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Don’t run inside. 不要在室内乱跑。 Don’t push. 不要推搡。 Don’t litter. 不乱扔垃圾。 Save electricity. 节约用电。 Save water. 节约用水。

go out

practice the guitar

do the dishes

see friends

help mom make clean his room breakfast





make the bed




follow the rules



keep quiet

2a When you are unhappy about something, who do you like to talk to. My good fiend? My father? My mother? My cousin? My teacher?

You can talk to Dr Know. He knows everything.

2b Read the passage and answer the questions.

How does Molly feel about the rules? Why does parents and schools make rules?

How does Molly feel about the rules? __________________ It’s terrible.

Why does parents and schools make rules?

They make rules to help us.

Read the letters, underline the rules for Molly.

Dear Dr. Know,
There are too many rules! At 6:00 a.m., my mom says, “Get up now and make your bed!” After breakfast, my mom always says, “Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen!” After that, I run to school because I can’t be late. At school, we have more rules— don’t be noisy, don’t eat in class,…

My dad says I can’t play basketball after school because I must do my homework. I can play only on weekends. After dinner, I can’t relax either. I must read a book before I can watch TV. But I have to go to bed before 10:00. Rules, rules, rules! It’s terrible! What can I do, Dr. Know? Molly Brown, New York.

2c Read the letters again. Complete the sentences with have to/must, can or can’t.

1. Molly can’t play basketball on school ____ days, but she ___ play it on weekends. can 2. Molly ____ do her homework first when must she gets home. 3. Molly must read a book after dinner ____ before she ___ watch TV. can

4. At school, Molly ____ be noisy or eat in can’t class. 5. Parents and schools make rules to help students. So students ______ follow the have to rules.

before, after, terrible, strict, relax, dirty, practices, luck

1. There are too many rules. I feel _______. terrible 2. They usually take a walk ____ dinner. after 3. Don’t eat anything _____ you go to bed. before 4. You clothes are _____. Let me help to dirty wash them.

5. Peter ________ baseball for two practices hours every day. 6. ━I’ll have an English test tomorrow. ━Good luck ____. 7. Don’t be strict to them. They’re too ____ young. 8. You can _____ for an hour after the relax games.

一. Finish 3a-3c on page24. 二. Make up sentences using the

following phrases.
1. too many 2. make one’s bed 3. be late for 4. after … 5. before… 6. have to… 7. be strict with sb.

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