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Book 9 M8 U2

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an English school


a Chinese school

Flashing An English school or a Chinese school?

In England, they ___ ______ sit around tables.

We sit ___ ____ in lines in China.

An English school or a Chinese school?

sing They _____ ______ together songs every morning. do We ___ _______ morning exercises.
What time?

English schools


Chinese schools.

Do you want to know more about

Module8 Unit2


Listen and choose “T” or “F”.

This is a Chinese school.



This is a Chinese school.
This is an English school.

T√ F

Read and choose.
( B ) 1. There are children’s_______ on all the walls. A. photos B. paintings C. writings ( A ) 2. Do they study hard? A. Yes, they do. B. No, they don’t.
( C ) 3. They _______________ every day. A. play basketball B. dance C. do homework

2 minutes

Let’s visit Sam and Amy’s school.
I’m a little guide. 导游

English This is an ________ school.

paintings There are children’s___________ on all the walls.

games There are lots of ________. have fun English children can ___________ at break time.

study They ________ hard. do homework They _______________ every day.

This is

their school life


What about our school life?

What about our school life?

There are many ________. trees There are many __________. flowers

There is a big ____________. playground

There are children’s _________ and paintings __________ on the wall. photos

There are lots of __________. games
We can have ______ at break time. fun

We _____________ at break time. sing songs

We _____________ at break time. play football

We _________ hard. study
We _____________ every day. do homework

Finish our task!
Let’s write a letter to Sam and Amy, and talk about our school life! 让我们写一封信给Sam和Amy,谈谈我们的校园生 活吧!

trees flowers paintings photos games play basketball play football sing songs study hard do homework Dear Sam and Amy, How are you? Let me introduce my school to you. There are many __________. There are children’s __________ on the wall. There are lots of _________. We can __________________ at break time. We __________________. We _________________every day. ........ Love from, (Your name)

4 minutes

our school

Love our school, enjoy our school life!

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