) part in(积极)参加??活动 in part部分地 part of??的一部分 pass away去世,消失 pass by=go by(时间)过去,从旁边经过 pass on转告 pass...to把??传给 in the past在过去 be patient with sb.对某人有耐心 be patient of sth.容忍某事 pay attention to注意 pay for付??的钱 pay sb. for sth.为??给某人付报酬 pay phone付费电话 make peace (with)同??讲和 answer the phone接电话 pick up the phone拿起电话

in place of代替

place of interest名胜 plan to do sth.打算做某事

make a plan for...为??作计划 by plane乘飞机 take a plane坐飞机 play with玩,玩弄 play chess下棋

play the piano弹钢琴 play football踢足球

play a joke on sb.开某人的玩笑 play tricks on sb.对某人恶作剧 play sports进行运动

be pleased to do sth.乐意做?? be pleased with sth.对??满意 for pleasure为了取乐 with pleasure乐意

take a pleasure in doing sth.对做??感到快乐 to one’s pleasure使某人高兴或满意的是 It’s my pleasure不客气

plenty of大量的,许多的,充足的 point at(含有恶意地)指着 point out指出,强调 point to指向

be polite to sb.对某人有礼貌 be popular with...受??喜爱 as soon as possible尽快 as...as possible尽可能?? if possible如有可能

the Post Office邮政总局

miss the post未赶上邮局收信时间 catch the post赶上邮局收信时间 in practice实际上

out of practice疏于练习 practice doing练习做??


praise sb. for (doing) sth.表扬某人某事 a quarter past two=two fifteen两点一刻 prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. a quarter to two两点差一刻,1点45分 喜欢干??而不喜欢干?? a quarter of an hour一刻钟,15分钟 prefer doing sth. to doing sth. three quarters四分之三

宁愿做??也不做?? out of the question=quite impossible不可能的 prepare sb. to do sth.使某人准备做某事 out of question=certainly毫无疑问

prepare for=get ready for为??做好准备 without question毋庸置疑地

prepare sb. for sth.使某人为某事做好准备 the answer to the question问题的答案 prepare sth. for...为??准备好某事 be quick快点

at present现在,目前 a quick mind头脑灵活

for the present暂时

pretty well相当好,几乎,差不多

prevent sb. (from) doing sth.阻止某人做??

have/take (a) pride in以??为荣,对??感到自豪

with pride自豪地

face a problem面临问题

no problem没问题

settle/work out a problem解决问题

make progress in在??取得进步

make a promise答应,许下诺言

keep a promise遵守诺言

break a promise不守信

be proud of为??而自豪

be proud to do sth.自豪地做某事

provide sb. with sth.=provide sth. for sb.


in public当众,公开地

the public公众,民众

pull out of拨出,拖出

pull...up (from)把??从??中拉上来

push aside把??推到旁边

push on向前推动

push over推倒

push out将??推出去

put away放好

put down放下

put off推迟

put on穿(衣服),戴上(帽子)

put up举起

put one’s heart into全神贯注于??之中

put sb. out使某人失去知觉

put...into English把??译成英语

4 after a quick breakfast很快地吃完早饭 keep/be quiet保持安静 live a quiet life过着平静的生活 quite a few/little相当多的,颇有几个 quite often经常 quite a/ a quite nice horse一匹相当好看的马

have/hold a race进行一场比赛 remember A to B代A向B问好

a 100-meter race100米赛跑 remember to do sth.记住要去做?? the men’s 200 meters race男子300米跑 remember doing sth.记得曾经做过某事 win the race赢了比赛 under repair在修理中

in the race在比赛中 out of repair失修

on the radio通过无线电广播 make repairs修补

by radio用无线电(发射)?? reply to回答

listen to the radio听收音机 make no reply不做答复

turn on/off the radio打开/关掉收音机 in reply to作为??的答复

a radio station广播电台 reply for代表??回答

a heavy rain一场大雨 It’s reported that...据报道

rain hard/heavily下大雨 report sth. to sb.向??汇报

in the rain在雨中 report sb.告发某人

rain drops雨滴 give/make a report做报告

rain cats and dogs倾盆大雨 a report card成绩单

raise one’s hand举手 required doing=require to be done有(被)做的需要 raise a question提出问题 require sb. to do要求某人做??

