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Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?

Section A

1. 2.

4. 5. 6.

在桌子上 on the table 在书架里 in the bookcase 在椅子下面 under the chair 在我的书包里 in my schoolbag 在沙发上 on the sofa 在你的书桌下面 under your desk

A: Is the book on the sofa? B: Yes, it is.

1.正确使用借此on,in,under描述物品所在 的位置。 2.正确使用where引导的特殊疑问句询问物 品的位置: Where`s……? It`s……. Where`re……? They`re…….

Guess the things and say them in English.





表示方位的介词 in 在…… 里面 on 在……上(有接触) under 在……下

--Where is the mouse? --It is in the box. --Where is the mouse? --It is under the box. --Where is the mouse? --It is on the chair.


Where’s the baseball? It’s under the chair.

Where are the apples?
They’re on the table.

Where are the books?
They’re on the sofa.

A: Where are the pencils? B: They are in the schoolbag .

Look at the following pictures, and make dialogues with your partner.

-- Where is…? -- It’s under/ on/ in…

-- Where are…? -- They’re under/ on/ in…

Tommy: Where are my books? Mother: They’re on the sofa. Tommy: How about my pencil case and my baseball? Sister: They’re in your backpack. Tommy: OK. And where’s my computer game? Sister: Your computer game? It’s under your bed.

Father: Great. Now where are my keys?
Tommy: Oh, they’re on the dresser.

1.– Where’s…? ……在哪? -- It’s under/ on/ in… 它在…下面/上面/里面。

-- Where are…? ……在哪? -- They’re under/ on/ in… 它在…下面/上面/里面。

Grammar Focus
Where’s the baseball ? It’s in the backpack.

Where’s my computer game?
Where are your books? Where are his keys? Where are her keys?

It’s under the bed.
They’re on the chair. They’re on the dresser. They’re on the table.

A: Is the book on the sofa? B: Yes, it is.

2a Listen and number the things







2b. Listen again, number the things in the picture
1 2


3 4
5 6 2




2. -- Is it under/on/in…? 它在…下面/上面/里面吗? -- Yes, it is./No, it isn’t。 是的,它在。/不,它不在。 3. -- Are my books on the chair? 我的书在椅子上吗? -- Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t. 是的,它们在。/不,它们不在。 或-- I don’t know. 我不知道。


Guess: Where is/are the…?
clock books footballs telephone plant apples

--Where is my computer? -- Is it on the dresser? --No, it isn’t. It’s on the bed.

3a. Put these sentences in order to make a conversations.
2 ___ I don’t know. 3 ___ Is it on the dresser? 4 ___ No, it isn’t . 1 ___ Where’s the bag?

3b. Practice the conversation in the picture above

Picture 1

Picture 2

Find the differences


Picture 1

Picture 2

backpack baseball pencil case


1. 在抽屉里面 in the drawer ________________ under the table ________________ ________________ on the dresser 在地板上 ________________

2. 在桌子底下
3. 在柜子上面

4. on the floor
5. under the tree

在树下 _________________

在背包里 6. in the backpack _________________

请根据图片提示完成对话,每空一词 (含缩写)。 1. A: Where’s your computer? _______ B: It’s __________ . on the desk 2. A: ____ the baseball on the table? Is B: No. It’s ______________ . under the table

Are 3. A: _______ the keys on the dresser? B: No. They are in _________ the drawer. 4. A: __________ her Where are dictionaries? B: They are on the chair ___________ .

5. A: Where is the cat? _______ B:____ is _______ the tree. under It

从Ⅱ中找出与Ⅰ相对应的句子 Ⅰ ( D )1. Is the boy your brother? ( E )2. Where is his hat? ( A )3. Is her photo in the drawer? ( B )4. Who's that old woman? ( C )5. Where are my shoes? Ⅱ A.No, it isn't. B. She's my grandmother. C. They're under the bed. D. Yes, he is. E. Sorry, I don't know.

III.句型转换. 1.His baseball is under the table.(改为一般疑问句,作否定回答) Is his ____ _____ baseball under the table? No, ___ isn’t it _____. 2. His dresser is near his bed.(改为否定句) His dresser ____ _____ his bed. isn’t near 3.My keys are on the sofa.(对画线部分提问) Where’re your ________ ______ keys? 4. Mike is behind the door.(对画线部分提问) _______ Where’s Mike? 5.My video tapes are next to the notebook.(一般疑问句,肯 定回答) Are your notebook ____ _____ video tapes next to the ________? Yes, ____ _____. they are

This is my room. It’s very nice(漂亮). The on computer is ___the desk. The baseball is under books ______ the chair. My ____ __ are in the bed bookcase. Near(在 … 旁边) the ____ ,you can see Where’s my plant. _______ my red hat ? Oh, it’s behind(在…后面)the door.

Unit 4 Where’s my
backpack? Section B

Tommy’s room

Look at Tommy’s room for two minutes. Write down all the things you remember.

2a Listen and circle the things Tommy wants from his room.
book pen pencil CDs ruler notebook video tape computer game math book

2b Listen again. Where are Tommy’s things?
The math book is on the dresser. The ruler is under the bed.

The note book is on the bed.
The CDs are on the bookcase. The video tape is on the table.

Mom : Hello. Tommy: Hi, Mom. I need some things for class this afternoon. Can you bring them to school for me please? Mom: Sure. Tommy: I need my math book… Mom: Math book? Where’s your math book? Tommy: Oh, it’s on the dresser. And I need my ruler. It’s under the bed. And my notebook.

Mom: Where’s your notebook? Tommy: Uh, I don’t know. Oh…yeah, it’s on the bed. And my CDs. They’re on the bookcase. Mom: OK. Tommy: And the video tape. It’s on the table. I need to take it back to the store after school. Mom: OK. I’ll meet you at

twelve o’clock.

Please take these things to your brother. 1. take v.“拿走”(把某物/人从说话人的地方带到别处去) bring v.“带来”(把某物/人从别处带到说话人的地方) to 是介词,表示方向。 take… (back)to … 把……带到…… bring… to… 把……带来…… 如: Please take this photo to your uncle. Please bring a notebook to school.

2. some +可数名词的复数 /不可数名词

如: I have some questions to ask. I want some milk for breakfast.

Can you bring some things to school?

3. can是情态动词

Can you+动词原形+ ...? “你能……吗?/ ……好吗?”。 如:今天下午给我打电话好吗? Can you call me this afternoon? 你会游泳吗? Can you swim?

I need some things for class this afternoon. 4. need sth. 需要某物 如: 我需要一些帮助。 I need some help. 我需要很多钱。 I need a lot of money. 拓展:need to do sth. 需要做某事 I need to go home now. 我需要现在回家

3a Read the note and draw the missing things in the picture.
Dear Feifei,

Please take these things to your sister: her hat, watch, notebook, keys and ID card. The hat is on the dresser. The watch is under the bed. The notebook is on the bed. The keys are in the drawer. The ID card is on the table. Thanks,

3b Look at the picture and fill in the blanks.

Dear Chen Guang,
Can you bring some things to school?

I need my hat, my notebook, and a pen ,
My ___ is __________ . The ________ is notebook hat on the chair

__________ , and my pen is on the table ___ __________. on the floor Thanks, Chen Yang

下列各题中均有一处错误。请你指出并 改正。 ( )1. I need some green pen. pens A B C D D ( )2. Please takes these notebooks to take A B C Ben’s sister. D

( )3. Where are my yellow jacket, Mom? is A B C D B ( )4. My parents are in the room. parent A B C D B ( )5. Can you bring your computer game take A B C D B here, Jim?

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