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仁爱版英语八年级 unit4 topic 1 section C

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feed ____ (以...为食) the meat. on 1. Tigers ____ As we _____(众所周知), dogs are our 2. ___ ___ know friends. 3. 他和好朋友一起分享这个美味的蛋糕。 with He shared the delicious cake _____ his ______ good friends. play with 4. Don’t _____ ____(玩耍) the fire. geese 5. There are five ______(goose) and two foxes _____ (fox) on the farm.


Unit 4 Our world
Topic 1

Plants and animals are
important to us.

Section C

/ `reinf?:r?st/ rainforest 雨林 forest 森林 /`f?:r?st/

What are in the rainforest?

Learn the new words

/ `s?:f?s/

surface 表面
earth n.
/?:θ/ 地球,泥土,大地

/ wud/

/ `r?b?/

rubber n.橡胶 wood n. 木头,木材;woods 树木,森林

/si:/ sea ocean
/ dr?p/

n. 海洋 n. 海洋
/ `???n/

drop n.滴 v. 掉下
/ leik/

lake n.湖泊

Listen and mark true (T) or False (F) according to 1a. / `k?v?/
( F ) 1. Rainforests cover half of the earth’s surface. ( F ) 2. We can see everything clearly in rainforests. ( T ) 3. Rainforests can give us many useful things. ( F ) 4. In rainforests all the animals live on the ground. ( T ) 5. Without rainforests, the environment would become quite terrible.

Read 1a and finish the exercises
(B )1. What does “cover” mean in this passage? A. set up B. spread over C. have D. form (D ) 2. We can’t get the answer to Question ____ from the passage. A. What are in rainforests? B. Why are rainforests important to us? C. What can we get from rainforests? D. What should we do to protect rainforests? /pr?`tekt/ v. 保护

3. Why are rainforests “the lung of the earth”? A.The plants in the forests help to make the air fresher. B.They also help to control the climate. C. They give us woods, rubber, fruit ,medicine and so on. /mein/ D. Both A and B. D 4. What’s the main idea of the passage? A.We should protect the rainforests. A B. There are many animals in the rainforests. C. There are lots of plants in the rainforests. D. Rainforests are becoming smaller and smaller.

Key points


? Thousands and thousands of animals live in rainforests. 成百上千的 hundreds of
成百万上千万的, 数以百万计的

millions of

B _____ visitors come to the Great Wall every year. A.Five thousands of B. Thousands of C. Thousand of

Key points
? But now rainforests are becoming smaller and smaller. 越来越小
“形容词比较级+and+形容词比较级” 或“more and more + 多音节形容词原级” e.g.天气变得越来越暖和了。

warmer and warmer The weather gets______________________.

more and more beautiful China is__________________________.

rainforests 6%

Rainforests cover 6% of the earth’s surface.
cover n. 盖子、封面 v. 覆盖 cover … with … 遮盖 be covered with … 被...所覆盖

the earth’s surface


The plants in the forests help to make the air fresher. Rainforests can help to control the cl



The rainforests can give us wood, rubber, fruit, medicine and so on.

1 C Pair Work
?make the air fresher ?control the climate ?give us woods, rubber, fruit, medicine and so on

feed, fresh, rubber, small, on, control, meat There are a lot of trees around us. The trees can help to make the airfasher _______and cleaner. They can also help to control the weather. They provide _________ rubber (提供) humans with food, _________, medicine and other things. Because of the trees, many animals can live ______ the earth. But people often cut trees on down in large numbers. The forests are becoming much __________than before, so we should protect smaller them well.

Look and say


Read and understand

What covers most parts of the earth? Water. It’s in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

2b Complete the passage according to 2a.
important Water is ___________ to all living things. animals All ______ and ________ need water. plants ________ also need water to drink, to Humans to clean Without cook and ______ ________. ________ water, there could be no

life on earth. So we must save water.

Key points
In fact, water makes up the largest

part of the human body.
1. In fact 2. make up 4. part of 实际上, 事实上 组成, 构成,占 ....的部分

3. large ---larger ---largest
most part of 绝大部分

Language Points
Water covers most parts of the earth.

In fact, water makes up the largest

part of the human body.
1. In fact 2. make up 4. part of 实际上, 事实上 组成, 构成,占 ....的部分

3. large ---larger ---largest
most part of 绝大部分

3 Number the following sentences.
Spring is warm. It’s the best season to plant a tree. (2) Put the tree in the hole and keep it straight. (3) Fill the hole with earth and make the earth hard with your feet. (1) Dig a hole in the earth and make sure the hole is deep enough for a tree. (4) Water the tree. If everything is ok, the tree will grow new leaves a few days later.

? Retell how to plant trees according to the pictures.

plenty of 1. You should drink ______ ____(大量) boiled water. is necessary for 2. Water __ ________ ____(必需) all living things. 3. Water covers ____ ___ ___(绝大部 most part of 分)the earth. makes up 4. Water ______ ____ (构成)the largest part of the human body.

1.Discuss what we should do to keep the water clean? 2. Finish 3 “Work alone”.

3. Read 1a and 2a.

Thanks for listening! Goodbye!

/ɑ:/、/?:/、/ ?:/、/i:/、/U:/、
/?/、/ ?/、/?/、/?/、/?/、/?/、

θ e ? t? ? ?



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