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牛津7A Unit5 Reading(1)

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pretty adj. 漂亮的, 美丽 的

match vt. 与……相配

cheap adj. 便宜的

expensive adj. 昂贵的

How much is it ?
It ’s 100 yuan . = It costs 100 yuan. (值··多少钱;花费) ·· ··

last year


this year


a discount on


1. Who does Amy buy a present for? Simon and Sandy.


2. What does Amy buy for them? Stickers and hair clips. B

Read the first part and then fill in the table.
new cards
old cards football stickers

10 yuan
6 yuan 5 yuan

buy them or not no no yes

Read the second part and answer the following questions.

1. What present does Amy want to buy for Sandy ?

Some hair clips and a CD.
2. Can she buy a CD for Sandy? Why?

No ,she can’t. Because she doesn’t have enough money.
3. How much do the hair clips cost?


1 just a minute (line 4) 2 cost (line 6) 3 expensive (line 8)

f a e d b c

4 discount (line 9) 5 match (line 21) 6 enough (line 27)

a. have a price of b. go well with c. as much as you want or need d. a cut in price e. having a high price f. wait for a short time

Task 3

Choose the correct letters according to the dialogues.

1 Amy wants to buy Simon c





2 This year’s football cards cost c . a b


3 Amy bought Simon b .



4 Sandy likes b . a b c

5 Sandy’s present costs b a b c


6 Amy bought Sandy c
a b


Task 4
1. Amy wants to buy some basketball cards football and stickers for Simon. ( F )
Last 2. This year’s cards only cost ¥6 because there’s a discount on them. ( F )

3. Amy doesn’t buy this year’s cards because ( T ) they are expensive.

4. Amy wants to buy some hair clips for Sandy because she’s sure Sandy will like them. ( T )
5. Amy doesn’t buy a CD because she doesn’t ( F ) have enough money. like CDs. 6. The birthday presents cost Amy ¥14. ( T )

Task 5
Fill in the blanks according to the dialogues .

In the first shop, Amy wants to buy some
football cards and stickers for Simon .The price of _____ the football cards is ___ yuan. Amy thinks they’re 10 too_________. The shopkeeper says there is a expensive ______ discount on last year’s cards. They’re only 6 yuan. But Amy _______to buy new cards. At last, she wants

buys some football stickers. They cost _____her 5 yuan.

Fill in the blanks according to the dialogues. In the second shop, Amy wants to buy

_________ and a _______for Sandy. She knows hair clips CD Sandy likes hair clips and listening to music. But
she has only _______yuan. After she spends 9 15 yuan buying the hair clips, she doesn’t have _________ money to buy her a ________. Amy enough CD thinks the pretty hair clips will ______ Sandy’s match favourite T-shirt.

Group work
四人或六人一组讨论售货员和顾客所说的 话,一位同学把句子写在纸上。比一比哪一组 写的最多! shopkeeper customer(顾客)
1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. …



Useful Expressions About Shopping (购物的表达方式)

1. Can I help you?/What can I do for you? 2. Take/have a look. 3. Just a minute.

4. There’s a discount on last year’s cards.

1. I want to buy… 2. I’m looking for… 3. How much do/does … cost? 4. That’s quite expensive. 5. I don’t have enough money to buy…. 6. I’ll buy it. 7. I’ll take them.


Task 6 : Make a new dialogue: Christmas is coming . You want to buy a present for her. Make a dialogue with your partner. Try to use the new words and phrases.

A: Can I help you?/ What can I do for you ?

B: I’m looking for …
A: Just a minute .

B: How much do/does …cost ?
How much is/are...?

A: It costs …/ They cost …
It is...../ They are...

B: …expensive.
A: There’s a discount on…

B: Ok , I’ll take / buy …

Read and act out the dialogues on Page 76.
Surf the Internet to find more shopping expressions.

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