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Unit13 Rainy days make

me sad.


2aListen and number the pictures [1—4] in the order that you hear them.


Waiting for her___________ made me angry.

(√)the things

that Tina and John said. 再听并核对蒂娜和约翰所说的事情。√Waiting for her made me angry.√She said that loud music made her tense.Loud music makes me happy.√Loud music always makes me want to dance.√It was so sad that it made us cry.√Sad movies don’t make me cry. They just make me want to leave!

It made me sad.







have funas usualGirl:Well, John…Yes and no. Boy: Was Amy late ________ ?

waiting for her made me angry.Girl:Yes , she was. And _________________________.

Boy:Where did you go?

Girl: First we went to the Rockin’s Restaurant , but Amy didn’t loud tensewant to stay. She said that ____ music made her ____ .

always want to danceBoy:That’s funny. Loud music _____ makes me __________ .

quietGirl:Me too.So then we went to the Blue Lagoon. It was _____ and greatthe food was _____. We had a good time.

concerthighBoy:Then did you go to the ______ at the _____ school?

decided to go to the moviesGirl:No.We ____________________ . We saw Remember Me

Forever.It was __________ movie, but it was ____ sad ____ it made a really goodso that us cry….


?John:Did you have fun with Amy last night?Tina:Well…yes and no. She was really late.John:Amy was late as usual, wasn’t she?Tina:Yes, she was. John:And waiting for her made me angry?Tina:Yes, it made me angry.John:What did you do?Tina:First we went to the Rockin’Restaurant.John:Did you stay long there?Tina:No, we didn’t because Amy didn’t want to stay. John:Why?Tina:She said that loud music made he tense.John:That’s strange. Loud music always makes me excited and want to dance.Tina:Me too.

?John:So then you went to the Blue Lagoon as usually, didn’t you?

?Tina:yes, you guess right.

?John:It was quiet and the food was great there. Did you have a good time there?

?Tina:Yes, we did.

?John:Where did you go then?

?Tina:I wanted to go to the concert at the high school. But Amy didn’t like to go there. We decided to go to the movies.

?John:What movie did you watch?

?Tina:We saw Remember Me Forever.

?John:It was a really good movie, wasn’t it?

?Tina:Yes, it was, but it was so sad it made us cry.?John:Sad movies make me want to leave!?Tina:You behave just like my brother!


Look at activities 2a and 2b. Role play the conversation between Tina and John.Use the example to begin your converation. 看活动2a和2b

Loud music That movie

Talk about how the different kinds of weather make you feel.Weathrainy



关于make的短语:?make sb.tense?make sb. relaxed?make sb. sad ?make sb.stressed?make sb.

uncomfortable ?make sb. angry=make sb annoyed?make sb. happymake sb. want to leavemade sb. crymake sb. look goodmake sb. eat fastmake sb. make money

make food???????


The movie was so sad that it made us cry.


He runs so fast that nobody can catch up with him.so…that 和so that 他跑得是如此之快以致于没有人能赶上他.

so that :

?为了…,引导目的状语,与in order that 相近,如:

He got up very early so that he could catch the first bus.他起得那么早是为了能够赶上早班车.

2. 相当于so…that ,表示“结果…”, “以致于…”

He got up very early so that he caught up with the first bus.

enough (for sb.) to do

so\such…that too….(for sb.) to do 如此…以致于

1.He is old enough to go to school.

2. He does so badly that he can’t join the League.

3.The box is so heavy that I can’t carry it.He does too badly to join the league.\He doesn’t do well enough to join the league.

4. Jim got up so late that he missed the early bus.The box is too heavy for me to carry.\The box isn’t light enough for me to carry.

Jim got up too late to catch the early bus.\Jim didn’t get up early enough to catch…\Jim got up late enough to miss the early 5. The teacher spoke so fast that we didn’t bus.The teacher spoke too fast for us to understand.\understand him.The teacher didn’t speak slowly enough for us to understand.It is so interesting a story\such an interesting story that everyone… 6. The story is so interesting that everyone likes it.The story is interesting enough for everyone to like.

in order to do….so that= in order that so as to do…. 以便,常与情态动词连用。


Jim got up early so as to\in order to catch…..

2. She works harder and harder so that she can find a good job in the future.

3.Many trees are planted every year so that they can stop the wind from blowing the rich land away.=Many trees are planted every year in order to\so as to stop the land from blowing the rich land away.4.We are supposed to sweep the floor so that we can keep our classroom clean and tidy.

=We are supposed to sweep the floor in order to keep our classroom clean and tidy.She works harder and harder in order to\so as to find a good job in the future.

练习:用so, such, such a(an)填空:



(3)Itis________such aninterestingfilmthatIwanttoseeitagain.







The pair of trousers is so long that he can’t wear it.


There is so much noise there that I cannot hear what she is talking about.


They ran sofast thatwe couldn’t catch\keep up with them.They ran toofast for us tocatch up with.

They didn’t run slowly enough for us tocatch up with.


The boy is so young that he can’t join the army.

The boy is too young to join the army.

The boy isn’t old enough to join the army. He is such a young boy



7.这房子太小,他们不能住。The rain was too heavy for us to go to the meeting.It rained so heavily\hard that we couldn’t go to the meeting.The chair is so dirty that we can’t sit on.\The chair too dirty for us to live on.\The chair isn’t clean enough to live on.The house is too small for them to live in.\

The house isn’t big enough for them to live in.\

8.Tom努力学习功课,以便学到更多的知识。Tom works hard at his lessons so that he can learn more knowledge.Tom studies his lessons hard so as to\in order to learn more knowledge.The house is so small that they can’t live in it.

你最想去那两个餐馆中的哪一个?Which of the two restaurants would you most like to go to ?


Soft music and nice pictures make him relaxed.


Loud music makes her and me tense and uncomfortable.


I’d like to go to the farther restaurant because I like to listen to quiet music while eating.5.我同意你所说的话。I agree with what you said\have said.


-Did you have fun with Amy last night? –Yes and no.



-Did she arrive late as usual? –Yes.Waiting for her for a long time made me (feel) angry.3. 电影如此的忧伤,以至于让我们流泪了.最后,我们决定马上离开.The movie was so sad that it made us cry. At last \In the end\Finally we decided to leave at once.4. 那台电视太贵,我们买不起.

The TV is so dear that we can’t afford (to buy) it.

It is such an expensive TV that we can’t afford it.5. 她说他听起来像她的哥哥.

She said that he sounded like her brother.

Thank you forlistening.

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