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unit 8 section B Lesson 1

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Match the phrases with the similar meanings. cheer up hand out clean up give out come up with put off call up set up remove(除去) dirt from somewhere to make sb. happy give sth to a lot of people think up ring up; give sb. a ring.; phone sb. start; establish change sth to a later time or date to give the number of things to the number of people

1a Match the sentences with similar meanings.

b c a d

1. 2. 3. 4. a. b. c. d.

I’ve run out of it. I take after my mother. I fixed it up. I gave it away. I repaired it. I don’t have any more of it. I am similar to her. I didn’t sell it.

Explanation for Section B
1. run out of = use up “用完”、“卖光”。常接精力、

某种资源的人或设备。 I am running out of my money.= My money is running out of. We are running out of the gas. = Our car is running out of the gas.

注意:run out “ 用完、耗尽”,不能用于被动语态。
My money has run out. Could you lend me some ?

2. I fixed desk up.

fix up = repair(修理); fasten(安装)
3. give away 赠送;颁发; The headmaster gave away the prizes at the school sports day. 4.take after (在外貌性格等方面)与(父母、长辈) 相像 Jim takes after his father. They both are outgoing. 5.repair 动词,修理;纠正、补救 It was too late to repair the damage done the their relationship. repair 名词,修理;修补;修缮 I took my bike in for repair.

6.Similar 形容词,相像的;相似的;类似的 1) be similar to sb./ sth. My teaching style is similar to that of most teachers. 2) be similar in sth The two houses are similar in size.

Make sentences (1b: P63)

1 .

I gave away my old picture books to the poor children in the poor villages.


The girl spent most of her money on clothes and ran out of her money before her mother came to see her.


Lily and Lucy both take after their mother.


My bike has broken down, so I will have it fixed up. have sth. done 让某人做…

2a Listen and number the pictures in the correct order.






Listen again and circle “T” (for true) or “F” (for false).

1.Jimmy fixes up bicycles.


2.Jimmy sells bikes.


3.Jimmy takes after his mother. T F

4.Jimmy has run out of money. T F

What do you do, Jimmy? I fix up bikes and give them away.

◇Bike Boy------Jimmy

1.He finds or buys old bikes. 2.He fixes them up and give them away. ◇ But he has trouble now. He is unhappy. He has run out of money to get old bikes.

Brainstorm(集思广益 )
Let’s come up with some ways of getting money to help Jimmy, the bike boy.
△6 team, 2 ways each.(6组,每组两条方 法)

△ Team leader collects the paper.(组长 收纸条)

How did Jimmy himself solve(解决) this problem?
Listen and choose(听力选择) 1. He did a radio interview. 2. He put up some signs. 3. He borrowed money from parents.. 4. He called up all his friends.

5. He handed out advertisements. 6. He got help from the police.

7. He told the teachers at school.

Read and make sure(朗读并确定) .

Jimmy’s 5 ways: (5种方法)
1. He did a radio interview. 2. He put up some signs. 3. He called up all his friends. 4. He handed out advertisements. 5. He told the teachers at school. How did the 5 ways work? (Read and find) 1. They worked out fine. 2. He now has 16 bikes. Explain the text. Read the text.

Listen again and fill in the blanks.(听力并默 填空) Last week everyone was trying to ______up cheer Jimmy, the Bike Boy. But this week, Jimmy is happy again. On Monday he told a radio interviewer that he had run out ofmoney to buy old _______ put up bikes. He also _____ some signsasking for _______ old bikes and called up all his friends and told then handed out about the problem. He even ________ advertisements at a local supermarket. Then he told the teachers at school about his problem and they set up a call-in center for parents. The _____ strategies that he came up with worked out fine. ____ __ He now has sixteen bikes to fix up and give away ________ to children who don’t have bikes.

1. try to do sth 2. cheer sb. up

尽力做某事 使某人高兴 电台记者 用光 张贴标语 要求 打电话 告诉某人关于 分发广告 在当地一家超市 建立呼叫中心 结果很好 赠予

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

a radio interviewer
run out of put up signs ask for sth call up sb tell sb about sth

9. hand out advertisements 10. at a local supermarket 11. set up a call-in center 12. work out fine 13. give away

1. means (单复数同形) “方式;手段;方法” This is a good means. These are good means. 词组:by means of by all means by no means

2. way (复数:ways)

“方法;路” on the way (to) by the way in the way 挡道 3.stratege 策略 stratege for doing sth stratege to do sth

2.Last week everyone was trying to cheer up Jimmy, the Bike Boy.
上周所有人都尽量让单车男孩吉米高兴起来。 try to do sth. 意思是“尽力去做某事”,但不强调所做的事是否 成功。 Try to finish your work on time, please! 请尽量按时完成你的工 作!
? 类似表示“尽力做某事”的词组还有下列两种:

? ? ?

try doing sth.
表示“试着去做某事”。 Yesterday the old man tried opening the door. 昨天这位老人试着把门打开了。

3....and called up all his friends and told them about the problem.
给他所有的朋友打电话告诉他们他的 问题。 ① call up 表示“给……打电话”, 后面接指人的单词。 Did the boy call up you just for a chat. 这个男孩给你打电话只是为了聊天吗? call up 使人想起 The sound of happy laughter called up memories of his childhood. “给……打电话”的常见说法还有: ② give …a call They were giving their teacher a call when I got there. 我到那时,他们正在给他们的老师打电话。

③ ring up Did you

ring up your father last week? 上周你给你的父亲打电话了吗? ④ give …a ring Do you know who gave Zhang Hua a ring an hour ago? 你知道一小时前谁给张华打电话了吗?
⑤ telephone / phone…up Telephone up me as soon as you arrive in Shanghai . 你一到上海就给我打电话。 ⑥ telephone /phone (to)… Will you please telephone to the policeman?


? 4.work out 1)计算,算出 work out the answer ? 2)找到 ……的答案;解决 work out a problem=solve ? 3)计划,思考 work out a plan/ way of doing sth ? 4)成功的发展 My first job didn’t work out .

Groupwork (4:P64)
1. I will pick up the litter in the park near my home. Then the paths will become clean and beautiful.

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