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bit和a little区别

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bit和a little都作"一点儿"讲,但用法不同。

1)a bit和a little在肯定句中修饰动词、形容词、副词和比较级时可以互换,表示"一点儿"的意思。例如: He is a little/a bit fat.

2)a bit和a little在否定句中的意思恰恰相反,not a bit相当于"not at all"(一点儿都不);not a little相当于"very(much)"或"extremely"(很、非常)。

例如: She is not a bit tired.(=She is not tired at all.)她一点都不累。

3)a little可以直接作定语修饰名词,而a bit则要在后面加of构成短语才能作定语,两者都只能修饰不可数名词。例如: There is a little/a bit of food left for lunch. 午饭只能吃剩下的一点食品了。

.many, much, (a) few, (a) little

a. many, (a) few 只用于可数名词前,much, (a) little 只用于不可数名词前,如: many (a few, few) books much (a little, little) water

b. a few (= several) 和a little (= some) 含肯定意义;

few (= not many) 和little (= not much)含否定意义。few, a few, little, a little 虽然都表示“少”,但

(1)few, a few是可数的, little, a little是不可数的。

一: 1.few修饰可数名词复数。 2.few (= not many; hardly any)含否定意义;a few (= some; several; a small number of) 含肯定意义。 3. not a few = no few = quite a few = a good few = many。 4. 当 few受 every, last, past, next, some, very等词所修饰时,表示肯定意义,few之前不再有冠词。如: In the last few minutes, he checked up his paper again. It took us some few days to repair the machine. They are very few in number. There were too few of them. He goes to see his grandma every few weeks. 5. 在非正式文体中很少见,一般用或代替,如: Only a few people attended the meeting. 另外,little / a little Little remains to be done about it. (作主语) A little remains to be done. Please give me a little. (作宾语) He knows a little of everything. There is very / but little time left. (作定语) Don’t worry; you still have a little time. 1. little修饰不可数名词,表示“量”。 2. little含否定意义(反义词:much);a little含肯定意义(反义词:none)。 3. 在非正式英语中,一般很少用little,常用not much, only a little来代替,如: We haven’t got much money / time. much和many都是很多的意思。 much修饰不可数名词,如I don't have much money. many修饰可数名词,如many books, many people…… lots + of = a lots of. 后接可数、不可数名词皆可。 a lot = very much. 很,非常。通常放在肯定句句末。 quite a few 相当多。 比如:Quite a few of the students were late。不少学生迟到了。 但是因为是a few,所以+可数名词 quite a little许多、相当多。=much 但是语气较much等词更加强烈,可作为加强语气的短语使用。 quite a bit 和quite a lot 这两个在英语上的解释是:If you've got quite a bit of something, or quite a lot of something, you have a fairly large amount of it.其实也就是相当多,很多的意思。比如: George made quite a bit of money in his first business, but instead of retiring young, he went on to make quit

e a lot more. If you want to learn to play the piano, you'll need to spend quite a lot of money on lessons, and spend quite a bit of time practising. 望采纳

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