raise one’s voice提高声音 have a (good) rest=take a rest(好好)休息 raise money for为??筹款 as a result由于,因此

raise prices涨价 without result毫无结果

rather than宁可,倒不如,而不 return to somewhere=come/go back to... rather too稍微??一点 返回到某地

would rather do...than do...宁可??也不愿?? return sth. to sb.=give sth. back to sb prefer to do...rather than do...宁愿??,而不愿?? 归还某人某物

reach for伸手去够,伸手拿 in return for作为对??的回报

read aloud大声朗读 review one’s lessons复习功课

do some reading=read a book看书 a general review总复习

read out 宣读,读出 the rich富人

be/get ready for sth./to do sth.为??做好准备 a rich harvest丰收

get sth. ready做好??准备 be rich in在??方面富有

be always ready to do总是愿意干 ride (on) a bike骑自行车

Receive/get a letter from sb.=hear from sb. about an hour’s ride大约一小时乘车

收到某人的来信 (或骑马)的路程 send and receive messages发送和接收信息 give sb. A ride (to)让某人搭车

break/hold the world record打破/保持世界记录 go bike riding骑自行车旅行

record holder记录保持者 go for a ride in the car开车兜风

as regards关于,至于(常用于句首) turn right向右拐

regard...as把??看作,认为??是?? all right=OK行,好吧

give one’s regards to sb.代某人向??问好 on the right(of...)在(??)右边

feel regret for...对??感到后悔 right away=right now=at once

to one’s regret可惜的是?? 立刻,马上

regret to say遗憾地说(对要说的事情表示抱歉) That’s all right.不用谢,没关系

regret doing/having done sth.后悔做了某事 That’s right.对的,正确的

relax oneself放松自己 human right人权

remain silent保持沉默 right here就在这儿


tell/know right from wrong辨别是非 feel sad感到难过

a key ring钥匙圈 make sb. sad使某人难过

ring sb. up=give sb. ring打电话 be sad about/over为??而悲伤

ring off挂断电话 safe and sound安然无恙

ring back回电话 be safe from danger不会受到危险的伤害 rise up起义,反抗 It’s safe to say so.这样说不会错

rise to one’s feet站起身 keep sth. in a safe place把??放在一个安全的地方 rise from some place从??站起来 in safety安全地

in the/one’s road挡了某人的路,妨碍某人 He came home in safety他安全地回到家 get out of the/one’s road给某人让路,不妨碍某人 go sailing去航海

by road走公路

go along the road沿公路走

in the rock band在摇滚乐队中

play/take on the role of...扮演??的角色

make room for sb./sth.为某人/物让出地方

only standing room仅有立足之地

there’s no more room...没有更多的余地??

look round向四周看

turn round转过身

all round周围

all the year round一年到头

a round-trip ticket往返票

a row of...一排??

in a row排成一排地

in rows排列地,成列地

row across the river划过河

obey/follow a rule遵守规则

break the rule违反规则

according to rule按照规定

by rule按照规则

rule over统治??

as a rule通常,一般说来

run after追赶

run away逃跑

run back跑回来,回顾

run out用完(以物作主语)

run out of sth.用完??(以人作主语)

run into sb.撞上某人

run across偶然碰到

run over跑过去

rush to向??冲去

rush into/out冲进去(出去)

the rush of city life繁忙的都市生活

rush trip匆忙的旅行

6 sail for/to somewhere驶往某地 sail across横渡?? set sail for启航去?? for sale待售 on sale在出售,廉价出售 at the same time同时 the same as与??一致 all the same尽管如此,仍然 the same to you我也如此祝愿你 be satisfied with对??感到满意 satisfy sb. of sth.使某人确信某事 save one’s life救命 save one’s face顾全面子 save up储蓄,贮存 save...for...为??而节省/保存?? that’s to say这就是说,换句话说 It’s said that...据说?? say goodbye/hello/sorry/thanks to sb. 问某人告别/问好/道歉/谢意 say to oneself暗想 It’s hard to say.这很难说 say on说下去 a primary/an elementary school小学 a middle school中学 high school(美)中学 be late for school上学迟到 go to school去上学 go to school来上学 at school在学校,在求学 after school放学后 school day上课日 school play校园剧 school trip郊游 scores of许多,大量 keep the score记分数

at sea在海上(航行) look serious表情严肃

by sea乘船,由海路 serve the people为人民服务

go to sea去当水手 serve up端上(食物,饮料等)

go to the sea去海滨 serve in the army=serve as a soldier在军队服役 sea level海平面 serve a sentence服刑

