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可可英语(www.kekenet.com) 让学英语更简单现在你有5秒钟的时间看试卷上的例题。

例:What is the man going to read?A. A newspaper. B. A magazine. C. A book.答案是A。你将听到以下内容:M: Can I read your newspaper, Jane?W: Didn’t you bring your book with you?M: Yes, but it was not very interesting.W: OK, here you are. I’ll read the magazine.你将有5秒钟的时间作答。该男士想阅读的是报纸,所以正确选项为A。现在你有5秒钟的时间阅读第一小题的有关内容。

1.W: Normally, we supply 3 colors only, black, blue and red.M: But we really want green ones.W: In that case, it will be more expensive.

2.M: Are you finished with the newspaper, Mary?W: Almost. Here, you can take the news section. And the entertainment section’s in the living room.M: Oh, I just want to read the sports section.

3M: I need a summer job that will give me some exercise.W: How about being a life guard?M: Life guards don’t swim that much. They usually just sit.W: Well then, you could be a swimming coach, or a tour guide.M: Tour guide is a good idea. I’d walk all day.

4.M: Are you going on holiday with your brother again this year?W: Yes. He’s coming home from Canada tomorrow.M: Where are you going?W: I’ve already booked a hotel in Turkey, but my brother wanted to go to Italy, so I hope he doesn’t mind.

5.W: I thought it was a great movie – so visually exciting and sharks look really scary at times.M: I hated to admit it, but it made me jump a bit of times too. I guess rec

可可英语(www.kekenet.com) 让学英语更简单ent advances in camera technology helped.

6至7M: Hello, 6632278.W: Hi, Jack. It’s me, Ann. I wasn’t at school today. Have we got any homework to do for tomorrow?M: Let me see. Well, we’ve got to do the math problems on Page 40 in our textbook.W: All right. I’ve got it.M: Then, we have to go on with our reading for English. The history teacher wants us to read the chapter on the History of London for tomorrow, and write down the most important dates and events in that chapter.W: Anything else? Ah…ah, music?M: No, we haven’t any music homework, but the science teacher is giving us a test on Friday, so we have to study for that.W: Oh no. I’m so bad at science. I hate it. Thanks, Jack.M: Don’t mention it. See you tomorrow.


M: Still feeling ill?W: Yes. And that medicine hasn’t helped. Not a good start to our vacation, I’m afraid.M: Do you have any idea what caused it?W: Well, I thought it might be last night’s dinner.M: But I am fine. Could it be the heat? It’s enough to make anyone ill.W: I know. But we’ve been here a week now. Anyway, I’ve been careful in the sun and I’ve been drinking bottled water.M: Then we’d better stay in the hotel today.

10至12M: Well, do you have anything planned for this Saturday?W: Er, I’m kind of busy. Why do you ask?M: I was wondering if we could get together and do something, like going to a concert or taking a walk by the lake.W: I’d love to, but I’m really busy this weekend.M: That’s too bad.W: I have promised to help with the cleaning of the house at 10:30 in the morning. And then, I have an appointment with the dentist at 12:30 pm.M: How about after the dentist’s appointment?W: Then, I’ll have to meet Jim at 4:30 pm to help him with the science project due on Monday morning.

可可英语(www.kekenet.com) 让学英语更简单M: OK, then, maybe some other time.

13至15Well, we are now looking at ways of making shopping less tiring. You know, a day at the shops wears people out. And we considered a number of ideas. Carrying shopping around is very tiring, and we looked at ways to avoid that. We thought of hiring out small electric-driven cars to shoppers, but we came up against problems of space. There just isn’t enough room. We also thought about those moving walk ways, like the ones you see at the airports. We decided it against them though, because they require a major redesign of the whole center. What we have actually come up with is a new technology where you buy what you want and then just leave it on the shelf. That way, you don’t need to carry your heavy shopping around with you all day. When you want to go home, our computer system automatically sends everything you’ve bought to your exit point, and you pick it up there.


W: Good morning, Sir. Can you help me?M: What’s wrong?W: My daughter is missing. I can’t find her anywhere.M: OK, calm down. I’m going to help you to find her. How long ago did she go missing?W: About one hour ago. At 4 o’clock, perhaps. I’ve been looking for her for almost an hour now.M: And where did you last see her?W: We were just shopping in the vegetable section. I turned around and she was gone.M: What’s her name?W: Melissa. M-E-L-I-S-S-A. She’s only five. She doesn’t speak Spanish.M: OK. What does she look like?W: She has dark brown hair. She’s thin and small for her age.M: OK. What is she wearing today?W: Blue shorts and a pink T-shirt. She has a hat on too, I think.M: Don’t worry. Everything is going to be OK.W: What should I do?M: Stay right at the front of the store in case she comes looking for you. We will start looking for her now.


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