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agree with you get into trouble

同意你的意见 遇到麻烦 使你自己被理解 许多不同的口音 向某人求助 取得一些进步 犯困

make yourself understood
many different accents ask sb. for help make some progress feel sleepy

work harder at English
dare not speak English


I’ve been to many places of 我去过很多名胜古迹。 interest. 记生词对我来说太难了。 It’s too difficult for me to remember new words. I couldn’t have long conversations 我不能与那里的人进行长 with the people there . 谈。 I’ve worked hard at it for a whole week, but it seems that I我努力学英语整整一星期, 但似乎我没取得任何进步。 haven’t made any mistakes. They spoke too quickly for me 他们说太快并且有许多不同的 and there were many different 口音。 accents. I know oral English is very 我知道口语很重要,但我不 important,but I dare not 敢在公众场合说英语。 speak English in public. Could you make yourself 在美国别人能听得懂你的 understood in the U.S.A.? 话吗? I’m really afraid of the final exam.


Could you repeat it ,please?\ Pardon?\ I beg your pardon?\ Beg your pardon?

请再说一遍,好吗? 你最好把生词抄在笔记本上, 随身携带。 你可以用英语写日记。 这个单词用英语怎么说? 或许我们可以找康康帮忙。 在英语课上我总是犯困。 有时我想要放弃。

You’d better copy new words in a notebook and take it with you. You can keep a diary in English. How do you say this word in English? Perhaps we can ask Kangkang for help. I always feel sleepy in English classes. At times I feel like giving up.

dare repeat force pardon notebook copy grammar Keep a diary at times

ability discussion 在…方面薄弱 aloud toothpaste 犯错误 method 坚持做某事

chant preview 吸一口气 opinion channel 只要 retell review

wise 继续(进行),坚持 complete whom 有才华的,博学的 tide 最后但同样重要的 text

grammar wise tide channel chant review aloud repeat ability retell opinion complete method preview text dare beg toothpaste copy whom pardon discussion

at times

grammar copy
notebook keep a diary beg pardon repeat

dare not speak sometimes be not good at grammar
copy new words on pieces of paper copy new words in a notebook

keep a diary in English

I beg your pardon? Beg your pardon?/ Pardon? Could you repeat it ,please?

be weak in English be weak in read the words aloud aloud

improve my reading ability

be afraid of making make mistakes mistakes

take a breath

take a deep breath

channel toothpaste discussion the results of the discussion

TV channels many kinds of toothpaste

opinion share our opinions/ in one’s opinion
preview review retell method as long as stick to
preview the day’s lesson before class

review them after class retell it yourself
many good method st

ick to them/ a goal / doing sth. the chants in the textbook



tide complete

Whom do you agree with? No man is born wise or learned.
Time and tide wait for no man.

make complete sentences

last but not least keep on keep on practicing


read a text aloud

Pirates of thebe fond of exciting rides like Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean
How did these differences come about come about? force be forced to leave their country


borrow cent from old French
borrow cookbook from German


borrow kowtow from Chinese kowtow accent

different accents

teach sweep take

swim tell

think wake understand

wear win write

wake sweep understand

swim throw

think teach tell

drink lend

choose bring ring

drink eat

go hear know

leave make pay

see take understand wear


win write spend

take fall

buy begin sit

say cost

period prevent rise

behavior level

importance desert refer

recycle radiation

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