in search of寻找,试图发现 at sb.’s service听??差遣,听凭某人使用 in the search for/search after/for寻找,探求 on service在服现役

search into调查,研究 in service在使用中

search out搜出,查出 set...free释放

search sb./sh. for sb./sth.在某人/处收查某人物 set about (doing) sth.=set out to do sth. a busy season繁忙的季节

in season当今季的,(指生意)处于旺季

out of season凋谢,在淡季

be seated就座

second to none比谁都好

in a second立刻,马上,一会儿

keep a secret保守秘密

let out a secret泄露秘密

in secret秘密地,私下地

see a doctor看病

see a film看电影

see sb. off为某人送行

see through看透,识破

see a dentist看牙医

see sb. doing看见某人做某事

sell sth. to sb.把某物卖给某人

sell off廉价销售

sell at/for以??价格出售

sell well很好卖

sell out售完,卖光

send sb. away解雇,开除

send for sb.派人去叫??

send out发出,放出

send sb. off=see sb. off送行

send up发射,把??送上去

send a letter/an email to sb.寄信/发送邮件

send a message捎口信


in a sense从某种意义上说

in no sense决不

make sense讲得通,有意义

make sentences with用??造句


be serious about (doing) sth.认真对待??

nothing serious没什么严重的事

开始,着手(做)某事 set off出发,动身 set out出发,开始 set up=build/establish建立,创立 a set of一套,一组,一副 set one’s mind to do一心想做 shake hands (with sb.)(与某人)握手 shake off抖落,摆脱 shake one’s hand=shake sb. by the hand握手 feel shame at对??感到羞愧 share in (joy/troubles)分享(快乐/苦恼) share sth. with sb.和某人分享某物 a black sheep败家子,害群之马 a lost sheep迷途羔羊,误入歧途的人 shine brightly闪闪发光 go shopping=do some shopping购物 shop assistant(英)售货员 a shopping center购物中心 be short for是??的缩写 call...for short简称 in short总之 be short of短缺,缺乏 short wave短波 on one’s shoulder(s)在某人的肩上 shoulder to shoulder=side by side肩并肩 shout at冲着??大嚷 shout to朝??大声喊 (be) on show展览 show sb. around/round带领某人参观某地 show up露面,出席 show sth. to sb.=show sb. sth.把某物给某人看 show off炫耀 show sb. out/in领某人出去/进来 TV show电视节目 talk show访谈节目 7

fashion show时装展 or so大约,左右(位于数字后面) take/have a shower洗澡 and so on等等,诸如此类

shut up闭嘴,住口 just so-so一般般,不过如此

shut off关掉/切断(电源) so...that如此??以致(因而)(that后为结果状语从句) shut the door关上门 so that以便,为的是(引导目的状语从句) shut down把??关上 not as/so...as没有??那样??

be sick of厌恶,厌倦 so+be动词/情态动词/助动词+主语 be sick for one’s home想家 某人也这样(指另一个人或物)

feel sick感到恶心(要呕吐) so+主语+be动词/情态动词/助动词 be/fall sick生病 的确如此(表示同一个人或物)

be sick with患??病 a bar (cake) of soap一条(块)肥皂 ask for a sick leave请病假 soap opera连续剧

in sight在望,被见到(表示被动语态) the Red Cross Society of China中国红十字会 out of sight看不见 soft drink(不含酒精的)清凉饮料 break silence打破沉默 soft ware软件

keep silence/silent保持沉默 some more再来些

in silence静静地 some time一段时间

It’s silly of sb. to do sth.某人做某事是愚蠢的 some times数次

the silver moon银色的月亮 some...some...others一些??一些??另一些 silver hair银发,白发 at times=sometimes有时(常用于句末) be similar to=the same as与??相似 from time to time时不时,时而

Are Chinese similar to Koreans? Somebody else(‘s)别人(的)

