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Unit7 Topic1 说课稿

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Unit7 Topic1 Section B 说课稿

今天,我说课的内容是仁爱版英语七年级下册Unit 7 Topic1 When is your birthday? Section B。我主要从教材分析、教学目标、教学重难点、教法学法、教学过程、板书设计等几个板块作具体的阐述。


Ⅰ.The analysis of the teaching material

本话题主要是通过形式多样的对话,谈论出生日期和出生地,及自己或他人的生日并对他人做出邀请,同时掌握日期的英文表达,was/were的用法。Section B在Section A学习年份和月份表达的基础上,继续谈论生日,学习询问日期和生日的句型。

Ⅱ.Teaching aims


1.Aims on the knowledge:(知识目标)

(1) Learn the ordinal numbers from first to one hundredth.

(2) Learn how to ask dates and birthday.

For example, what’s the date today? When is your birthday?

2.Aims on the abilities:(能力目标)

(1) To develop Ss’ abilities of listening and speaking.

(2) Learn and master the expressions of dates.

3.Aims on the emotion

Let students love their mothers and their own life by talking about birthdays.

Ⅲ.Important and difficult points

1.Important points

How to ask dates and birthdays and their answers.

2. Difficult points

Learn and master the ordinal numbers.

Ⅳ. Teaching methods

t Task-based teaching method, Audio visual method and the Situational method.

Ⅴ Learning method

Self-study cooperation exchange group show自学,合作,交流,小组展示 Ⅵ Teaching procedure

Section B我打算分为两个课时,本节课完成第一个课时1a-2a,分为两次先学后教。第一次先学后教完成序数词的学习,第二次先学后教完成1a,同时学会询问日期和生日的句型及其回答。

Step 1 Leading-in


Step 2 Showing Guide 1 比一比谁写的既快又准确!


2.根据规律,写出个别基数词对应的序数词,完成自学检测Task1。 3mins

后教:让学生先自己总结基数词变序数词的规律,不完整的老师再补充。 Step 3 Task 1 3mins


Step 4 Presentation 5mins

出示一张自己的照片并标有出生日期,然后问学生:When is my birthday?学生回答后,接着问学生:When is your birthday?练习对话。

Step 5 Task 2 学情展示 6mins

Group work 四人一组,互相询问对方的生日。然后每一组派一个代表汇报各自小组每一个组员的生日。

Step 6 Guide 2

听1a录音,感受其语音语调。然后完成 Task 3。

Step 7 Task 3 6mins

Listen to 1a and match the questions with the correct answers.

1.When is your birthday, Kangkang?

2.What's the date today?

3.Is it next Sunday?

4.How do you plan to celebrate it?

A.It's May 8th.

B.May 13th.

C.Let me look at the calendar. Oh,yes,it is!

D.My friends want to have a birthday party for me.


后教:询问生日的句型:When is your birthday?

询问日期的句型:What’s the date today?


Step 8 展示提升 4mins

Task 4 pair work 两人一组练习对话 e.g.

A: When is Kangkang’s birthday?

B: May 13th.

A: Where was he born?

B: He was born in China.

Step 9 归纳总结 1min

1. 序数词

fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth,twentieth.

2. Useful expressions:

询问生日的句型: When is your birthday? It’s May 13th.

询问日期的句型:What’s the date today? It’s May 8th.

Step 10 Class exercise 10mins


1.Tomorrow is my b________. I plan to celebrate it.

2.—What’s the d_______ today?

—It’s August 15th.

3.We plan to have an English p______ this evening. Would you like to come?

4.February is the s________month of a year.


( )1.The boy is only _____ and today is his

_____ birthday.

A. nine; nine B. ninth; nine

C. nine; ninth D. ninth; ninth

( )2.—_____ is your mother’s birthday?

—Her birthday is _____ July 19th.

A. What; in B. When; on

C. Where; at D. How; for

( )3.—Here is a birthday present _____ Jane.

—That will be a surprise _____ her.

A. of; to B. for; for C. about; for D. at; to

( )4.Mrs. Brown wants ___ a new dress __ her daughter.

A. to buy; to B.to buy; for

C. buying; to D. buying; for

Ⅶ Blackboard design

Unit 7 Topic 1 Section B


询问日期的句型:What’s the date today? It’s May 8th. 询问生日的句型: When is your birthday? It’s May 13th.

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