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可可英语(www.kekenet.com) 让学英语更简单

第一节Text 1W: Congratulations! I hear you are going to join the army.M: Thanks. But actually, it's my twin brother who's going to join the army. I am going to university. I wish to be a lawyer in the future.

Text 2W: Dad, can we go to the shop? I want to buy some sweets.M: There are so many other wonderful things you can buy. Why not buy a book or some pencils?

Text 3W: Where's Jane? It's 2:15.M: Yeah. We planned to meet here at two o'clock. Maybe she missed the train.W: I can wait for another fifteen minutes. But then, I have to leave.M: Okay, let's wait until 2:30.

Text 4M: Hey, Jenny, you still play basketball?W: Sometimes.M: Well, we are playing basketball tonight at the park. Will you join us?W: Oh, I can't. I am working tonight. I just got a job at a bookstore.

Text 5M: Good morning, may I help you?W: I'd like to rent a car, please.M: Okay. Full size, mid-size or small size, madam?W: Small size, please. What's the rate?M: 78 dollars a day.

第二节Text 6M: Hi, I'm Martin. Are you new here? I haven't seen you around.W: Yes, I only started on Monday.M: Great! So what department are you in?W: Housekeeping.M: Oh, yeah. I work on reception.W: I see. Are you American?M: No. I'm from Sydney, Australia. How about you?W: I'm from Brazil. How long have you been here in Singapore?M: Nearly three years now. I like it here a lot.

可可英语(www.kekenet.com) 让学英语更简单W: Me, too.Text 7W: And finally the weather. Tonight we'll be cool and cloudy in most parts of the country with some showers in the north. The temperature will be cool, around eleven degrees. The wind will get stronger overnight, bringing a fresh bright morning, clear skies and a hot sunny day all over. The temperature in the south will hit twenty-three degrees in the early afternoon, but lower in the north, around twenty degrees. The temperature will cool off in the early evening, dropping to around fifteen degrees, but still clear and warm. So a good day for an evening barbeque. That's all for now. Good night.

Text 8W: John, just a few questions on your motivation. I know you've developed your business with local people. What made you do that?M: Well, I've always tried to employ local people to help the local industry. But because we are not provinces of Spain with little unemployment, I have to use people from outside the area, too.W: What about management style? Are you a hard manager, John?M: No, I don't think so. I've got strong character and as a manager, I am strong, but when I need to fire people, I give them five or… ten more chances.W: And what's the future for you? What will keep you going?M: For business, well, a new vice president joined the company two weeks ago, so I can devote more time to customers and new products. And privately, I have decided to improve my quality of life. I am thinking of taking every Wednesday afternoon off. This means I can do some training courses, more relaxing activities.

Text 9M: Welcome to Sherwood Holiday Village. We hope you'll enjoy your holiday with us. The sports complex is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and is available for tennis, badminton and bowling. You can hire equipment for just four pounds. Coaching is available at ten pounds per hour, but you must book in advance. If you enjoy competition, there will be a variety of games throughout the week. Please write your name on the notice board if you are interested. And if you need something to drink after a game, you can purchase fruit juice, mineral water and other drinks from the bar. Just to remind you that appropriate shoes must be worn in the sports complex. Next to the sports complex is a swimming pool. If you want to look your best in the pool, our sports shop has a wide range of designed swimming wear. For good meals, you can go to the Sherwood Restaurant. If you'd like to try the buffet, you can have a good meal for just eight pounds. If you prefer to eat in, you can purchase food from the mini market. The bread, fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered to

可可英语(www.kekenet.com) 让学英语更简单 the mini market daily. For all inquiries, please come to the reception desk and we'll be glad to assist.

第三节Text 10W: Hello, Home & Office Supplies. Can I help you?M: Yes, it's Thompson Electronics here. We have an account with you.W: Oh, yes. How can I help?M: We've just had some printers delivered, but they are the wrong ones.W: Oh, dear. I do apologize for the mistake.M: I don't know how you could have got it wrong. We order from you all the time.W: I know. But unfortunately, we've been having a problem with our computer system.M: Well, how can we sort this out?W: Could you bear with me a moment please? Ah, yes, I have the order here. You want 25 HW3C56 printers. Is that correct?M: Yes, that's right. But you sent us 25 HW56 instead.W: I see. I'll sort it out right away and we'll post the order special delivery.M: Thanks.W: I'll put a $300 credit on your account to make up the inconvenience as well. Is that all right?M: Oh, that's very nice. Thanks.


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