中国人和韩国人相像吗? Have something to do with与??有关

ever since从那以后一直 something wrong出毛病(形容词修饰不定代词放在不定代词后) since then从那以后 how soon多久(提问in+时间段) sing an English song=sing a song in English唱英文歌 sooner or later迟早

sing sb. a song=sing a song for sb.为某人唱歌 as soon as一??就

a single ticket=a one-way ticket单程票 as soon as possible (one can)尽快

a single room单人房间 The sooner,the better愈快愈好

remain single保持单身一人 be/feel sorry for doing对??感到遗憾或悔恨

sit down坐下 say sorry to sb.向某人道歉

in some situations在某些情况下 be sorry about sth.为某事感到难过,可怜,惋惜 in a difficult situation陷入困境 be sorry for sb.为某人感到难过

a smaller size更小点的号码 all sorts of各种各样的

what size什么尺寸 sort out整理

just the right size正好合尺寸 in space在空间

all sizes of...各种尺码的?? in one’s spare time在业余时间

go skating去滑冰 have no spare money没有多余的钱 be slow in doing sth.做某事迟钝 speak up/out大胆地说

slow down/up减速 speak highly of高度赞扬

No smoking禁止吸烟 speak for代表??讲话

snow heavily/hard下大雪 speak one’s mind畅所欲言

a heavy=hard/light snow一场大(小)雪 a ten-speed bike一辆10速自行车 make a snowman堆雪人 at a speed of 30 miles an hour以每小时30英里的速度 8

so for到目前为止 speed up加快,加速

spend a weekend度周末 stick to坚持,粘住

spend...on...在??上花钱、时间等(on后加名词) walk with a stick拄着拐杖走

=spend...(in) doing sth.花时间、钱做某事 come to a stop停了下来

in/high/low spirits情绪高涨/低落 stop doing停止做??(正在做的某事) break one’s spirit挫伤某人锐气 stop to do停下来做??(停止一事而去做另一件事) in spirits兴致勃勃(情绪) stop sb. (from) doing sth.阻止某人做某事 in spirit在内心,在精神上 department store(美)百货商店 do/play/have sports进行体育运动 at the stores(英)在百货商店

sports car赛车 in store贮藏着

have/hold a sports meeting开运动会 read/tell a story看(讲)故事

sports ground运动场 nothing strange没什么奇怪的事 early spring早春 be strange to对??生疏,不熟悉 Spring Festival春节 in/on the street在街上

stand up起立 be strict in sth.对某事严格(+表示某事、工作等的名词) stand by和??站在一起,袖手旁观 be strict with sb.对某人严格(+表示人的名词) stand for代表 a strong wind强风

stand against反对 blow strongly强烈地刮风

stand out引人注目,显眼 as strong as a horse身强力壮

stand at attention立正 be strong in=be good at=be clever at(能力)强的,擅长?? stand in line站成一条线 strong tea浓茶

movie/film star电影明星 make a study of研究??

football star足球明星 study the map仔细查看地图

start off动身,出发 succeed in (doing) sth.成功地做了某事

start out启程,出发 such as例如,像??一样的(人或物) start to do/doing开始做某事 such...that如此??以致

to start with首先,作为开始 such...as+从句(as引导的是定语从句),像??一样的人或物 the United States美国 such...as to这样??以便/以致(引导结果状语) in/into a state处于激动或焦躁的情绪中 tea with/without sugar加/不加糖的茶 a bus station公共汽车站 suggest doing sth.提议做某事

a fire station消防站 make a suggestion提建议

a weather station气象站 in the sun在阳光下

a police station警察局 under the sun天下,世界上

a TV station电视台 the morning midday/evening sun旭日/午日/夕阳 live on a space station住在空间站 keep off the sun避开阳光

stay at home待在家里 have supper吃晚饭

stay away from与??保持距离,不在,缺席 have a good supply of sth.备有大量的?? stay up熬夜 cut off the supplies停止供应

stay+形容词(stay为系动词),保持某种状态 supply sb. an answer向某人提供答案 stay healthy保持健康 supply sb. with sth.=supply sth.for sb.给某人提供某物 make a short stay短暂,停留 be supposed to do理应做??,应当做??

steal sth. From sb.=steal one’s thing从某人处偷东西 suppose sb. to do认为某人做某事 step by step逐步地 suppose sb. to have done推测/猜测某人已经做了某事 out of step步调不一致/合拍 be sure to do sth.一定做,务必做 step up走上前来 be sure+that(从句)确定,确信 9

stick to one’s words遵守诺言 be/feel sure of sth.对??有把握 make sure务必,确定,弄清

in surprise惊奇地

be surprised at (doing) sth.对??感到惊奇

to one’s surprise使某人吃惊的是

sweep the floor扫地

go swimming去游泳

have a swim游泳

swimming pool游泳池

have/take one’s full swing自由行动,不受拘束

in full swing活跃,正在全力进行


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